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Darek’s top destinations:

For me, it’s all about driving, nature and freedom. I love driving through stunning locations and exploring less visited places. Does it make me an expert in non-touristy locations? I would like to be called that one day 🙂 But I will leave this for you to judge! In the meantime, feel free to see my favourite places.

Starting with Shafberg Montain – this really is my favourite location in Europe. Cornwall will be 2nd on my list – who wouldn’t like to explore little Cornish villages and stunning beaches? Slovenia will be 3rd on my list. The country is just pure nature with stunning Lake Jasna and the amazing Vintgar Gorge.

Gosia’s suggestions:

I’m passionate about sun, beaches and picturesque villages.

While most European islands can provide me with the first two, I like to explore magical places in England in order to find little gems like Shere, Clovelly or Kersey. Oh yes, and I love all the villages in the Cotswolds and visited them many times – I think I will retire in one of them 😉

A few years ago I survived cancer so my mission is to share my knowledge, expertise and love to travel. Life is short! Go and explore – there are many beautiful places waiting for you! Not know where to start? Why not with my top locations: Papagayo Beach, Fuerteventura or the Amalfi Coast?

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