22 Best Neighbourhoods in London to stay for Tourists!

Neighbourhoods in London are like mini cities within the city. Each has its own unique vibe, and there’s a perfect fit for everyone! Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, an art lover, or a shopping enthusiast, London’s got you covered.

Looking for the coolest hangout spots in the capital? Well, you’re in the right place! Here’s your exclusive guide to London’s top districts and the must-see attractions in each one.

Are you a first-time visitor hunting for the ideal home away from home? We’ve got suggestions for the perfect areas to stay in if you’re visiting London. From the charm of Notting Hill to the vibrant buzz of Shoreditch, each neighbourhood offers its own unique experiences.

Ever wondered about the trendiest places in town? Or perhaps, you’re intrigued by the prettiest corners of London? Well, hold on to your hats! London is a treasure trove of cute corners, trendy districts, and stunning architecture that will leave you in awe.

Now, let’s talk about the coolest neighbourhoods in London. Why should you care? Because these places offer the best of both worlds: exciting activities and wonderful places to lay your head after a long day of exploring.

Want a specific example? Consider Covent Garden! Known for its blend of culture, shopping, dining, and history, this vibrant neighbourhood is a must-visit and a fantastic base for your London adventure.

So, pack your bags, tie your laces, and get ready to explore London’s coolest, cutest, and best neighbourhoods! From the high-end streets of Chelsea to the hipster vibes of Hackney, London is ready to surprise and delight you at every corner.

Enjoy the journey, because in London, every neighbourhood has its own story to tell!

TOP 7 neighbourhoods in London we LOVE:

  • Covent Garden
  • Soho
  • Westminster
  • Fitzrovia
  • Camden Town
  • Kensington
  • Richmond
Best neighbourhoods in London

Best neighbourhoods in London:

1. Paddington

Paddington is one of London’s most iconic neighbourhoods and London best place to stay for tourists!

Probably best known for the train station and of course the marmalade-loving bear of the same name, you may think that the only reason to stay in Paddington is that you are heading for an early train. However, this really isn’t the case. Paddington actually has plenty to offer a tourist who is staying in the area.

Paddington is found between two Royal Parks, Notting Hill and the West End and is packed full of its own parks, gardens and squares that you can visit.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Little Venice
  • The Rolling Bridge
  • Paddington Bear

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Paddington:

2. Covent Garden

You can’t have a list of London’s coolest neighbourhoods without mentioning Covent Garden it really is one of the trendiest areas in London!

If there is one thing that you can do in Covent Garden London, it’s shopping. This particular area of London is known for providing a luxury shopping experience and boasts some of the most world-famous brands in the world.

Along with all the amazing shopping opportunities, there are also plenty of places to eat and drink too. Ideal for when you need a break to catch your breath and assess all of those amazing things that you have bought.

Neighbourhood highlights:

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Covent Garden:

Cool neighbourhoods in London - Covent Garden

3. Soho

No list of the best London neighbourhoods would be complete without a mention of Soho.

For those who are looking for a quiet break in London, Soho is absolutely not the place to go. Packed full of fun and with plenty of character too, Soho is one spot where you can expect to see a real mix of people at every turn.

Not only is it the party spot for tourists who are looking to spend the evening in London, but it is also the place that Londoners will head to, making it the perfect place to drink, socialise and catch up with friends.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Carnaby Street
  • Liberty London
  • Piccadilly Circus

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Soho:

Neighbourhoods in London - Soho

4. Leicester Square

Next door to Covent Garden Market, Leicester Square is another of our favourite neighbourhoods of London.

One of the busiest spots in the entire city, Leicester Square is a must-see for tourists who want to truly capture the hustle and bustle of London.  Leicester Square is the perfect mix of shopping, eating, drink and entertainment. Along with all the amazing shops and restaurants, there are also 52 star-studded red carpet premieres every single year, thanks to the cinemas found within the square.

On a day to day basis, you will also be treated to a number of street entertainers including singers, dancers and so much more, all there for you to stop and watch whilst you explore the square.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • 99 Club Leicester Square
  • Swiss Glockenspiel
  • M&M’s World

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Leicester Square:

Neighbourhoods in London - Leicester Square

5. Oxford Street

It really is one of the best neighbourhoods in London… especially for shopping lovers!

