Where is warm in Spring in Europe? TOP 30 warm and hot places!

Looking for hot & warm places to visit in Europe in Spring? We’ve covered the warmest places in March, April and May in Europe!

For many, Europe means lazing on the beach under beautiful sunny skies. And, while this can make for a great holiday, it can also make for a more expensive one. The summer is the busiest time of year for Europe, especially over the school holidays.

Those looking for lower prices, milder weather, and smaller crowds, should think about heading to Europe in the Spring, where there are plenty of great destinations to explore.

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Spring in Europe types:

Warmest places in Europe in March:Tenerife
Hottest place in Europe in April:Sicily
Best weather in Europe in May:French Riviera
Hottest place in Europe in March:Cyprus
Warmest places in Europe in April:Lisbon
Hottest places in Europe in May:Zakynthos

When is spring in Europe?

March, April and May are the spring months in Europe. It really is a great time to plan your next adventure and Europe in spring is just beautiful!

When does spring start in Europe exactly? The first day of spring in Europe astronomically occurs on the 20 March.

So where to go in spring? From amazing European islands to stunning beaches in Europe, there are many places to visit in Europe in spring!

Where is warm in Europe in spring? Here are just some of the best places to visit in Europe during the spring.

Where is warm in Spring in Europe TOP warm and hot places!
Hottest places in Europe in May

Explore the best places to visit in Spring in Europe – top ideas for holidays in March, April or May:

Where is warm in March in Europe?

So, where is hot in March in Europe? There are lots of fantastic options for travellers looking to visit Europe in March, whether they want warm weather or a city break. As Easter often falls in March, however, it’s worth remembering this when booking a trip. While March will generally be quiet, Easter and the surrounding weeks before and after the Easter weekend won’t be.

This means the benefits travellers might be looking for like lower prices, and fewer crowds will be in short supply.

Our list of top warm places to visit in March in Europe:

1. Cyprus

Where is hot in Europe in march? The island of Cyprus sits in the Eastern Mediterranean and is a popular travel destination in spring. Throughout March, temperatures are around the mid-teens, and most of the winter rainfall is over with, making it a great time to visit.

Popular resorts such as Paphos and Larnaca are much quieter in March, as the summer season really begins after the Easter weekend. From waterside towns to mountaintop villages, there is plenty to see and do around Cyprus in the springtime.

Best resorts to stay in Cyprus in Spring:

Warm countries in March in Europe - Cyprus
Warm in Europe in March: Cyprus
Vladimir Sazonov/Shutterstock.com

2. Gran Canaria

Where is hot in March Europe? With average daytime temperatures of 21oC, Gran Canaria is ideal for those wanting to relax on the beach or get outdoors and explore.  The rocky cliffs of Playa del Cura, for example, are perfect for hiking, offering stunning sea views and hidden coves.

The more adventurous can head to Caldera de Bandama, which stands over 3,000 feet high. Like the cliffs of Playa del Cura, Caldera de Bandama offers incredible views. Travellers need a car to get to the top but can walk down into the crater where they’ll find overgrown orange groves.

Come the evening, the temperatures cool, meaning a light jacket is needed. This is the perfect time to enjoy the island’s nightlife, however, along with some great local food.

Spain is one of the top warm European countries in March to visit and Gran Canaria is perfect for the early Spring sun.

Where to stay during a Spring holiday in Gran Canaria:

Where is warm in March in Europe - Gran Canaria in spring
Gran Canaria: a warm place to visit in March in Europe

3. Gibraltar

Looking for hot European countries in March? Gibraltar is a fascinating place to visit at any time of year, with its unique mix of cultures and beautiful scenery. The British overseas territory reaches highs of 18 degrees in March, with an average of 6 hours of daily sunshine.

For English travellers, Gibraltar is a bit of a home away from home, with classic seaside hotels, fish and chip shops and traditional pubs. However, the climate is much nicer; the natural landscape is fascinating, with some unusual wildlife, such as the Gibraltar Barbary macaques. There are also some unique Spanish features that can’t be found at home.

