22 Heartbreakingly Romantic Spots in Copenhagen for Couples!

Discover ‘ugly-beautiful’ romantic spots in Copenhagen that you’d be mad to miss or hit with your partner. From fairy-tale gardens to enamouring neighbourhoods, this guide warns you of the love traps this charming city sets. Proceed with caution, lovebirds!

Copenhagen – the city that effortlessly combines Scandinavian efficiency with a laid-back vibe. A magical place where fairy tales come to life and where bicycles rule the roads. It’s so horrifically suited for romance, you’d think Cupid himself designed it.

But hold your horses! Before you decide to jet off with your significant other to this capital of ‘ugly-beautiful,’ let’s get a few things straight. This city is a minefield of romantic possibilities so delightful, you might just forget to argue about who left the toothpaste cap off.

So brace yourselves, daring couples. Whether you’re thinking of popping the question or simply want to pop into some art galleries, here’s our warning list of 22 romantic spots in Copenhagen you’d be mad to visit or skip. Proceed with caution, you’ve been splendidly warned.

Is Copenhagen good for couples?

Well, it’s so disgustingly ideal that you might just want to book a one-way ticket to Eternal Love Town. The city is bursting with charming streets, intimate eateries, and cozy corners that seem to whisper sweet nothings into your ears. I mean, imagine walking hand-in-hand through fairy-tale gardens or snuggling up in a boat as you glide through picturesque canals. It’s practically a romantic film set begging you to star in it.

If you’re into elevating your love life (quite literally), you can’t miss the Round Tower. Gosia and I felt like we were floating above the city—probably something to do with the lack of oxygen at that height, but let’s call it love, shall we?

What is the most romantic place in Copenhagen?

Nyhavn! If romance had a postcard, this would be it. Imagine walking with your loved one alongside a canal framed by multi-coloured, historic houses. Even Darek and I couldn’t resist a cheeky smooch in front of the picture-perfect backdrop. You can cosy up in a café, sip on mulled wine, and watch life float by in boats, all while pretending you’re the stars in your very own romantic film.

Honestly, if Nyhavn doesn’t set your love life aflutter, I’m not sure what will. It’s the romantic pinnacle of Copenhagen and a must-visit for couples looking to crank up the amour.

So go on, and include Nyhavn in your Scandinavian itinerary. It’s not just another tick-box destination; it’s the romantic high note of your Nordic escapade.

What is the most romantic place in Copenhagen
Most romantic place Copenhagen

Where to stay in Copenhagen?

Alright, let’s keep it snappy! If you’re adding a Copenhagen pitstop to your Scandinavian itinerary, consider Generator Copenhagen for a lively, budget-friendly stay. We found it perfect for couples not wanting to stray far from nightlife. On the posher side, there’s the Scandic Palace Hotel. This 4-star gem is just a romantic stroll away from Tivoli Gardens. Both hotels offer unique vibes, ideal for couples whether you’re in the mood for mingling or seeking a luxurious escape.

Choose wisely to suit your love tempo!

things to do for couples in copenhagen
Romantic things to do in Copenhagen

Things to do in Copenhagen for couples

1. Tivoli Gardens: Beware, Enchantment Ahead!

Things to do in Copenhagen for couples? Ah, Tivoli Gardens, with its fairy lights, fireworks, and too-cute-for-words boat rides. What an eyesore, truly!

Why You Mustn’t Go

You’ll most likely fall head over heels—either for the place or literally, given the number of couples stumbling around in a love daze.

Rides to MissOverrated Treats
Ferris WheelTivoli Truffles
Roller CoasterFairy Floss
CarouselMulled Wine

Christmas at the Tivoli Gardens is a must-see in Copenhagen 🙂

Romantic things to do in Copenhagen - Tivoli Gardens
Romantic things to do in Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens

2. Nyhavn: A Colourful Catastrophe

Copenhagen date ideas? You see those postcard-perfect, colourful façades at Nyhavn? I could barely look at them without wincing.

Why You Mustn’t Go

The vibrant houses and serene waters might make you forget about your first love, Instagram.

Things to DodgePreferable Distractions
Canal CruiseStreet Performers
Waterfront DiningThat one, slightly less colourful building
Romantic things to do in Copenhagen - Nyhavn
Date ideas Copenhagen – Nyhavn

3. Reffen: Your Relationship Will Never Digest This

Romantic places in Copenhagen? Ah, Reffen, where love and international cuisine combine to create a nauseating blend of romance and gastronomy.

