52 Best Weekend Getaways in Europe: A Year-Long Escape!

Those blissful three days that all of us living in the UK look forward to, especially for a quick escape to the wonders of Europe. And what’s not to love? Amazing food, history, culture, and just a short flight away.

Darek and I have had our fair share of quick getaways, each leaving us eager for the next. We just love our weekend getaways – is that an illness? 😉

If you find yourself wondering where to jet off to every weekend of the year, wonder no more! We’ve compiled a colossal list, categorised by North, South, East, and West Europe for your convenience.

Whether you’re a romantic, an adventurer, or a city slicker, there’s something here for everyone – a long list of top weekend trips from London to Europe.

Best weekend getaways Europe
Best weekend trips in Europe

Best weekend trips Europe

Before you ask – yes, we’ve deliberately left out all the magical places in England. Because, you know, why not experience something different when you’re already living in a gem? Onwards, shall we?

South Europe – best weekend getaways

1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Nestled between steep cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea, Cinque Terre is a tapestry of five quaint villages. Hike from Monterosso to Riomaggiore and treat yourself to breathtaking views and artisanal gelato. The vibrancy of the buildings looks like a real-life palette of colours. Gosia and I, for instance, found a secluded spot near Vernazza, where we enjoyed a picnic with local focaccia. Pure magic.

Must-Visit Villages in Cinque Terre

  1. Vernazza
  2. Manarola
  3. Monterosso
  4. Riomaggiore
  5. Corniglia

Where to stay during Europe getaways in Cinque Terre?

Weekend getaway in Europe - Cinque Terre, Italy
Weekend getaway Europe – Cinque Terre

2. Venice, Italy

There is nowhere in the world quite like Venice in Italy. In fact, this is one of the best weekend trips Europe! A floating city that is world-famous, the beautiful sights that you can take in when you spend a weekend in Venice is something that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Away from leisurely floating around the city, there are plenty of other amazing things that you can see and do during your weekend break in Venice, including seeing the Palazzo Ducale and the Basilica Di San Marco.

Venice’s Virtues

  • St. Mark’s Square
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Gondola ride
  • Cannaregio District

Where to stay during Europe weekend trips in Venice?

Best short trips in Europe - Venice, Italy
Best long weekend trips Europe – Venice

3. Zante, Greece

Also known as Zakynthos, Zante is a Greek island that offers an ideal blend of beachy relaxation and exciting water sports. The Shipwreck Beach alone makes the trip worthwhile!

Zante’s Zing

Shipwreck BeachA must-see natural marvel.
Blue CavesPerfect for snorkelling.
Banana BeachLaid-back and lovely.
Zante TownMix of modernity and tradition.
Best long weekend trips - Zante, Greece
European getaways – Zante

4. Rome, Italy

Rome is not just a city; it’s an immersive experience. From the ruins of the Colosseum to the magnificence of the Vatican, every street corner whispers stories of the past. The local cuisine is another story altogether. Pizzas, pastas, and pastries—every meal feels like a Roman holiday. Our personal highlight? A moonlit stroll around the Roman Forum.

Highlights of Rome

ColosseumGladiatorial grandeur.
PantheonArchitectural masterpiece.
Roman ForumThe heart of ancient Rome.
Vatican CityWorld’s smallest independent state.

Where to stay during extended weekend trips in Rome?

Weekend trips Europe - Rome, Italy
Long weekend getaways – Rome

5. Menorca, Spain

An island in Spain’s Balearic archipelago, Menorca is the quieter, more tranquil sister to Ibiza and Mallorca. It’s the go-to place for beaches, coves, and coastal paths that can keep you exploring for days.

Menorca’s Moments

Cala MacarellaA secluded beach dream.
Fornells BayIdeal for watersports.
Naveta des TudonsA prehistoric monument.
CiutadellaA charming town worth exploring.
Best weekend getaways Europe - Menorca
Best weekend getaways Europe – Menorca

6. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Where to go this weekend in Europe? There is something magical about Italy. Maybe it is the food, maybe is the wine, maybe it is the language. However, when it comes to the Amalfi Coast, the truth is that it is the destination itself that can make you fall in love.

A recognised UNESCO site, it is not only truly breathtakingly beautiful, but the Amalfi Coast is also a place that you will remember for nails to come. Set next to the sea, you may love the clifftops, or you may love the woodland, both of which can be found with ease.

Best Photo Spots in Amalfi Coast

  • The cliffside gardens in Ravello
  • The iconic Positano skyline
  • Fiordo di Furore, a hidden fjord
  • The ancient towers along the coast

Where to stay during short weekend trips Europe in Amalfi Coast?