Best hotels to stay in Gibraltar in Spring:

Hot places to visit in March Europe - Gibraltar
Where to go in March that is hot Europe: Gibraltar
Sergey Dzyuba/Shutterstock.com

4. Tenerife

Where in Europe is hot in march? The beautiful island of Tenerife is a wonderful destination at any time of year, but it truly comes to life in the springtime. Visiting Tenerife in March, you can expect average temperatures of 19 degrees, the perfect weather for exploring the island without getting too hot.

As the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife offers plenty of attractions, sights and activities for tourists all year round. Teide National Park is truly beautiful, with Mount Teide in the centre, which is an active volcano that can be reached by cable car. Tenerife also boasts one of the best water parks in the world, Siam Park, and plenty of yellow and black sand beaches.

Best resorts to stay in Tenerife in Spring:

Warm in Europe in March - Tenerife
Warmest place in Europe in march: Tenerife

5. London

Best places to visit in March in Europe? London isn’t as warm as Gran Canaria. It is, however, perfect for travellers looking to explore this historic city and avoid crowds (for the most part). Kensington Palace Gardens, one of the best parks in London, is a good place to start because the crocuses and daffodils are in bloom.

Plus, there are lots of annual events in March. March 17th, for example, is St. Patricks Day while March 22nd is Mother’s Day, an excellent time to go for a traditionally British Afternoon Tea if booked early.

Easter also generally falls in March, as does the Oxford/Cambridge boat race – if you fancy a day trip out of London. London does a great job of celebrating all of these so check local listings for what’s going on or, in the case of the boat race, where to get the best view.

Where to stay during a Spring break in London:

Where is warm in March in Europe - London in spring
Warm places in Europe in March: London

6. Azores

Warm weather in March in Europe? The Azores is known for being perfectly pleasant all year round, with temperatures never dropping too low or climbing too high. Just north of Madeira and the Canary Islands, the Azores has an average temperature of 16 degrees in March.

During the spring, the Azores is much quieter, as fewer tourists choose to visit outside of the highs of summer. Some of the top activities for the Azores in March include whale watching, hiking, island hopping and more.

Best resorts to stay in the Azores in Spring:

Where is hot to go in March Europe - Azores
Warm in March Europe: Azores

7. Naples

Recommended by Amber from fooddrinkdestinations.com

Looking for hot places in Europe in March? One thought comes to when you hear the word Naples – pizza. The birthplace of this beloved food, Naples is a year-round destination. It’s also a great destination in March, just as spring hits this coastal city. Thanks to its location on the Gulf of Naples, the city’s climate is quite mild most of the year.

Summers are generally very warm with winters cool and damp. In the Spring, temperatures hoover around 18°C (65°F) with only occasional rainfall. It’s these mild Spring temperatures that have made Naples a destination to visit dating back to Roman times. Aside from ideal weather conditions for sightseeing, Spring is a great time to visit Naples because of the lower numbers of tourists visiting the city.

One of the biggest draws for tourists to Naples is its close proximity to the ancient city of Pompeii. Only 25 km from the centre of Naples, Pompeii is flooded with tourists during the summer high season. With fewer tourists visiting in March, Pompeii is more easily explored in the Spring. Experiencing Naples maritime history is a must when visiting. Several tour companies offer day cruises over to the Isle of Capri, providing breathtaking views of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

Getting back to pizza, taking a food tour in Naples that showcases the city’s iconic dish needs to be on everyone’s to-do list. Naples is a walkable city, especially in the Spring and exploring the plethora of famous pizza restaurants scattered around the city is a great way to spend a few days. 

So, if you ask yourself where in Europe is warm in March, Naples could be the answer!

Best hotels to stay in Naples in Spring:

Where is warm in March in Europe - Naples in spring
Warm places in March in Europe: Naples

8. Athens

Where to go for hot places in March Europe? March is an excellent time to visit Athens, as the bustling crowds found in summer have not yet arrived, but the weather is beginning to warm. Wildflowers begin to bloom throughout the city, with average daytime temperatures of 15 degrees—a pleasant temperature for strolling around the ancient streets and discovering everything that Athens has to offer.

All the major historical sites such as Parthenon and the Old Temple of Athena are open to visitors, and many local shops and restaurants will be ready for business.