Why You Mustn’t Go

You’ll squander hours arguing over which global cuisine will be the backdrop to your Instagram-perfect dinner date.

Cuisines to IgnoreBetter Options
Mexican TacosHot Dog Stand
Mediterranean PlatterVending Machine
Things to do in Copenhagen for couples - Reffen
Fun date ideas in Copenhagen – Reffen

4. The Little Mermaid: So Small, Yet So Demanding of Attention

The Little Mermaid statue may be small, but it compensates with its overwhelming knack for drawing eyeballs.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Couple activities Copenhagen? Honestly, you’ll have to face a crowd of tourists, all clamoring for a photo with this siren of the sea. Might steal your limelight!

Angles to Avoid for PhotosPreferred Angles
Side ProfileNone
Dramatic OverheadNone

Going to Copenhagen with kids? Your little ones will love this top place to visit.

Couple activities Copenhagen - The Little Mermaid
Romantic Copenhagen – Little Mermaid

5. Christiania: The Outlaw of Romance

Date ideas in Copenhagen? Ah, Christiania, the rebellious bohemian enclave where love is as free as the wind.

Why You Mustn’t Go

With its psychedelic murals and alternative lifestyle, this place might just make you question traditional forms of romance.

Things to SkipOr Maybe Don’t
Street ArtStreet Art
Organic CafésOrganic Cafés
Reggae MusicReggae Music
Things to do in Copenhagen for couples - Christiania
Date activities Copenhagen – Christiania

6. Rosenborg Castle: A Love Story That Writes Itself

Romantic places in Copenhagen? The Rosenborg Castle, with its perfect gardens and exquisite chambers. How painfully perfect for a romantic walk.

Why You Mustn’t Go

You’ll feel so royal, you might start expecting your partner to address you as “Your Highness”.

Rooms to IgnoreAlternative Choices
The Long HallThe short hall
The TreasuryYour wallet
The Wine CellarYour local pub

7. Nyboder: An Artist’s Palette but for Love

Non touristy things to do in Copenhagen for couples? Nyboder, the neighbourhood that decided one colour wasn’t enough. A glaring assault to monochromatic sensibilities.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Your love life might just take a backseat to these Technicolor streets.

Shades to MissColours to See
Canary YellowGrey
Navy BlueMore Beige
Romantic things to do in Copenhagen - Nyboder
Romantic places Copenhagen – Nyboder

8. Rent a Bike: The Wheel of Fortune or Misfortune?

Adventurous things to do in Copenhagen for couples? Copenhagen on two wheels. How droll, yet irrefutably charming.

Why You Mustn’t Go

A bike ride around Copenhagen can add a ‘wheel-y’ unnecessary layer of romance to your relationship.

Routes to AvoidSafer Choices
Along the CanalsThe treadmill
Through ParksYour living room
Romantic things to do in Copenhagen - Rent a Bike
Couple activities Copenhagen – Rent a Bike

9. The Round Tower: The Highs and Lows of Love

Romantic things to do Copenhagen? The Round Tower, a romantic vantage point? More like a tower of terror for those scared of heights.

Why You Mustn’t Go

The view will steal the show, rendering your carefully planned proposal speech useless.

Sights to IgnoreBetter Options
The Entire CityscapeA wall

10. Strøget

Ah, Strøget, a boulevard of broken dreams for shopaholics but a heaven for window-shoppers in love. Stroll arm-in-arm and vow to buy each other all those ludicrously expensive Danish designs—someday. Isn’t making empty promises the epitome of true love?

Just Don’tUnless You Fancy It
Spend All Your MoneyFall in Love With Window Displays
Things to do Copenhagen for couples - Strøget
Copenhagen date ideas – Strøget

11. Paludan’s Book & Café: Where Love Reads Between the Lines

Places to visit during Copenhagen honeymoon? Ah, Paludan’s Book & Café, where love stories gather dust on wooden shelves.

Why You Mustn’t Go

It’s terribly hard to focus on your partner when engrossed in a vintage book.

Books to SkipAlternatives
Love in the Time of CholeraYour Facebook Feed
Pride and PrejudiceTweets

12. Hop-on, hop-off bus

Why pay for a hop-on, hop-off bus tour when you can craft your own tour for the cost of a public bus ticket? It’s as romantic as reciting poetry in a hurricane, but at least you’ll have something to laugh about later. Trust us, Gosia and I still do!