Long weekend trips in Europe - Amalfi Coast, Italy
Weekend Europe trips – Amalfi Coast

7. Malaga, Spain

Malaga is a bundle of contradictions: an old soul with a young heart. It’s a city where modernity mingles effortlessly with history. And let’s not forget, this city gave us Picasso! The beaches are perfect for sun-soaking, while the museums are treasure troves of art and culture. When Gosia and I visited, we indulged in a tapas crawl, savouring everything from grilled sardines to Iberian ham.

Not-to-Miss in Malaga

AlcazabaMoorish fortress with panoramic views
Picasso MuseumArtistic brilliance on display
Malagueta BeachSun, sea, and sand
Atarazanas MarketCulinary paradise

Where to stay during short weekend trips in Europe in Malaga?

Weekend trips in Europe - Malaga
Weekend trips in Europe – Malaga

8. Malta

Best European weekend trips? If you’re looking for a getaway in the Mediterranean, then Malta is the place to go. It’s got everything you could possibly want from a holiday destination: great weather, beautiful beaches and some of Europe’s best nightlife.

The city of Valletta, in Malta, is one of the most picturesque places in Europe. The historic city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the second largest in Malta after Birgu. It is also known as “Little Venice” due to its canals, which are filled with colorful houses and palaces.

Malta’s Magic

MdinaThe “Silent City” with medieval charm.
VallettaUNESCO-listed capital city.
Blue GrottoCaves and cliff formations.
Best places for long weekend Europe - Malta
Best places for long weekend Europe – Malta

Where to stay during European weekend trips in Malta?

9. Barcelona, Spain

Here, Gaudi’s masterpieces blend seamlessly with a nightlife that’ll make you forget what sleep is. From the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter to the bustling markets of La Rambla, this is a city that never stops. Of course, no trip would be complete without visiting the Sagrada Familia. We got there early to beat the crowds, and the morning light filtering through the stained glass. Absolutely ethereal.

Staying in Barcelona for the weekend is a great experience, whether it is for the culture, the food or perhaps the shopping. You certainly will never forget it – a perfect destination for a short getaway trip at any time of the year!

Must-Try Foods in Barcelona

  • Tapas (especially patatas bravas)
  • Paella
  • Churros with chocolate
  • Fresh seafood at La Boqueria Market

Where to stay during Euro weekend trips in Barcelona?

Weekend Europe trips - Barcelona
Weekend Europe trips – Barcelona

10. Athens, Greece

When it comes to history, there is no other city that is quite as ancient than Athens. The home of gods, if you do take a weekend break to Athens then be prepared to be awe-struck by just how special it is as a city.

Of course, the history of Athens is one of the many reasons that people pay it a visit, but the truth is, just because it has a rich and deep story behind it, this city does not live in the past. It is also a  modern and vibrant place to spend the weekend, with plenty of amazing spots to spend the evening, after spending the day taking in sights such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

Athens Highlights

AcropolisA monumental trip back in time.
PlakaQuintessentially Greek and vibrant.
Syntagma SquareThe city’s bustling centre.
Mount LycabettusFor panoramic views of Athens.

Where to stay during European weekend trips in Athens?

Weekend getaways Europe - Athens, Greece
Weekend destinations Europe – Athens

11. Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is not just a beach destination; it’s a Mediterranean dream. The island offers golden sands, azure waters, and a Tramuntana mountain range that’s perfect for hiking. We rented a Vespa one day and explored the hidden coves—definitely a day to remember.

Must-Visit Beaches in Mallorca

  1. Es Trenc
  2. Cala Millor
  3. Formentor
  4. Sa Calobra

Where to stay during short trips to Europe in Mallorca?

Weekend trips in Europe - Mallorca, Spain
Short trips in Europe – Mallorca

12. Lisbon, Portugal

With its cobbled streets, historic trams, and a nightlife that buzzes with Fado music, Lisbon offers a laid-back charm that’s hard to resist. You can also visit Sintra if you have time 🙂

Lisbon is a postcard-perfect city, with hillsides surrounding it to really give a sense of drama that is hard to beat. In the city itself, you can explore the ancient ruins, cobbled alleyways and of course the domed cathedrals that have all become an incredibly recognisable European weekend getaway.

Darek, being an F1 car fanatic, was in heaven when he jumped on a tram – they are both the same, right? 😉

Things to Do in Lisbon

Tram 28Scenic route through Lisbon’s hills.
Alfama DistrictFor a taste of old Lisbon.
Belem TowerA Manueline architectural gem.
LX FactoryA hub of creativity and cool cafes.