Best hotels to stay in Spring in Athens:

Hot places in March in Europe - Athens
Warm weather March Europe: Athens

9. Ronda

Where is warm in Europe in March? One of Spain’s most visited places, this ancient city has so much to explore. This includes the Real Maestranza Bullring, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Spain (meaning it is worth a visit for the architecture, even if you don’t want to see a bullfight in Ronda). However, it is Puente Neuvo gorge in Ronda that is the beautiful photo stop. And the views from this beautiful bridge are spectacular! Then there are the Arabic Baths and Mondragon Palace; both built in the 13th Century.

The palace, which was once home to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, is now a museum that looks at Ronda’s rich past. It also has some beautiful gardens it’s worth taking time to explore, as are the terraced Cuenca Gardens. And, one of the best things about visiting in March, is visitors won’t need to wait long to get into any of these.

Spain is one of the hottest parts of Europe in march and Ronda is great for a weekend trip in March!

Where to stay during a Spring trip in Ronda:

Where is warm in March in Europe - Ronda in spring
Where is it warm in March in Europe? Ronda

10. Lanzarote

Hot places to go in March in Europe? Another of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote begins to get much warmer in March and throughout early spring. Temperatures can vary from 22 to 18 degrees, and the sun shines for a full 8 hours a day in March.

Must-visit highlights in Lanzarote include the Timanfaya National Park, Costa Teguise resort and the idyllic town of Puerto del Carmon. Tourists can enjoy the warm spring weather on one of Lanzarote’s many beaches or relaxing by the pool in a luxurious resort.

Best resorts to stay in Lanzarote in Spring:

Warm weather Europe March - Lanzarote
Hot places to visit in March in Europe: Lanzarote

Where is warm in April in Europe?

Where is hot in April in Europe? There is a saying in the UK that April showers bring May flowers. However, this doesn’t necessarily apply in the rest of Europe, where the flowers start to bloom earlier. This means visiting Europe in Spring is a must for people who love gardens or want a different type of holiday.

What can be more different, for example, than walking through fields of brightly coloured and beautifully scented flowers? That is what you’ll get in Keukenhof and Madeira.

Our list of top warm places to visit in April in Europe:

11. Keukenhof

Best places to visit in April in Europe? Located in the town of Lisse in the Netherlands, Keukenhof is also called the Garden of Europe. Covering almost 80 acres, around seven million bulbs are planted in Keukenhof every year. They’re planted in stages, meaning the flowers bloom over the course of about eight weeks between Mid-March and Mid-May.

Mid-April is considered the best time to visit for those who want to see tulips.  Other flowers on display include carnations, daffodils, hyacinths, irises and roses. Unlike other places people might visit in the Spring, however, expect Keukenhof to be busy. Over 1.5 million people visit every year in the eight weeks it’s open, which is about twice as many as that visit the Eiffel Tower over the same period.

Where is warm in April in Europe - spring in Keukenhof
Keukenhof: a warm place to visit in April in Europe

12. Lisbon

Recommended by Frankie from asthebirdfliesblog.com

Where is hot in Europe in April? Personally, I think there is never a bad time to visit Lisbon for a weekend but it’s fair to say that Lisbon in April is a really great time to go. It’s warm, but not too hot, and it’s also not going to be as busy as the summer months.

Portugal is a one of the top warm countries in April to visit in Europe and the weather in Lisbon is typically around 20 degrees Celsius, though it could very easily be warmer. For some of us Northern Europeans, this will feel like early summer! The only thing you need to remember is that the evenings and nights won’t be as warm.

With this fine weather – that should also be quite dry – you can easily explore Lisbon in April on foot, although you may want to go on one of Lisbon’s famous vintage trams to avoid the hills. But here’s the thing about the hills; they offer so many wonderful viewpoints over the city, especially at sunset, which you won’t have to wait very late for if you travel there in April (around 8 – 8.30 pm).

You may also want to take a day trip out to the beaches along the coast but be warned, while the sun may be shining all day in Lisbon in April, the sea will be very cold!

Is Lisbon on your list of best warm places in April Europe?

Where is warm in April in Europe - spring in Lisbon
Hot places in Europe in April: Lisbon

13. Algarve

Where’s hot in April in Europe? The most southern area in Portugal, the Algarve, is a popular destination in April thanks to its warm climate. The average temperature is 16 degrees, but it can climb to mid-twenties at the warmest parts of the day.

