What is the most romantic place in London? Top 20 secret romantic places in London!

Looking for romantic things to do in London for couples? Learn more about the most romantic places in London at night and top date ideas London!

London is an amazing place to spend some time. But did you know it’s one of the most romantic places in Europe? There are so many romantic things to do in London! Some head there with friends or family, but we really think that London is ideal, especially if you are looking for a romantic venue to spend some time with someone special.

From romantic things to do in London at night and secret romantic places in London to anniversary things to do in London and romantic night ideas – we have covered them all!

There are so many fantastic places to visit in London, to see and to explore, so, if you are looking for the ideal romantic venue date, then why not check out some of the most romantic places in London that we have on our list?

You can choose from top London landmarks, beautiful parks and walks as well as something a little wilder and more exciting too!

What is the most romantic place in London?

London has several romantic places, but one of the most popular choices is the South Bank. It offers stunning views of the River Thames, iconic landmarks like the London Eye and Tower Bridge, and a vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, Hyde Park, with its serene landscapes and boating opportunities, is another romantic spot in the city.

Other noteworthy options include the gardens of Kensington Palace and the picturesque neighborhoods of Notting Hill and Hampstead. Ultimately, the most romantic place in London depends on personal preferences and the specific ambiance one desire.

How can I spend a romantic day in London?

To spend a romantic day in London, here are some suggestions:

  • Take a leisurely stroll along the South Bank, enjoying the scenic views of the River Thames and iconic landmarks.
  • Explore one of London’s beautiful parks, such as Hyde Park or Regent’s Park, where you can have a picnic or rent a rowboat for a charming experience.
  • Visit a charming neighborhood like Notting Hill or Covent Garden, known for their picturesque streets, cozy cafes, and boutique shops.
  • Enjoy a romantic meal at one of London’s intimate and atmospheric restaurants. Consider trying a romantic candlelit dinner in a restaurant with a view, or choose a cozy spot with live music.
  • Take a sunset cruise along the River Thames, admiring the city’s skyline as the day transitions to evening.
  • Visit a rooftop bar or observation deck for breathtaking views of London’s skyline at night.
  • Attend a theater performance in the West End, known for its world-class shows and romantic ambiance.
  • Book a couples’ spa day or a relaxing couples’ massage to unwind and rejuvenate together.
  • Visit a renowned art gallery or museum, such as the Tate Modern or the Victoria and Albert Museum, and explore the exhibits hand in hand.
  • End the day with a romantic walk across one of London’s iconic bridges, such as Tower Bridge or Millennium Bridge, enjoying the city’s lights and the enchanting atmosphere.

Remember, the key to a romantic day in London is to create meaningful moments and enjoy the company of your loved one in the beautiful settings the city has to offer.

Where can I go for a romantic walk in London?

London offers numerous romantic locations for a leisurely walk. Here are some options:

  • The South Bank: Take a stroll along the South Bank of the River Thames, enjoying the scenic views, street performers, and landmarks such as the London Eye and the Tower Bridge.
  • Hyde Park: Explore the serene landscapes of Hyde Park, with its vast green spaces, beautiful gardens, and the picturesque Serpentine Lake. Don’t miss the romantic Italian Gardens and the Kensington Palace grounds within the park.
  • Regent’s Park: Wander through the picturesque pathways of Regent’s Park, known for its stunning rose gardens, peaceful lake, and elegant architecture. The park is also home to the famous Queen Mary’s Rose Garden.
  • Hampstead Heath: Experience the natural beauty of Hampstead Heath, a large parkland offering panoramic views of London. Enjoy a romantic walk through its rolling meadows, ancient woodlands, and visit spots like Kenwood House or Parliament Hill for breathtaking vistas.
  • Richmond Park: Escape the bustling city and explore the vast Richmond Park, the largest royal park in London. Walk hand in hand among its wide open spaces, encounter deer roaming freely, and admire the Isabella Plantation, a tranquil woodland garden within the park.
  • Kyoto Garden in Holland Park: Discover the enchanting Kyoto Garden within Holland Park. This Japanese-style garden features serene waterfalls, koi ponds, and vibrant flora, creating a romantic and peaceful ambiance.
  • The Victoria Embankment Gardens: Nestled along the Thames Embankment, these gardens offer a charming setting for a romantic walk. Enjoy the beautiful flowerbeds, statues, and fountains, and take in views of the river and iconic landmarks.
  • Little Venice: Take a romantic stroll along the picturesque canals of Little Venice in West London. Admire the colorful canal boats, charming waterside cafes, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
Most romantic places in London