Another shopping spot in London is Oxford Street. Here you will find a mixture of high-street shops, luxury brands and a variety of boutiques that call this part of London their home.

If you are planning to take a wander around Oxford Street, then you should be prepared for it to be a little on the busy side, not only this, but you also need to make sure that you take plenty of cash with you too, as you will definitely be tempted into parting with it in some of the amazing stores.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Hamleys
  • Liberty London
  • Regent Street

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Oxford Street:

Best neighbourhoods in London - Oxford Street

6. Victoria

Known to be one of the busiest transport hubs in the whole of the city, some think of Victoria as the beating heart of the City of Westminster. The great thing about Victoria is that whilst it is a great place to eat, drink and stay in its own right. It is also close to some of the most popular spots in the city including Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

Victoria is also the home to a number of musicals too, which means that if you are planning to visit the theatre whilst you are in London, then Victoria should be a spot that you consider.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Little Ben
  • Belmond British Pullman

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Victoria:

Cool neighbourhoods in London - Victoria

7. South Bank

You’ll honestly be blown away by how beautiful this place is and really is one of the coolest neighborhoods in London.

One of the most iconic landmarks in the South Bank area has to be the London Eye, however, South Bank definitely has more to offer than just this chance to check out the entire city at once. At the South Bank you can take a walk along the river and take in a variety of free shows and experiences along the way.

There are also a wealth of restaurants and bars too. For those travelling with their family, you can also visit the Shrek Adventure, The London Dungeon and also the Sealife Centre too. All amazing family attractions.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Oxo Tower Wharf
  • London Eye
  • The Old Vic

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in South Bank:

Neighbourhoods in London - South Bank

8. Westminster

It really is a contender for the best neighbourhoods in London England.

When you think about visiting London, then chances are that you are going to have visuals of seeing Big Ben and the London Houses of Parliament. To see these iconic landmarks, you are going to need to head to Westminster.

Westminster definitely has a more traditional feel to it than some of the other spots in London, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do. Those who visit Westminster will also be able to send some time eating, drinking and shopping too. What could be better than that?

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Westminster Abbey
  • Big Ben
  • Churchill War Rooms

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Westminster:

Best neighbourhoods in London - Westminster

9. Bayswater

One of the more affluent areas of London, Bayswater is mainly a place that people decide to live and work, rather than just a spot for tourists to visit.

That said, if you do decide to head to Bayswater then you are going to be able to spend some time not only eating and drinking but also take the time to people watch too. Something that we all love to do given the chance.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Greek Orthodox Cathedral
  • Porchester Hall
  • Hyde Park Stables

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Bayswater:

10. Notting Hill

You really can’t have a list of London’s best neighbourhoods without mentioning Notting Hill. Some even call it the best place to stay in London for tourists!

There are two things that Notting Hill is well known for, the movie and the carnival! Whilst it is definitely worthwhile heading to Notting Hill during the carnival season, the rest of the year it is still a great place to go.

There are plenty of great places to stay in Notting Hill and if you time your visit right then you can also head to the local Farmer’s Market where you can find food and drink from local and UK wide traders.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Portobello Market
  • Museum of Brands
  • Electric Cinema

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Notting Hill:

11. Richmond

Best London neighborhoods for tourists? London has so many neighbourhoods to explore, but one of the best ways to see the sights is to get out on the Thames. So, why not start in Richmond?

Richmond Park has to be one of the widest and greenest spots that London has to offer. Not only is it an amazing place to spend some time, perhaps having a family picnic, but it is also a great chance to see some of the native wildlife that the UK has to offer.

A further out borough than some of the others, Richmond offers tourists a chance to escape some of the hustle and bustle of London and take in some beautiful greenery.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Richmond Riverside
  • Petersham Meadows
  • Richmond Park

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Richmond:

Neighbourhoods in London - Richmond

12. Hammersmith

Found more on the outskirts of some of the other spots in London, Hammersmith still has plenty going for it. One of the main reasons that people will be visiting Hammersmith has to be the world-famous Eventim Apollo, which attracts a wide range of acts from across the globe.