The region is famed for its many golf resorts and Atlantic beaches, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and hotels for tourists to enjoy. During the spring, the coastal towns are beginning to swing into action for the season but are still considerably quieter than in summer.

Hot in Europe in April - Algarve
Where in Europe is warm in April: Algarve

14. Venice

Where is hot in April Europe? In Italy! Once Easter is over, Venice settles down to a lovely, calm, pace in April. The weather has started to turn, though the evenings can be cool, and visitors should get mainly sunny days. One of the best things about Venice in April is seeing the walled gardens beginning to spring to life. Wisteria falls over the tops of these walls, offering beautiful colours and wonderful scents.

When visiting Venice in April, the canals are much less busy, meaning visitors are much more likely to be able to get a water bus up and down the Grand Canal. This will be a highlight of any trip. Other places to visit are the Basilica of San Sebastiano, Burano Island, and the Rialto Bridge.

Would you add Venice to your list of top hot places in April in Europe to visit?

Where is warm in April in Europe - spring in Venice
Warm places to go in April in Europe: Venice

15. Crete

Warm places in Europe in April? Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, and its tourist season begins to kick off in April. The average temperature is 20 degrees, making it one of the warmest European spots to visit during the spring.

April is a great time to visit Crete for sightseeing, hiking and exploring the many wineries on the island. Restaurants and bars will begin to open throughout the month, and by the end of April, Crete will be busy with tourists again.

Where's hot in April in Europe - Crete
Warmest place in Europe in April: Crete

16. Sicily

Recommended by Mar from onceinalifetimejourney.com

Where in Europe is hot in April? April sees some great strolling temperatures in Sicily in April with highs of around 18°C. The weather is starting to improve and days become longer, so you have more time to explore the fascinating island. As it’s outside of the peak summer months, there won’t be the usual crowds offloading from the cruise ships when it can be quite frantic. So you can explore Don Corleone’s home at a more relaxed pace, the way it was meant to be explored.

You can visit the quaint towns which became famous after Copala shot parts of The Godfather in Savoca and Forza d’Agro. Stroll through Taormina’s main pedestrian Corso Umberto street and April IX Square, sail the UNESCO-inscribed Aeolian Archipelago, taste unique volcanic wines in Trapani and Marsala, and explore the Greek and Roman ruins of Syracuse or in the Valley of the Temples. Try to find Inspector Montalbano at UNESCO-listed Ragusa or try climbing the active Etna volcano, but this will still be a much colder activity.

The best things to do in Sicily revolve around culture, ocean and food so don’t forget to pig out on the best Sicilian food like cannoli and granita. 

Where is warm in April in Europe - spring in Sicily
Hot places to go in April Europe: Sicily

17. Madeira

Hot places to visit in April in Europe? Visitors are almost guaranteed sunny days when visiting Madeira in April when the sun shines more than in most other European countries. This means it’s a great time to get outdoors and explore this rocky island. One of the best ways to do this is to head out on the Levada walks and hiking trails. Not only do these take you into the heart of the island, but visitors also get to see some incredible flora and fauna. This shouldn’t be a surprise; Maderia is known as the Garden Island.

Its capital city is Funchal, which has some great restaurants nestled into winding streets. Set above the city is the Botanical Gardens. As it’s quite a hike, it’s a good idea to take the cable car up to the Gardens. The adventurous can then take a toboggan ride down (where speeds can reach 40 miles an hour).

Portugal is one of our favourite warm European countries in April to visit and Madeira is always a great choice!

Where is warm in April in Europe - spring in Madeira
Where is warm in April Europe? Madeira

18. Dubrovnik

Where is warm in Europe in April? On the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia sits the popular destination of Dubrovnik. During the height of summer, Dubrovnik becomes filled with tourists as it is commonplace for cruise ships to stop off. However, in the spring visitors can enjoy everything Dubrovnik has to offer without the crowds.

With highs of 16 degrees in April, the daytime temperatures are perfect for sightseeing. In the evenings, temperatures can drop to a chilly 7 degrees, so be sure to pack a jacket.

Where is warm April in Europe - Dubrovnik
Where’s hot in Europe in April: Dubrovnik
Juan B/Shutterstock.com

19. Valletta

Recommended by Ben from thesabbaticalguide.com

Where is it hot in April in Europe? This is probably one of the warmest holiday destinations in April in Europe!