Where to stay during a weekend get-away in Lisbon?

Best weekend trips in Europe - Lisbon
Best weekend trips in Europe – Lisbon

13. Dubrovnik, Croatia

If there is one European country that is definitely growing in popularity it is Croatia, and when you see just what Dubrovnik has to offer, it is easy to see why. Not only is Dubrovnik a stunning coastal city, with one of the most amazing sets of views, but it is also an amazing city on its own.

Dubrovnik is a city where stone walls meet azure seas. The Old Town is a maze of narrow streets and hidden squares. Trust us; you’d want to get lost here. It’s also a perfect spot for Game of Thrones fans.

Game of Thrones Locations in Dubrovnik

  • The Pile Gate
  • The Jesuit Staircase
  • Fort Lovrijenac
  • The City Walls

Where to stay during getaways to Europe in Dubrovnik?

Long weekend destinations Europe - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Unique weekend getaways Europe – Dubrovnik

14. Nice, France

The French Riviera is encapsulated in this stunning city. Walk the Promenade des Anglais, dip your toes in the sea, and explore the vibrant markets. Let’s not forget the rooftop bars with panoramic views – the perfect setting for a tipple or two.

Nice is a city that is like no other in the south of France, it is not only a seaside location, which brings in families, but it also comes with some real city-like vibes, which attracts those who want to spend a weekend break there.

Best Rooftop Bars in Nice

Le MéridienSky-high views and cocktails.
Farago on the RoofA buzzy atmosphere with live DJ sets.
Moon BarIntimate setting, great for couples.
La TerrasseFor that unbeatable sea view.

Where to stay during weekends away in Europe in Nice?

Long weekend destinations Europe - Nice
Long weekend destinations Europe – Nice

15. Porto, Portugal

The city of bridges, trams, and of course, port wine. Porto is a great weekend getaway option for those who want to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, relax and recharge their batteries.

The city has been named one of the most beautiful cities in Europe by National Geographic and has also been voted as one of the most romantic cities in the world by Lonely Planet.

Must-Visit Wineries in Porto

  • Sandeman
  • Graham’s
  • Taylor’s
  • Cálem

Where to stay during Europe getaways in Porto?

Best long weekend trips Europe - Porto, Portugal
Best weekends away in Europe – Porto

16. Ronda, Spain

There is plenty of growth happening in some of the smaller towns in Spain and Ronda is no different. Whilst it may be expanding, Ronda is actually still managing to retain some of the small town, a historic charm that makes it the ideal place to explore during a weekend break.

Perched atop a gorge, this Spanish beauty offers stunning views that make your jaw drop. Seriously, you can’t visit without snapping hundreds of photos.

Look at Gosia! She could spend hours there 😉

Ronda’s Breathtaking Spots

Puente NuevoIconic bridge with a view.
Plaza de TorosOne of Spain’s oldest bullrings.
Mirador de AldehuelaFor that perfect selfie.
Arab BathsA dip into history.

Where to stay during your Europe getaway in Ronda?

Unique weekend getaways Europe - Ronda
Unique weekend getaways Europe – Ronda

West Europe – best long weekend trips

17. Paris, France

Known as the most romantic city in Europe, Paris is the place to go for a weekend getaway trip with someone special. If you have never been to Paris before, learn about the most common mistakes of first-time visitors.

Plan your weekend in Paris itinerary in advance as there are many interesting things to do. Not only are there some of the most amazing hotels and restaurants for you to explore, but there is also a wide range of sights to enjoy too. The Eiffel Tower, the Moulin Rouge or the Louvre are some of them. There are many great things to do in Paris with kids too – if you fancy visiting the city with the little ones 🙂

Parisian Essentials

Eiffel TowerFor those unbeatable city vistas.
Louvre MuseumSay hello to Mona Lisa.
MontmartreGet lost in its artsy chaos.
Seine River CruiseParis from a different angle.

Where to stay during weekend trip Europe in Paris?

Weekends away in Europe - Paris
Weekends away in Europe – Paris

18. Hallstatt, Austria

Ah, Hallstatt! This village is straight out of a postcard. Snuggled between the Hallstätter See and the Dachstein Alps, it’s a haven for nature lovers. Gosia was so mesmerised by the lake’s reflections; she practically turned into a professional photographer!

Hallstatt Highlights

Lake HallstattStunning views and boat rides.
Dachstein Ice CavesNatural wonders underground.
SkywalkA view from above, literally.
Salt MinesDiscover Hallstatt’s “white gold.”