Explore the most romantic things to do in London and top ideas for fun things to do in London couples:

Most romantic places in London UK

1. London Eye

One of the most romantic things to do in London for couples!

Looking for romantic dates London? One of the most iconic and recognised buildings on the London skyline has to be the London Eye. Found on Westminster Bridge Road, the Eye is not only open all year round, but it is also open during the daytime and the evening.

Travel up into the air and find yourself with some of the most amazing views over the river and some of the most wonderful views that London has to offer.

If you do want to make it extra special, then you can also check out the VIP experiences that you can book in on to really have a date to remember.

Romantic places in London - London Eye
Fun things to do in London couples

2. Buckingham Palace

Great place in London for a romantic photo!

Need more ideas for best things for couples to do in London? No visit to London is complete without a trip to Buckingham Palace. Sure, the home of our Royal Family might not seem like the most romantic place to see, but it is the ideal chance to cuddle up at the fences, as well as hold hands as you walk along the perimeter and take in all the amazing things that the palace has to offer.

Not only this, but there are also plenty of photo opportunities, which means that you can capture happy memories of your time together in the capital city.

3. Little Venice

A secret romantic place in London!

First date ideas London? This really is one of the romantic spots in London! It might not be quite as far-flung as the real-life Venice in Italy, but, Little Venice still has plenty to offer those who are searching for a romantic spot in London. Not only can you take a walk along the canal itself, but if you want to sit down and catch up then you can also pop into some of the beautiful waterside cafes and pubs too.

There are also plenty of boat trips that will take you along the canal, from smaller personal boats to those boats which are bigger and carry more people.

4. Hyde Park

One of the most romantic places to picnic in London!

Romantic things to do in London during the day? If there is one date idea that always hits the mark it is arranging a picnic! Not only does a picnic mean that you are going to spend some quality time together, but it also means that you get to enjoy some delicious food too.

When it comes to London, one of the best picnic spots to try out is Hyde Park! A large and expansive park, it is not only beautiful but it is romantic too.

You can also take a look at some of the larger events that are held in the park, and if you want to experience something memorable, then why not buy tickets for that too?

Romantic places in London - Hyde Park
Romantic things to do in UK London

5. London theatre shows

Great romantic thing to do in London at night!

Romantic places to go in London? Visit a theatre show! One thing that London is known for is its theatre shows. The West End boasts some of the most amazing shows that you can watch. Take in a classic such as Les Mis or The Phantom of The Opera, or perhaps lose yourself in the magic world of Wicked?

There are also new theatre shows popping up all the time, as well as those that are becoming more and more established such as The Book of Mormon and also the 9 to 5 the Musical. The show that you go and see will really depend on your own personal tastes and you are going to need to keep in mind that some shows can get booked up quite far in advance, which means that you are going to need to think about your date a little before you actually organise it.

Romantic places in London - London theatre shows
Romantic things in London

6. River Cruise

One of the most romantic things to do in London!

Romantic things to do in London at night? If you want to find the best way to take in everything that London has to offer, then you are going to want to check out some of the great River Cruises that are on offer. This is one of the cheap romantic things to do in London!

There are a variety of different companies that you can choose to book with, however, in essence, they are all much the same. They will give you the chance to cruise down the River Thames, taking in some of the most iconic landmarks from an entirely new perspective.

Romantic places in London - River Cruise
Romantic things to do London

7. Visit The National Gallery

An original romantic place for a date in London!

Places to go for anniversary in London? Art might not be something for everyone, but if you enjoy taking in some of the finest artwork in the world, then you should definitely plan in a visit to The National Gallery. In fact, this is one of the top things to do for couples in London.