Malta is on average the warmest country in Europe, so visiting any time of the year will give you the sunshine escape you are looking for. If I had to pick one month though it would be April, as the temperature is back above 20 degrees but the main bulk of tourists have not yet arrived, so you should have much more relaxing experience.

Valletta is Malta’s capital city and has become a really popular destination after its 2018 European Capital Of Culture award. Valletta can easily be visited in a day, with St John’s Cathedral, The Barrakka Gardens and Lascaris War Rooms being my personal highlights.

April is also a great time to be in Valletta due to the Easter celebrations. Most Maltese are Catholic and actively participate in religious services, with the Holy Week of Easter seeing statues paraded through the streets, huge feasts and Easter Sunday celebrations.

Where is warm in April in Europe - spring in Valetta
Where’s warm in April in Europe? Valletta

20. Puglia

Where is it hot in Europe in April? Puglia is famed for its whitewashed hillside towns, miles of Mediterranean coastline, and ancient farmland. The southernmost region in Italy offers comfortable temperatures in April, with an average of 17 degrees.

Spring is one of the best times to visit Puglia because of the beautiful blossoming wildflowers and quieter tourist attractions. Puglia is known for being the ‘heel’ of Italy’s boot, and visitors love the local wineries and delicious pasta made from the hard durum wheat grown in the region.

Warm Europe March - Puglia
Hottest places in Europe in April: Puglia
Josef Skacel/Shutterstock.com

Where is warm in May in Europe?

So, where is hot in May in Europe? As Spring draws to an end, the weather starts to heat up in much of Europe, making it a good time to try and catch some sun. Because sunny days can’t always be guaranteed, however, most holiday destinations are still quiet. This makes May a great time to visit some of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Our list of the best warm places to visit in May in Europe:

21. Amalfi Coast

Best places to visit in May in Europe? Italy is one of the best warm countries in May to visit – perfect for warm holidays in May!

Visitors visiting the Amalfi Coast will find a quieter pace of life than some other parts of Italy. Renting a car is a good idea here, letting tourists travel along the coastline and take in the views. Along the way, they can visit churches and museums before stopping off for long lunches or an aperitif.

Those wanting to venture farther afield should consider a trip to Capri, an island known for its style and glamour. A boat trip is also a good idea, letting visitors take in a different angle on the rugged coastline. Finally, visitors should take in the famous city of Sorrento, which takes a day to walk around but is well worth it; just remember to take walking shoes.

Where is warm in May in Europe - Spring in Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast: a warm place to visit in May in Europe

22. Dordogne

Recommended by Jenny from travelynnfamily.com

Best warm places in Europe in May? The Dordogne is arguably the prettiest region of France, and May is the perfect time to visit as the weather is nicely warming up, yet the summer droves of tourists have not quite yet arrived.

This is not the place to tick off-sites, but rather spend your days wandering quaint medieval towns (like Domme and Sarlat) and enjoying outstanding haute cuisine al fresco. If you’re feeling energetic and need to work off those calories after a long lunch, then a kayak along the either the Dordogne or Vézère rivers in a must. There are numerous hire points along the rivers. It’s also worth visiting the ancient rock art sites in the region, some of which is thousands of years old; the caves at Lascaux are world-famous and for good reason.

Allow at least a week to drink in the Dordogne vibes. Staying in the countryside gîte with self-catering facilities is a great idea. But if you’re visiting the Dordogne with kids, you may want to look at one of the camping and holiday parks in the region as they will have a pool and playground. 

Warm places in spring in Europe - Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère
Warm places in May in Europe: Dordogne

23. Sardinia

Best hot places in Europe May? In the Mediterranean Sea is the large Italian island of Sardinia, featuring 2,000 km of coastline and a mountainous interior, ideal for hiking and exploring. The rugged landscape is dotted with mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins which are shaped like beehives and known as nuraghi.

May is the perfect time to visit Sardinia, as the island begins to enjoy long hours of sunshine and temperatures around 23 degrees. There is plenty to see and do in Sardinia in the springtime, such as visiting the Castello Quarter and Cagliari Cathedral.