Insta-Worthy Spots in Hallstatt

  1. Market Square
  2. Evangelical Parish Church
  3. Hallstatt Viewpoint
  4. The Lake Promenade
Weekend getaways Europe - Hallstatt
Weekend getaways Europe – Hallstatt

19. Ghent, Belgium

Less crowded than Bruges but equally charming, Ghent offers picturesque canals, historic castles, and a youthful vibe thanks to its student population. The Belgian waffles are to die for; you can have them every day for breakfast!

With a rich history, visitors to Ghent can marvel at the historic architecture, sample unbeatable local food and beers, and take in the beauty of the riverside city.

Ghent Highlights

  1. Gravensteen Castle
  2. St. Bavo’s Cathedral
  3. Graslei and Korenlei
  4. Ghent Altarpiece

Where to stay during trips to Europe in Ghent?

Best weekend trips Europe - Ghent, Belgium
Long weekend Europe – Ghent

20. Colmar, France

Nestled in northeastern France’s Alsace region, Colmar is like a fairy tale come to life. With its half-timbered medieval buildings and Renaissance architecture, it’s a haven for history and art lovers alike.

Colmar’s Charms

  • Petite Venise
  • Unterlinden Museum
  • Bartholdi Museum
  • Christmas Markets
Long weekend in Europe - Colmar, France
Weekend away ideas Europe – Colmar

21. Cork, Ireland

This Irish gem offers the perfect blend of modern energy and old-world charm. Take a day to explore the English Market and grab some artisanal Irish cheese.

Cork is one of the most laid-back cities in Ireland, it might be compact, but that doesn’t mean that there is a lack of things that you can do. So, why not spend a long weekend in Cork with those who are most important to you?

Cork’s Must-Dos

English MarketA foodie’s paradise.
Blarney CastlePucker up for the Blarney Stone.
Fitzgerald ParkFor some green serenity.
Old Jameson DistilleryWhiskey, anyone?

Where to stay during weekend away Europe in Cork?

3 day trip Europe - Cork
3 day trip Europe – Cork

22. Salzburg, Austria

Famed for its classical music heritage (it’s the birthplace of Mozart, no less), Salzburg is an Austrian city that oozes charm and sophistication. The Salzburg Fortress and Mirabell Gardens are must-visits.

Rather unsurprisingly, given the history of the city, Salzburg is known as the stuff of fairytales, and we have to admit, it does feel as if there is a spot of magic when you spend the weekend in the capital city of the Austrian Alps.

Alternatively, if Salzburg is not your cup of tea, you can visit the capital of Austria: Vienna – the most livable city.

Salzburg’s Symphony

Where to stay during Europe weekend trips in Salzburg?

Best long weekend trips Europe - Salzburg
Best long weekend trips Europe – Salzburg

23. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

If you’re looking for the ultimate weekend break, you can’t go wrong with Luxembourg. The capital of Europe is a stunning place to visit, with its grand medieval architecture and lush green countryside.

It’s small but packs a punch. The city offers a unique blend of the medieval and modern, and its compact size makes it perfect for a weekend stroll. A highlight for us was the Bock Casemates – a network of underground tunnels with centuries of history.

Luxembourg’s Unique Spots

  • Bock Casemates
  • Palace of the Grand Dukes
  • Mudam (Museum of Modern Art)
  • Grund

Where to stay during long weekend trips Europe in Luxembourg?

Best weekend destinations Europe - Luxembourg
Long weekends in Europe – Luxembourg

24. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Whilst Amsterdam may be thought of as a city that is just for one thing, the truth about this beautiful Dutch city is that it is packed full of history and culture too.

Canals, culture, and cannabis – Amsterdam is a city of endless possibilities. Whether it’s a peaceful boat ride on the canals or a night out in the Red Light District, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to try the stroopwafels; they’re heavenly.

We really had a fun time when we visited Amsterdam 🙂

Amsterdam Essentials

Anne Frank HouseA poignant piece of history.
Van Gogh MuseumA colourful experience.
Canal TourSee the city by water.
RijksmuseumArt and history galore.

Where to stay during European weekend trips in Amsterdam?

Weekend trip Europe - Amsterdam
Weekend trip Europe – Amsterdam

25. Chamonix, France

Located in the French Alps, Chamonix is synonymous with winter sports and alpine glory. It’s not all about skiing and snowboarding though; summer offers excellent hiking, climbing, and panoramic views that leave people speechless.