As well as seeing your favourite artist, you can also spend some time in Hammersmith sitting by the river and taking a look across all the amazing views that this spot has to offer.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Rutland Arms
  • Ravenscourt Park
  • Olympia London

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Hammersmith:

13. Fitzrovia

One of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Fitzrovia is the place to go for designer labels and expensive brunches.

One of the most central parts of the entire city, Fitzrovia is close to Oxford Street and Euston Road. This means that those who come to Fitzrovia will often do so for shopping.

However, another great reason to visit Fitzrovia is to take in some culture at the British Museum. Or, if you are out and about you could also explore some of the smaller side streets and alleys that are found spread throughout the area.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • The Cartoon Museum
  • Pollocks Toy Museum
  • Grant Museum of Zoology

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Fitzrovia:

14. Chelsea

This is probably one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in London – and it really has the looks to match!

Whilst you may think of Chelsea as simply being all about the flashy cars, reality shows and lots of bling; it actually is so much more than that. There are plenty of things to see in Chelsea, including the Chelsea Physic Garden, The Royal Chelsea Hospital and of course, if you time it right, you can also see the ever-impressive Chelsea Flower Show. This really is one of the coolest spots in London.

If you are a fan of art, then Chelsea is also home to the Saatchi Gallery, which is the private collection of its namesake, the entry to this gallery is free, however, you will get the chance to see some of the most impressive works of art out there.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Chelsea Physic Garden
  • National Army Museum
  • Saatchi Gallery

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Chelsea:

Best neighbourhoods in London - Chelsea

15. Kensington

Adjacent to Chelsea, Kensington is another of the prettiest London neighbourhoods.

Kensington is known to be the home of some of the very best museums that the capital has to offer. Of course, you can decide to simply wander the streets and see what you can find, but, if you are in the mood for culture then there are plenty of museums that are going to need to be added to your list.

This includes the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Natural History Museum and of course the Science Museum too. All of which are easy to get to and best of all, are completely free to get into too.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Kensington Palace
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Design Museum

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Kensington:

Best neighbourhoods in London - Kensington

16. Camden Town

Heading north, no list of the prettiest London neighbourhoods would be complete without mentioning Camden Town.

If there was ever a spot in London that celebrated diversity and differences, then Camden Town has to be one of them. Famous for its amazing market that stocks absolutely everything that you could ever imagine from around the world.

Camden is also well known for the year-round food market that has a variety of street food stalls offering up cuisines from around the globe. Camden is also a spot whereby you can find a number of celebrities simply spending some time, so always be on the lookout for a famous face.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Dingwalls
  • Primrose Hill Market
  • Camden Lock

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Camden Town:

Cool neighbourhoods in London - Camden Town

17. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is one of East London’s coolest neighbourhoods, helped along by its thriving art scene.

Well known for being the chosen spot for the trendiest people in the city, Shoreditch has definitely seen a rise in fame over the past few years. With good reason too. If there is one thing that you will always be able to find in Shoreditch, it is somewhere to eat and drink.

With a vast array of street food vendors and plenty of achingly cool bars, Shoreditch is a great place to spend the evening. Shoreditch also boasts a variety of indie shops too, which means that you can treat yourself to something which is unique, one of a kind and incredibly special too.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • The Truman Brewery
  • Dennis Severs’ House
  • Spitalfields Market

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Shoreditch:

18. Canary Wharf

We couldn’t forget to shout out Canary Wharf as one of the best neighbourhoods in London, could we?

Probably best known for business, Canary Wharf is also a great place to eat, drink and soak up the culture that London has to offer. There are a wealth of indoor spots to spend some time and within these “malls” there are 300 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants for you to explore. Along with this you can also visit the on-site cinema, as well as heading to the biggest roof garden in London too.

As well as this, Canary Wharf is also home to one of the largest, free to visit, public art collections in the UK too.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Museum of London Docklands
  • De Vere Canary Wharf

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Canary Wharf:

19. Greenwich

This leafy neighbourhood in southeast London feels like a real escape from the city.