Hot place in Europe in May - Sardinia
Warmest holiday destinations in May in Europe: Sardinia

24. Zakynthos

Where is hot in Europe in May? Also known as Zante, this Greek island has two very different sides to it. The first is the one most visitors know as a major destination for those on package holidays. The other side of the island is much quieter, especially during Springtime, and much more rural. This doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting. It does mean visitors will get to experience the island much more like a local.

To the southwest of the Zakynthos island, there are traditional villages, a must for those looking for local cuisine. To the west, there are rugged cliffs for those who like to hike and amazing views, with cliffs plummeting into turquoise waters. Finally, wherever you go, you’ll find beautiful sandy beaches, with white sands and blue seas and you may be able to spot turtles too.

So, is Zante on your list of the hot places to go in May in Europe?

Where is warm in May in Europe - Spring in Zakynthos
Hot places in May Europe: Zakynthos

25. Rome

Recommended by Wendy from thenomadicvegan.com

Looking for hot places in Europe in May? Rome is beautiful at any time of year, but May is possibly the best month of all to visit this historic city. Temperatures average around 21 degrees Celsius, rainfall is pretty low, and the days start to get longer. You can expect to get about nine hours of sunshine each day, which means you’ll be able to enjoy an al fresco dining experience at one of Rome’s many great restaurants with outdoor terrace seating.

But be sure to leave plenty of time for sightseeing too! There’s so much to see and do here, with relics from the ancient Roman Empire, medieval towers, Renaissance churches and Baroque palaces all jumbled up together. Allow a full day for the ancient city, which includes the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the remains of the emperors’ palaces on the Palatine Hill. You’ll also need a full day to do justice to the Vatican, including St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the rest of the Vatican Museums.

And then there are other must-see sights sprinkled throughout the city, like the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Plus so many lesser-known places to be discovered, too! Give yourself time to wander the side streets, soak up the atmosphere and make some discoveries of your own.

Where is warm in May in Europe - Spring in Roman Forum
Warm places in May Europe: Rome

26. Sarajevo

Recommended by Ellis from backpackadventures.org

Hot places in May in Europe? If you are looking to visit a warm place in spring in Europe, Sarajevo is a very good candidate. Not only is it one of the most charming cities in Southeastern Europe, but it also has excellent weather in Spring. In May temperatures can already reach up to 20 degrees Celsius.

Other reasons to visit Sarajevo in May is because of the May music festivities. A yearly event in which the oldest musical university in Sarajevo is showcasing its highlights. If you are more into films there is also the Viva film festival. A documentary film festival with the purpose to promote interreligious dialogue, ecotourism and protecting the environment.

With the surrounding mountains, Sarajevo has lots of opportunities for eco-tourism and hiking. May is the start of the hiking season and a great time when the alpine meadows are in bloom. The easiest way to reach the mountains from Sarajevo is to take the cable car to Mount Trebevic.

Sarajevo is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. The scenic old town brings you right back to the Ottoman times. But there is also the impressive Austrio-Hungarian architecture and interesting museums about the cities past. With so many things to do in Sarajevo its a great city to visit in Europe at any time of the year, but May is one of the best months. 

Where is warm in May in Europe - Spring in Sarajevo
Where is hot in May Europe? Sarajevo

27. French Riviera

Looking for warm places to go in May in Europe? The French Riviera is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling in Europe or looking for a weekend break. In the summer the region becomes very busy with endless crowds heading to the French Riviera for sightseeing and sunbathing. May is the perfect time to visit, with temperatures of 16 degrees, the climate is pleasant without being too hot to explore.

The French Riviera runs all along the Mediterranean coastline of France, from Saint Tropez to the border of Italy, so there is plenty of choice in the area.

Warmest place in Europe in May - French Riviera
Warmest places in Europe in May: French Riviera

28. Bruges

Hot places to go in May in Europe? Wherever you go in Bruges, you’ll find beautiful views, which is why the whole of Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are so many wonderful historical sites to visit in the city. While Bruges is a city, it does feel more like a village. Given the city’s reputation for beer, a good place to start might be the Brugs Biermuseum or Brouwerij De Halve Maan Brewery. Set in the city centre, this then lets visitors take in some of the sights. These include Belfort, an 83-foot tower, and the mediaeval Gate of Ghent.