Chamonix Cheers

Mont BlancEurope’s highest mountain.
Mer de GlaceFrance’s largest glacier.
Aiguille du MidiFor that perfect panorama.
Alpine MuseumLearn about mountain culture.
Short trips Europe - Chamonix, France
Weekend holidays Europe – Chamonix

26. Bruges, Belgium

This place is like stepping into a medieval fairy tale. Think cobblestone streets, charming squares, and chocolate shops galore. When we were there, we enjoyed a lovely canal cruise – highly recommended!

Bruges can be very busy during weekends, but once the buses with tourists are gone, the city has a completely different vibe. If you are an early owl as we are, for the best pictures we recommend exploring Bruges in the morning hours.

Bruges Essentials

Market SquareThe heartbeat of the city.
Basilica of the Holy BloodA relic and a view.
Canal TourThe Venice of the North.
Choco-Story MuseumChocolate 101.
Weekend trips from London to Europe - Bruges
Weekend trips from London to Europe – Bruges

27. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a melting pot of history, art, and nightlife. The graffiti on the Berlin Wall tells stories that textbooks can’t. A currywurst at midnight? Berlin has you covered.

It is known as the city of freedom and there definitely is a feeling of a city that is not afraid to express itself. It is safe to say that there is always plenty to see and do in Berlin, which means if you are staying 2 days in Berlin, then you are likely to find yourself with a pretty big list of sights to enjoy.

Berlin Nightlife Spots

  1. Berghain
  2. Watergate
  3. Tresor
  4. Charlottenburg

Where to stay during weekend Europe break in Berlin?

Weekend trip Europe - Berlin, Germany
Best places for weekend getaway – Berlin

28. Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg is your quintessential Alpine paradise. Whether it’s skiing in winter or hiking in summer, this place is a natural wonder year-round. Darek, being an adventurous soul, could hardly resist the call of Mount Titlis.

If you are looking for a unique weekend break Engelberg is for you! It’s only a stone’s throw away from Zurich.

Engelberg Essentials

ActivitiesBrief Description
Mount TitlisSnowy peaks and a revolving cable car.
Engelberg AbbeyA Benedictine monastery with cheese.
TrübseeA serene Alpine lake.
Glacier CaveAn icy adventure.

Adventure Sports in Engelberg

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Paragliding
  • Mountain Biking
Weekend trip in Europe - Engelberg
Weekend trip in Europe – Engelberg

29. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp offers a delightful blend of art, fashion, and diamonds – yes, diamonds! This buzzing Belgian city is often overlooked but never disappoints. The cathedral and art museums are top-notch.

Antwerp’s Sparkling Spots

Cathedral of Our LadyArchitectural marvel with art.
Antwerp ZooOne of the oldest zoos in the world.
Museum aan de StroomModern museum with a view.
Diamond DistrictFor some bling shopping.
Short trips in Europe - Antwerp, Belgium
Best weekend destinations Europe – Antwerp

30. Munich, Germany

Think Bavaria, think Munich. Famous for Oktoberfest, it’s not just about the beer (though that’s a big plus). Castles, tech museums, and vibrant markets – it’s a city that marries tradition with modernity.

The ideal location for a weekend break, one thing is for sure, you will never be bored if you spend some time in Munich. You can take a walk around the Marienplatz, you can visit the Nymphenburg Palace, or you can visit the English Garden. Or perhaps do all three!

Have more time after a visit to Munich? Why not visit Eibsee Lake in Bavaria and Zugspitze?

Munich’s Highpoints

MarienplatzCentral square with Glockenspiel.
Nymphenburg PalaceBaroque splendour.
ViktualienmarktFresh produce and munchies.
BMW MuseumVroom vroom!

Where to stay during Europe weekend trips in Munich?

Weekend getaways in Europe - Munich, Germany
Best places for a long weekend in Europe – Munich

East Europe – unique weekend getaways

31. Lake Bled, Slovenia

A Slovenian gem that’s got romance written all over it. Whether it’s taking a traditional pletna boat to Bled Island or hiking up to Bled Castle for panoramic views, the area offers a variety of experiences. The lake’s beauty was so overwhelming, it was a challenge for us to leave!

If you love Slovenia as I do, after your weekend trip you will definitely book a long holiday in this stunning country.

Best of Lake Bled

Bled IslandAccessible by rowboat or pletna.
Bled CastleFor history and views.
Vintgar GorgeNature walk on the wild side.
Cream CakeA local delicacy you must try.

Lake Bled Activities

  • Rowing to Bled Island
  • Swimming in the lake
  • Horseback riding
  • Cycling around the lake
Best weekend trips Europe - Lake Bled
Best weekend trips Europe – Lake Bled

32. Hel, Poland

Contrary to its name, Hel is actually a slice of paradise in Poland. Situated at the tip of the Hel Peninsula, this charming town offers stunning sea views and a rich maritime heritage.

