Tips for travelling to EUROPE for 1st time Visitors!

Europe is a stunning place to visit and, if you have never been there before, you just have to add it to your bucket list! Europe is a continent full of incredible landscapes, beautiful towns and romantic cities. Travelling to Europe soon? With so many things to see, do and discover, this is the perfect place to plan your trip to Europe!

Get inspired for your next trip to Europe. From Ring of Kerry and Tenerife island to Amalfi Coast and Keukenhof gardens travellers from all over the world have their favourite and best places to visit in Europe. Plan your visit to Europe and find out where to go and what to do.

Travelling to Europe

GUIDE for travelling to Europe:

Weekend Getaway in Europe

Anyone travelling to Europe has to get on one or two weekend getaways! Why? Weekend trips are great because they usually only require hand luggage; which, of course, means no luggage fees on most airlines.

That’s a victory in itself, but there are plenty of reasons that going to Europe for the weekend is the perfect way to scratch that travel itch that’s been getting to you for the last few months. Choose between Copenhagen, Ronda or Salzburg and enjoy top weekend breaks while travelling to Europe!

Find your next European destination hidden within the headings of this article and ready your savings for a weekend away in paradise.


Winter Sun Destinations in Europe

If you’re visiting Europe and looking to escape the cold of the winter season, then finding a little winter sun is exactly what you need to do.

Europe is known for its beautifully sunny weather, and there are plenty of places that are more than happy to have tourists around the holidays. Whi wouldn’t like to spend Christmas in Lanzarote?

The Canary Islands are one of the warmest places to visit, and they offer their own kind of sights to see. But if that doesn’t quite hit the right note for you, then check out this list of other destinations in Europe that can shed some light on these colder days.


Top European Landscapes

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but you need to travel to see some of the beauty that the world has to offer. Europe is full of such destinations of beauty, and some of them might be much closer to you than you think.

From the Madeira island and Blue Lagoon in Iceland to Schafberg mountain and As Catedrais Beach; Europe is a vast land of magnificent sights that you will never forget.

Amazing landscapes and picturesque views are waiting for you! In the Austrian Alps, French Riviera or just around the corner; you need only take the first step onto those paths that are not yet known to you.


Road Trips in Europe

Everyone loves a good road trip, whether it’s one that is planned or completely spontaneous. Thanks to the layout of the European lands, each country is connected, and they are so very easy to drive through.

Take to the roads in your own car or in a rented one and find your new favourite destination! There are plenty of “pre-built” road trips which others have followed, or you can make up your own path and follow the sunset to a new city every day.

From Iceland’s Golden Circle, Verdon Gorge circuit in southern France to the Military Road on the Isle of Wight – there are many to choose from while visiting Europe!

Make sure you take a map and take note of a few good destinations from this post.


Romantic places in Europe

Europe is home to some of the most romantic places in the world. Of course, Paris is one, but that’s one that everyone who can speak knows about.

With this list, you’ll be able to find somewhere new and even somewhere exciting to take your loved one next time you both grace Europe’s borders together.

Visit Venice and enjoy canal-side Italian delicacies or take in the mazes of white houses in Santorini. Perhaps you may find a new love of music and art together in Vienna or relax under the skies of Malta. Wherever you go, romance is sure to bloom.


Renting a Car in Europe

Renting a car in Europe isn’t too dissimilar to renting a car in any other part of the world, but there are still some things that you should watch out for.

Having a car gives you a lot more freedom in Europe, but there are a few things you should know before you end up renting from the wrong company.

Start by choosing a company that you can trust and then think about the kind of car you need and how long you’ll need it for. There are a lot of factors in renting overseas, but hopefully, our advice can help!

Rent a car in Europe

Best islands in Europe

Europe is beautiful, but there is so much more to this sunny part of the world than just the larger parts of the land.

Some of the most beautiful islands in the world are a part of Europe, including Gran Canaria; a place of natural beauty that rises under the flag of Spain. Are you travelling to Europe to see a truly unique island? Then visit the Greek island of Zakynthos a must-see place in Europe!

Well, have no fear, we have just the list of islands for you. Start making your travel plans as soon as possible!


Beaches in Europe

Europe is home to a number of sandy beaches that tourists often frequent. There’s definitely no shortage of places to lay down your towel and sunbathe! From amazing beaches in Algarve to Papagayo beach in Lanzarote. Travelling to Europe to see something a little bit different? Visit Reynisfjara Beach – the best black sand beach in Iceland!

If you’re looking for the perfect beach holiday in Europe, you may not have realised quite how difficult it is to choose just a single beach to visit. But no matter! There are charm and style across all the shores of the countries in Europe.

Think only of the sunshine and the ocean waves while we lead you through a list of the best and finest sandy beaches to visit on the shores of Europe.


Unique European places to visit

Europe is truly a wondrous place to visit, and there are a number of unique and special hidden gems for travellers to discover.

Take, for example, the Eibsee Lake in Germany. Like the lake, many places in Europe can be visited year-round. With the change of the seasons, new colours and views are brought to life in these places. If you are travelling to England, make sure to visit Seven Sister Cliffs on a day trip from London!

Whether you visit in summer or if you’re coming for some winter sun, you’ll find something new and beautiful hiding here in Europe’s borders.

Unique places to visit in Europe

Is our travelling to Europe guide helpful?

Europe is one incredibly awesome continent to explore! For those that haven’t visited before it may seem daunting on where to start. We hope that our guide to travelling to Europe was a bit helpful ? Let us know if you are visiting Europe soon and if you need any other advice!

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