Wherever visitors turn they will see amazing architecture including Saint Saviour’s Cathedral and City Hall. They also shouldn’t miss out on Sint-Janshuis Mill, a windmill that overlooks the city. With so much to see and do, a guided tour is a good idea and worth the investment. You’ll uncover so many secrets about this charming, unforgettable, fairytale city. 

Where is warm in May in Europe - Spring in Bruges
Warm weather in May in Europe: Bruges

29. Rhodes

Recommended by Jo from wherejogoes.com

Where is warm in May Europe? Greece is one of the best warm European countries in May to visit! Rhodes in May, the perfect time to visit. Long days of sunshine, virtually no rain, a balmy average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a high of 24 make this the ideal Spring destination.

Yes, you may need to grab a jacket for the evening when you’re sitting in a bar overlooking the harbour enjoying a local aperitif, but that’s no hardship. You’ll be avoiding both the scorching summer temperatures and the crowds and can explore what the island has to offer without the tourist influx.

Rhodes Town boasts the oldest intact medieval street in Europe, the fortress and one-time headquarters of the Knights Templar, an acropolis, walled town and a pretty Greek harbour. Fans of classical and Ottoman history will be in their element with many museums to explore. To discover modern-day Rhodes town, head to the harbour where windmills line up alongside the fishing boats.

Elsewhere on the island, Lindos is an absolute gem. A whitewashed village straight from a postcard draped in bougainvillaea and crowned by an acropolis. We took a boat trip from here, sailing through clear turquoise waters with dolphins playing in our wake. The rooftop bars and restaurants of Lindos give a perfect, bay-wide view across the town.

For the hospitality, warmth, culture and history of Greece, Rhodes in May is the perfect stop. 

Where is warm in May in Europe - Spring in Rhodes
Where in Europe is hot in May? Rhodes

30. Umbria

Recommended by Annabel from smudgedpostcard.com

Hot places to visit in May in Europe? Visit Umbria in May and you’ll enjoy one of Italy’s most incredible regions before the crowds descend. You’ll also see Umbria at its absolute best.

Highlights of Umbria include the mosaic encrusted cathedral of Orvieto, the 14th-century frescoes at the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi and the epic history of Perugia. However, once you get off the beaten track you’ll also discover some of the region’s delightful hidden gems: incredible red wine at Montefalco, the narrow alleys ways of pretty hilltop Spello and the lovely central piazza in the town of Todi.

Late spring in Umbria also offers visitors the chance to drive one of Italy’s most appealing routes at its most scenic time of year. The road from Norcia into the snow-capped Sibillini Mountains will see the plains of Castelluccio carpeted with wildflowers, an incredible sight.

Umbria with kids is a great holiday: the region is packed with fun historical sites such as ancient ruins and castles to climb. There’s a chocolate factory to tour and fun outdoor pursuits including a giant waterfall which can be switched off due to impressive Roman engineering. May is a great time to bring the kids to Umbria before it gets too hot.

Where is warm in May in Europe - Spring in Umbria
Where is it hot in May in Europe? Umbria

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Cyprus, Gibraltar and Spain are amongst the hottest countries in Europe you can visit early Spring in March.

Where can I go for sun in March in Europe?

If you are looking for sunny destinations in Europe for a trip in March then consider Lanzarote or Azores!

Which countries are hot in April in Europe?

Malta and Portugal are our two favourite European countries to visit in April.

Where has the best weather in May Europe?

There are many stunning European places with beautiful weather in May – from Italy’s Amalfi Coast to best Greek island called Zakynthos!

Where is hot and cheap in May in Europe?

May is a perfect month in Europe to find some bargains – from visiting islands like Sardinia to some of the best holiday destinations on the French Riviera!

Where will you visit in Spring in Europe?

No matter what a person’s interests or how they want to spend their holidays, there really is something for everyone in Spring in Europe. There are so many benefits too, including lower prices and fewer crowds. For most of our destinations, there is warmer weather that makes getting out and about an enjoyable experience.

For all of them, there is plenty to do, and will make you rethink when the best time to visit Europe really is!

Where is warm in Spring in Europe TOP warm and hot places!
Hottest European countries in April

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