It’s only a short drive from Gdansk making it a perfect location for a quiet weekend break.

Highlights of Hel

  • Hel Peninsula
  • Seal Sanctuary
  • Coastal Defence Museum
  • The Lighthouse
Weekend away Europe - Hel
Weekend away Europe – Hel

33. Budapest, Hungary

The city of spas, Buda and Pest, and the stunning Danube snaking through. It’s hard to beat a sunset cruise here.

Budapest is one of the most popular destinations for a weekend break in Europe, and it is easy to see why. From impressive architecture to thriving nightlife, Budapest really does offer something for everyone.

Budapest’s Best Bits

Buda CastlePalace complex with stunning views.
Széchenyi BathsGet soaked in luxury.
Fisherman’s BastionIdeal for panoramic photos.
Ruin BarsNightlife in old, abandoned buildings.

Where to stay during a weekend break in Europe in Budapest?

3 day trip Europe - Budapest, Hungary
Best short trips in Europe – Budapest

34. Warsaw, Poland

A weekend break to Warsaw will certainly not disappoint, with a rich history, eclectic nightlife and beautiful panoramic views.

The Warsaw Old Town is one of 17 World Heritage Sites in Poland, after the intense bombings in the Second World War and being beautifully rebuilt. History buffs will love the abundance of museums in the city, and those looking for a good night out can discover one of the best bar scenes in Eastern Europe.

Warsaw Wonders

  1. Wilanów Palace
  2. Royal Castle
  3. Warsaw Uprising Museum
  4. Lazienki Park

Where to stay during a short break to Europe in Warsaw?

Best weekend trips in Europe - Warsaw, Poland
Weekend away Europe ideas – Warsaw

35. Prague, Czech Republic

The city of a hundred spires! A haven for lovers of gothic and baroque architecture. The Charles Bridge at dawn is an experience that stays with you.

Surrounded by beautiful lush green trees, not only is Prague a stunning city to spend some time for a weekend but the landscape that envelopes it is just as beautiful to look at. If you visit Prague in December you can enjoy one of the best Christmas markets in Europe – it’s really worth it!

With so many great hotels and cheap hostels in Prague, the city is a perfect destination for a short weekend break. Whether you simply take the time to walk around and soak up everything that Prague has to offer, spend the evening in a bar, or perhaps visit some of the main visitor attractions such as Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, you will love every second of a weekend getaway spent in Prague.

Prague Picks

Charles BridgeFor that magical dawn stroll.
Prague CastleA hilltop fortress with views.
Old Town SquareHistorical heart of the city.
Beer GardensWhen in Prague, sip as the locals do.

Where to stay during getaways in Europe in Prague?

Weekend destinations Europe - Prague, Czech Republic
Europe long weekend – Prague

36. Bratislava, Slovakia

This charming capital on the banks of the Danube is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbours. But with its medieval buildings and modernist 20th-century architecture, it holds its own.

Bratislava Castle and its 47-metre high tower offer stunning views over the country, as does the 45-metre high Old Town Hall. Bratislava is also home to the largest war memorial in Central Europe, Slavin, which is one of the main features on the city skyline.

Bratislava’s Hidden Gems

  • Devin Castle
  • UFO Bridge
  • Blue Church
  • Slovak National Theatre

Where to stay during weekend European trips in Bratislava?

Best weekend getaways abroad - Bratislava, Slovakia
Best weekend Europe trips – Bratislava

37. Wroclaw, Poland

Known as the “Venice of Poland,” Wroclaw is peppered with more than 100 bridges connecting 12 islands. A paradise for architecture enthusiasts and photographers alike!

Wroclaw has many museums and galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art, an art gallery with a collection of paintings by famous Polish artists such as Jan Matejko.

Wroclaw Must-Sees

Market SquareA riot of colours and activities.
Wroclaw’s DwarfsSmall statues with big stories.
Ostrow TumskiOldest part of the city.
Panorama of RaclawiceA monumental cycloramic painting.

Where to stay during Europe weekend trips in Wroclaw?

Short trip Europe - Wroclaw, Poland
Best places to visit for 3 days in Europe – Wroclaw

38. Riga, Latvia

Yet another European capital that is rarely visited by tourists, but an ideal weekend destination is Riga. An underrated gem on the Baltic coast, Riga is known for its Art Nouveau architecture and charming Old Town. The Central Market is a feast for the senses!