Admission to the gallery is completely free, which is ideal if you are trying to find romance on a budget. Whilst every single painting in the gallery has its own beauty, there are some that are a must-see. This includes work by Monet and Van Gogh too.

8. Richmond Park

Most romantic park in London!

Romantic spots in London? We really love this place and it’s very top on our list of romantic places near London.

Found on the outskirts of London, Richmond Park is yet another great place to spend the day and take a picnic. Not only are there some beautiful spots that you can settle down and get to know one another, but it also boasts fantastic wildlife too.

This includes the wonderful deer that call it their home and that you can see wandering around whilst you are on your date. Best of all, if you do plan a trip to Richmond Park, then you are also likely to feel that you are able to escape some of the hustle and bustle that seems to come with spending time in London.

Romantic places in London - Richmond Park
Couples things to do in London

9. Globe Theatre

One of the most romantic places in London!

Date night ideas London? Found on the banks of the River Thames, The Globe Theatre is more than just a performing arts venue, it is a venue that celebrates the transformation that Shakespeare ignited in the world of theatre.

Not only are there plenty of fantastic shows to take in on the stage of the globe, but there is also an education centre, guided tours and even a bar and restaurant on site. It really is the ultimate romantic date for fans of Shakespeare. Is the Globe Theatre on your list of romantic places to visit in London?

Romantic places in London - Globe Theatre
Romantic days out in London

10. Visit London Zoo

A great romantic place to visit in London for animal-lovers!

Things to do on a date in London? There is nothing more romantic than wandering hand in hand around the zoo, seeing all the animals up close and personal. This really can be one of the top romantic places London.

London Zoo is a great place to spend some time. Not only does the zoo boast some fascinating creatures that you can see, but it is also in a wonderful setting too. London Zoo can be found in Regent’s Park, which, in itself is a fantastic place to walkthrough too.

Romantic places in London - Visit London Zoo
Romantic day out in London

11. Dine at a romantic restaurant

Great idea for a romantic night out in London!

Romantic things to do in London winter? If there is one thing that London definitely can offer, it is a romantic restaurant to spend some time in. No matter what type of cuisine you are looking for, there is going to be a restaurant that you are going to want to organise to be the venue for your romantic date.

Some of which are in restaurants that are fantastic venues in their own right.

Romantic places in London - Dine at a romantic restaurant
The most romantic restaurant in London

12. Have Afternoon Tea

Most romantic thing to do in London for tea-lovers!

Romantic dates London? You might not think that afternoon tea is a particularly romantic way to spend a few hours, but with the right person, afternoon tea can be just as romantic as any other meal. If you plan romantic walks in London there is nothing better than having afternoon tea after a long romantic walk.

Best of all, with afternoon tea you get to sample a wide variety of foods. Plus, you can learn more about whether or not the other person likes to share their food (a make or break for many people).

13. Enjoy a Pub Lunch

A Romantic idea for busy couples in central London!

Places to visit in London for couples? A great British pub can be that place!

When it comes to pub lunches, chances are that you won’t instantly think of London as the place to go. However, a pub lunch is just one of the romantic date ideas that you can enjoy when you are in the capital city.

Not only will one of these pubs have some fantastic dishes on offer for you to try, but there are also a variety of beers and ciders that you can try too.

Romantic places in London - Enjoy a Pub Lunch

14. Walkthrough Southbank

One of the most romantic places in London at night!

Best romantic things to do in London? Known as the cultural centre of London, South Bank is definitely a must-have on your romantic date lists. The great thing about South Bank is that you can take it all at your own pace, you can walk along the river at your own pace. This really is one of the most romantic things to do in England London.

If you want to stop and take in some of the amazing sights, then you can. Equally, if you want to head into one of the many bars and restaurants that are located along the walkway.

15. Kew Gardens

Great romantic thing to do in London during the day!

Romantic weekend in London ideas? The Royal Botanic Gardens is the place to go if you want to know more about the power of plants and fungi. If you are looking for unique romantic dates London, Kew Garden is a great option.