Home of the o2, the majority of people who head to Greenwich are likely to do so because they are visiting the giant dome and one of the many concerts, shows and events that it holds. However, Greenwich has so much more to offer than just the o2! Found on the River Thames, a river cruise is a must in the area. Would you call is one of the best London UK neighbourhoods.

However, if you want to see London from another vantage point then you should absolutely climb aboard the Emirates Air Line. For those who are interested in the maritime history of London, there is also the Cutty Sark which you can climb aboard.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Royal Observatory Greenwich
  • Cutty Sark
  • The O2

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Greenwich:

Best neighbourhoods in London - Greenwich

20. Wimbledon

This leafy neighbourhood in south London feels like a real escape from the city.

When you hear the place Wimbledon, chances are that you don’t think about the area of London. Instead, you think about the tennis competition which attracts some of the best sporting stars from around the globe.

Of course, this is reason enough to head to Wimbledon, but if you want to see and do things the rest of the year, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of other things on offer. This includes Wimbledon Village, Cannizaro Park and the Buddhapadipa Temple too.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Wimbledon Park
  • Historic Southfields Pond
  • All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Wimbledon:

21. Ealing

Village-like Ealing has long been seen as one of the more upmarket and desirable neighbourhoods in the capital. It really is a great area to visit in the capital city and a top London neigbourhood.

When it comes to exploring some of the tourist parts of London, then chances are that you are not going to think of Ealing as one place to go. However, just because it is now part of the main London tourist zones, it still has plenty to offer. Hanwell Zoo, Northala Fields and the Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery are all things to see and do.

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • Walpole Park
  • Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery
  • The Questors Theatre

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in Ealing:

Cool neighbourhoods in London - Ealing

22. King’s Cross

Yet another transport hub of the city, plenty of people will pass through King’s Cross on their way to the rest of London or even wider throughout the UK too. However, it is definitely worth spending some time in this spot if you can. Not only do you have The Skip Garden, but also the Coal Drops Yard too.

When the weather is kind you can head to The Fountains at Granary Square or take a walk to the Canopy Market. Another huge tourist attraction in King’s Cross has to be Harry Potter’s Platform 9 and ¾ which is the ideal photo opportunity. This really is one of the best neighbourhoods in London UK!

Neighbourhood highlights:

  • The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4
  • Granary Square
  • Gasholder Park

Where to stay in the neighbourhood? Top hotels in King’s Cross:

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Best neighbourhoods in London

As we draw this London neighbourhood guide to a close, let’s revisit the unforgettable journey we’ve shared. You’ve discovered the best neighbourhoods in London, appreciated the unique appeal of each locale, and got a feel for the best London neighbourhoods to make your stay memorable.

Whether you’re a culture vulture, a night owl, or a shopaholic, the city’s varied neighbourhoods have something special for you. Tourists and locals alike find solace in the green expanses of Hampstead, thrill in the cultural smorgasbord of Covent Garden, and fall in love with the picturesque scenery in Notting Hill.

For those seeking the trendiest areas in London, places like Shoreditch and Hackney lead the pack with their avant-garde vibe. Meanwhile, those looking for cool neighbourhoods in London would delight in the creative charm of Camden Town or the fashionable streets of Kensington.

As the best area to stay in London for tourists, Covent Garden offers an immersive London experience, blending historic elegance with a contemporary buzz. For a calmer, yet still quintessentially London stay, consider the leafy residential areas like Richmond.

So, whether you’re hoping to soak up the city’s trendiest vibes, hunting for the coolest neighbourhoods London has to offer, or seeking the best area for tourists to stay in London, you’ll find that each corner of this diverse city has its unique allure.

All in all, London’s neighbourhoods are more than just places to stay. They’re your home away from home, your gateways to new experiences, and your keys to unlocking the very best of what London has to offer. Here’s to discovering your perfect London neighbourhood!

So, have you got your favourite neighbourhoods in London?

As you can see, London has plenty to offer tourists, no matter where you decide to stay. Decide which spot is the best for you and then check out some of the best hotels and other accommodation that you can call your home whilst you are in the city.

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