Latvia’s capital offers endless beautiful architecture, and the centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the grand buildings are excellently preserved and line the streets with pastel hues.

Riga’s Highpoints

  • House of the Blackheads
  • Riga Cathedral
  • Central Market
  • Jurmala Beach

Where to stay during weekend trip getaways in Riga?

Weekend trip in Europe - Riga, Latvia
Weekend tours Europe – Riga

39. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a city of legends, dragons, and an enormous castle. The Old Town Square is one of Europe’s most stunning, and the historic Jewish district, Kazimierz, is not to be missed. Darek recommends trying a zapiekanka (open-faced sandwich) while you’re there.

Krakow Know-How

Wawel CastleA majestic fortress on a hill.
KazimierzHistoric Jewish quarter.
Cloth HallHistoric shopping arcade.
Dragon’s DenA cave with a legendary past.
Long weekend trips Europe - Krakow, Poland
Best long weekends in Europe – Krakow

40. Tallinn, Estonia

With its medieval streets and modern tech vibes, Tallinn is an intriguing mix of old and new. Its digital society is almost as impressive as its well-preserved city walls.

Tallinn To-Dos

  1. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  2. Kumu Art Museum
  3. Telliskivi Creative City
  4. Kadriorg Palace
Unique weekend getaways Europe - Tallinn, Estonia

41. Sofia, Bulgaria

Nestled at the foot of Mount Vitosha, Sofia is one of Europe’s oldest cities. The blend of Roman, Ottoman, and Soviet influences makes for a fascinating visit.

Sofia Surprises

Alexander Nevsky CathedralIconic golden domes.
Boyana ChurchA UNESCO World Heritage site.
Mount VitoshaFor nature lovers.
RakiaThe local firewater.
Long weekend Europe - Sofia, Bulgaria

North Europe – long weekend trips

42. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is as chic as cities come, with its stylish boutiques, modernist architecture, and a cycling culture that’ll make you want to trade your car for a bike. Don’t miss the colourful Nyhavn harbour; it’s an Instagram dream!

Gosia found a hidden gem called Reffen – you need to visit it while exploring Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Coolness

NyhavnA photogenic waterfront.
Tivoli GardensThe world’s second-oldest amusement park.
ChristianiaA “freetown” with its own rules.
Little MermaidIconic but smaller than you’d think.

Where to stay during European weekend trips in Copenhagen?

Weekend getaway Europe - Copenhagen
Weekend getaway Europe – Copenhagen

43. Bergen, Norway

Known as the gateway to the fjords, Bergen is more than just a pretty face. The historic Hanseatic Wharf is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Fløyen Mountain provides stunning vistas.

Visitors also love the bustling fish market, which is one of the most visited markets in the country and offers much more than just local fish catches.

Need more adventure? Fjord cruises from Bergen offer a breathtaking experience, making it a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and spend a memorable day.

Bergen Besties

  1. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
  2. Mount Fløyen
  3. Fish Market
  4. Bergenhus Fortress

Where to stay during long weekends abroad in Bergen?

Weekend away ideas Europe - Bergen, Norway

44. Reykjavik, Iceland

This small but mighty capital is the launchpad for exploring Iceland’s out-of-this-world landscapes. From the Blue Lagoon to the Northern Lights, Reykjavik serves you nature on a silver platter.

If you are looking for a city that has plenty to offer, then Reykjavik might just be the right place for you to spend the weekend in Iceland.

There are many great things to do in Reykjavik. It is not only a beautiful city in its own right, but it is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery too. The summer brings sunshine that never seems to end, whilst the winter heralds the arrival of the Northern Lights. A sight that people wait their entire lifetime to see.

Reykjavik Rendezvous

Blue LagoonGeothermal spa extraordinaire.
HallgrímskirkjaAn iconic church with a view.
Golden CircleGeysers, waterfalls, and more.
Northern LightsNature’s finest light show.

Where to stay during European weekends away in Reykjavik?

Best places in Europe for a long weekend - Reykjavik
Best places in Europe for a long weekend – Reykjavik

45. Oslo, Norway

Oslo combines modern architecture with natural beauty. From world-class museums to the outdoor activities in the surrounding fjords, there’s never a dull moment.

Oslo also offers a great selection of restaurants and bars where you can try local delicacies such as smalahove (Norwegian smoked ham) and lutefisk (a fish dish made from dried cod).

Oslo’s Oomph

  • Vigeland Sculpture Park
  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Oslo Opera House
  • Frogner Park

Where to stay during short trips Europe in Oslo?