Not only will you be able to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating plant life out there, but at Kew Gardens you can also learn more about biodiversity as well as all the conservation work that is designed to help protect all that amazing plant life.

Romantic places in London - Kew Gardens
London romantic places

16. Visit Christmas Markets

One of the most romantic things to do in London in winter!

Romantic things to do near me in London? If you are planning to organise a festive romantic date, then one amazing idea that you should try out for your date is to take a walk around some of the Christmas Markets.

Not only will a Christmas Market allow you to get into the mood for the festive season, but it is also a completely romantic setting too. This really is one of the top romantic things to do in London.

Imagine wandering around hand in hand, snuggled into your coats and drinking a hot chocolate or mulled wine or two; there is nothing more romantic than that!

Romantic places in London - Visit Christmas Markets
Romantic weekend in London

17. View from the Shard

Romantic thing to do in London for stunning views!

Things to do on a date night London? Standing at over 309.9m tall, it makes sense that The View at the Shard is the ideal place to explore and spend some time on a romantic date.

As the name suggests, the View From The Shard is designed to allow you to take in the beauty of the London skyline. Being able to look over the rest of the city is the ideal romantic location and it makes sense that so many people seem to use it as their basis for a marriage proposal.

Romantic places in London - View from the Shard
Best romantic places in London

18. Emirates Air Line cable car

One of the most romantic and unique places in London to propose!

Best date ideas London? You might think that the only time that you can try out a cable car is when you are abroad and heading out skiing. But, if you want to travel through the sky in your own cable car, then you are going to want to check out the Emirates Air Line. One of the top romantic spots London.

There may be a chance that you have to share your car with others, but, as soon as you glance out over the River Thames and at the O2 Arena, you will feel that you are the only people in the world.

Romantic places in London - Emirates Air Line cable car
Best romantic things to do in London

19. Concert at O2 arena

Romantic place in London for dates (if you love music)

Best couples night out London? If you are not too bothered about the idea of being able to spend your entire romantic date sitting and chatting with one another. Then perhaps you should check out one of the many concerts that are being held at O2 Arena.

Not only are they great fun, but the O2 is almost like a miniature London in its own right, there are a variety of bars and restaurants that you can have a more conventional date at before you head in to have some fun in the concert.

Romantic places in London - Concert at O2 arena
Romantic nights out in London

20. Wander around in picturesque neighbourhoods

There are many romantic places in London!

Best date places in London? When you think of London then chances are that you are not going to think of picturesque neighbourhoods that make for the ideal romantic walk.

However, there are actually some beautiful neighbourhoods where you and your date can take a walk. Greenwich Park, Primrose Hill and of course Hampstead Heath too. All of these are amazing places to take a walk.

So, are there any good romantic places in London?

As you can see, London isn’t short on fantastic places to visit if you are searching for a romantic venue for your next date.

Whether you want to take a wander around some of the most amazing parks in the capital, take a look at some fantastic paintings in the gallery, or perhaps book a theatre and restaurant trip.

There are so many ways that you can kick off those feelings of love, as well as experience some of the best that London has to offer.

Romantic places in London

What are the most romantic streets in London?

London boasts several romantic streets that exude charm and ambiance. Here are some of the most romantic streets in the city:

  • Elsworthy Road, Primrose Hill: This leafy residential street in the charming Primrose Hill neighborhood is lined with elegant Victorian houses, creating a romantic and picturesque atmosphere.
  • Kensington Palace Gardens: Known as “Billionaires’ Row,” this exclusive street is home to grand mansions and impressive embassies. The tree-lined avenue with its elegant architecture offers a romantic setting.
  • Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden: Tucked away from the bustling crowds, Neal’s Yard is a hidden gem known for its colorful buildings, quirky cafes, and independent shops. Its vibrant and cozy atmosphere makes it a romantic spot to explore.
  • St. Katharine’s Dock, Wapping: This historic dockyard near Tower Bridge is transformed into a charming marina surrounded by cobbled streets, converted warehouses, and waterfront restaurants. It offers a romantic setting for a leisurely stroll.
  • Pavilion Road, Chelsea: Located in the affluent Chelsea neighborhood, Pavilion Road is a quaint street lined with boutique shops, artisanal food stores, and cozy cafes. Its village-like atmosphere creates a romantic ambiance.
  • Burlington Arcade, Mayfair: This elegant covered shopping arcade in Mayfair dates back to 1819 and is adorned with luxurious boutiques and jewelers. The beautiful architecture and the intimate atmosphere make it a romantic destination.
  • Lambs Conduit Street, Bloomsbury: Known for its independent shops, cafes, and bookstores, Lambs Conduit Street has a village-like charm. The street’s historic buildings and quiet atmosphere make it a delightful spot for a romantic walk.
  • St. Luke’s Mews, Notting Hill: Nestled in the heart of Notting Hill, this cobbled mews street is lined with colorful houses and flowering plants. Its picturesque and romantic charm has made it a popular filming location.

These streets offer unique romantic experiences in different neighborhoods across London. Exploring them with your loved one can create memorable moments and a sense of romance in the city.

Where is the best place for a first kiss in London?

Choosing the best place for a first kiss in London depends on personal preferences and the desired atmosphere. Here are a few options that offer romantic settings:

  • Primrose Hill: Head to the top of Primrose Hill, a picturesque park with panoramic views of London. The serene surroundings and breathtaking vistas create a romantic backdrop for a first kiss.
  • Millennium Bridge: Take a romantic stroll across the Millennium Bridge, connecting St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Tate Modern. As you reach the middle of the bridge, pause to share a first kiss while enjoying the stunning views of the Thames and London’s skyline.
  • Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens: Explore the romantic Hampstead Pergola, an enchanting garden walkway adorned with vines and flowers. Afterward, head to the nearby Hill Gardens, offering a peaceful setting for a memorable first kiss.
  • Kyoto Garden in Holland Park: Find a secluded spot within the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, where the tranquil surroundings, flowing waterfalls, and lush greenery create a serene and romantic atmosphere.
  • St. James’s Park: Take a romantic walk around St. James’s Park, enjoying the serene lake, charming bridges, and the idyllic atmosphere. Find a bench or a quiet spot along the water to share a first kiss.

Where is the most romantic place in the UK?

The United Kingdom offers numerous romantic destinations, each with its own charm and appeal. One of the most frequently mentioned romantic places in the UK is the Lake District. Located in northwest England, the Lake District is renowned for its stunning landscapes, serene lakes, and picturesque mountains. The area’s natural beauty, quaint villages, and romantic ambiance make it a popular choice for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Other romantic places in the UK include:

  • Edinburgh, Scotland: The capital city of Scotland, with its historic architecture, charming streets, and the iconic Edinburgh Castle, offers a romantic setting. The city’s dramatic views, cozy pubs, and the enchanting Royal Mile make it a popular destination for couples.
  • Cornwall, England: The coastal region of Cornwall in southwest England is known for its rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and charming fishing villages. With its stunning coastal walks, secluded coves, and breathtaking sunsets, Cornwall offers a romantic escape.
  • Bath, England: The city of Bath, famous for its Roman-built baths and Georgian architecture, exudes a romantic and timeless atmosphere. Stroll hand in hand along the historic streets, visit the romantic Pulteney Bridge, and relax in the thermal spas for a truly romantic experience.
  • Isle of Skye, Scotland: The Isle of Skye in Scotland offers breathtaking landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and pristine beaches. Its wild and untamed beauty creates a sense of romance and adventure for couples exploring the rugged terrain together.
  • The Cotswolds, England: The Cotswolds, a region of rolling hills and picturesque villages in southwest England, is known for its idyllic charm. With its honey-colored cottages, quaint tea rooms, and tranquil countryside, the Cotswolds provides a romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Ultimately, the most romantic place in the UK is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Whether you prefer dramatic landscapes, historic cities, or quaint villages, the UK offers a variety of romantic destinations to choose from.

Looking for more romantic things to do?

Learn more about the most romantic places in Europe or go on an amazing day trip out of London! 🙂

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