Best short trips Europe - Oslo, Norway

46. Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital is spread across 14 islands, connected by 50 bridges. A haven for design aficionados and history buffs, the city’s hipster cafes and trendy boutiques are also worth exploring.

Stockholm’s Staples

Gamla StanThe city’s old town.
SkansenAn open-air museum and zoo.
ABBA MuseumA must for fans of the pop group.
ArchipelagoIsland-hopping fun.
Best European weekend trips - Stockholm, Sweden
Best 4 day trips in Europe – Stockholm

47. Oulu, Finland

Known as the “Technology City,” Oulu might surprise you with its vibrant cultural scene. The Oulu Museum of Art and the spectacular Northern Ostrobothnia museum are must-visits. And yes, the place is as Finnish as a sauna full of Nokia phones!

Outstanding Oulu

Nallikari BeachA beach in Finland? Yes, really!
Market SquareLocal flavours and crafts.
Oulu CastleA small but charming castle.
Technology VillageInnovation at its finest.
Best long weekend trips in Europe - Oulu, Finland

48. Trondheim, Norway

This Norwegian city offers a unique blend of old and new. From the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral to the modern Rockheim, Norway’s national museum of popular music, Trondheim is a symphony of experiences.

Trondheim Treats

  1. Nidaros Cathedral
  2. Old Town Bridge
  3. Bakklandet
  4. Trondheim Art Museum
Best places for a weekend getaway Europe - Trondheim, Norway

49. Rovaniemi, Finland

Ah, the official hometown of Santa Claus! But Rovaniemi isn’t just about Christmas; it’s a hub for experiencing the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. Darek suggests a snowmobile safari if you’re up for the thrill.

Reasons to Visit Rovaniemi

Santa Claus VillageMeet the jolly old elf himself.
ArktikumA museum and science centre.
Snowmobile SafariAdventure calling!
Northern LightsNature’s grand spectacle.
Quick European getaways - Rovaniemi, Finland

50. Gothenburg, Sweden

A lively city with a laid-back vibe, Gothenburg offers everything from stunning archipelagoes to delightful amusement parks.

Cobblestone streets, hipster coffee shops, and even a picturesque archipelago off the coast. But let’s not forget Sweden’s second-largest city is a bustling centre of culture, innovation, and gastronomy. You won’t want to miss this place.

Gothenburg Glory

  • Liseberg Park
  • Universeum
  • Gothenburg Archipelago
  • Haga district
Best places in Europe for weekend trip - Gothenburg, Sweden

51. Aarhus, Denmark

Known as the “City of Smiles,” Aarhus is Denmark’s second-largest city. From the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum to the Den Gamle By (Old Town), it’s a city that successfully combines the contemporary with the historical.

Aarhus Attributes

ARoS Art MuseumWhere culture meets modernity.
Den Gamle ByA living history museum.
Botanical GardenA breath of fresh air.
Aarhus Street FoodCulinary delights for foodies.

52. Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is an underrated Swedish destination that’s often overshadowed by its more famous neighbours. Whether it’s the Turning Torso skyscraper, the delightful parks, or the buzzing cafés, there’s something for everyone.

Malmö’s Must-See

Turning TorsoScandinavia’s tallest building.
Malmö CastleA 16th-century fortress with a museum.
Ribersborg BeachA beach near the city centre.
Folkets ParkSweden’s oldest public park.

Malmö Moments

  • Little Square (Lilla Torg)
  • Oresund Bridge
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • Moderna Museet Malmö
Long weekends in Europe - Malmö, Sweden

Weekend trips Europe FAQ:

Can you do a long weekend in Europe?

Yes, you can enjoy a long weekend in Europe by choosing a destination that is easily accessible from your location and maximizing your time by planning efficient travel and prioritizing key attractions or experiences.

Where can I go for weekend trips?

Whether you choose Barcelona, Copenhagen or London, Europe is full of amazing places to go for a weekend break!

Where can I fly to within 2 hours from UK?

From the UK, you can fly to several destinations within a 2-hour flight range, including popular European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, and Brussels. This allows for convenient weekend getaways or short trips to explore different cultures and attractions.

Is it worth going on weekend trips to Europe?

Europe has a lot to offer, with a wide variety of destinations and experiences to choose from.

One of the main advantages of a weekend trip to Europe is that it allows you to experience a new culture, visit new places, and make memories without taking too much time off work or away from your daily life. Additionally, Europe has an excellent transportation infrastructure, making it easy and convenient to get around to different destinations.

A weekend trip to Europe can be a great way to get a taste of a new destination and create lasting memories, but it’s essential to plan ahead, choose your destination carefully, and have realistic expectations.