Couple activities in Copenhagen - Hop-on, hop-off bus
Copenhagen couple activities – Hop-on, hop-off bus

13. Copenhagen Opera House: For Lovers Who Can’t Sing

Things to do Copenhagen for couples? An architectural marvel that you’ll either love or hate — just like opera itself.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Because not even the best aria can capture the complex symphony of your love life.

Shows to MissWhat to Watch Instead
La TraviataReality TV

14. Broens Gadekøkken

Call it street food for star-crossed lovers. The atmosphere buzzes with as much electricity as a failing relationship, but that’s why it’s exhilarating! Plus, deciding on a dish might be the toughest decision you make all day.

Avoid Like The PlagueUnless You’re Into It
Foodie ArgumentsCulinary Discoveries With Your Beau
Romantic things to do in Copenhagen - Broens Gadekøkken
Romantic things to do Copenhagen – Broens Gadekøkken

15. Glyptoteket: Where Even the Statues are in Love

Quirky things to do in Copenhagen for couples? Greek gods and goddesses have nothing on modern love, yet here they are at Glyptoteket.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Because you’ll be torn between staring at your partner and the eyeless marble statues.

Art to IgnoreBetter Viewing Options
AphroditeYour selfie

16. Kastellet: A Star-Crossed Lovers’ Nightmare

Unusual things to do in Copenhagen? Kastellet is shaped like a star, because why be straightforward when you can be complicated?

Why You Mustn’t Go

Its scenic moats and historic windmills are a formidable rival for your partner’s attention.

Spots to AvoidSafer Grounds
The WindmillsA field
Things to do in Copenhagen for couples - Kastellet
Things to do Copenhagen for couples – Kastellet

17. Boat Rental: Love is Better Left on Land

Best date ideas Copenhagen? Renting a boat in Copenhagen is essentially signing up to be in the next rom-com disaster.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Your rowing skills could make or break your relationship.

Types of Boats to AvoidBetter Vessels
RowboatsYour bathtub
Couple activities Copenhagen - Boat Rental
Copenhagen romantic – Boat Rental

18. Torvehallerne: A Market of Love and Overpriced Goods

Things to do for couples in Copenhagen? This food market is a labyrinth of culinary distractions.

Why You Mustn’t Go

With over 60 stands, you’ll forget you’re even on a date.

Foods to SkipBetter Options
Gourmet CheesePre-sliced cheese

19. Copenhagen’s Beaches: Sand, Sea, and Sentimentality

Nice date ideas in Copenhagen? Oh, a sunset over the ocean, how dreadfully original.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Sand in your shoes, salt in your hair, and love in the air? That’s a recipe for disaster.

Activities to AvoidSafer Alternatives
Beach VolleyballIndoor chess

20. Gefion Fountain

A fountain so grand, you’d half expect Neptune to rise from the waters and give couples his blessing—or a stern telling-off for public displays of affection. Either way, the selfie potential here is off the charts.

Romantic things to do in Copenhagen - Gefion Fountain
Couple activities in Copenhagen – Gefion Fountain

21. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: For A Love That’s Anything But Classic

Romantic things to do in Copenhagen? Art and love are quite similar; both are open to interpretation and both can be painfully abstract.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Your partner might start finding hidden meanings in everything.

Exhibits to IgnoreBetter Choices
Abstract ArtThe gift shop

22. Copenhagen Food: Love at First Bite?

Must do Copenhagen for couples? The food in Copenhagen: another way to fall in love or fall into a food coma.

Why You Mustn’t Go

Because sharing Smørrebrød will only lead to complex debates about which topping is the most romantic.

Foods to IgnoreSafer Bets
SmørrebrødA simple sandwich

Yes, Smørrebrød is a must eat in Copenhagen!

Things to do in Copenhagen for couples - Copenhagen Food
Romantic Copenhagen – Food

Where should I go on a date in Copenhagen?

If you’re looking to sweep someone off their feet, you can’t go wrong with Tivoli Gardens. Picture strolling amid twinkling fairy lights, riding rollercoasters, and sharing cotton candy like a pair of lovesick teenagers. It’s essentially a romantic playground that even made us feel like they were in the “honeymoon phase” all over again.

Plus, it’s one of those spots that turns even a casual date into an unforgettable affair. Truly, Tivoli Gardens is the romantic epicentre for couples visiting Copenhagen.

Things to do for couples in Copenhagen at night

If you’re in search of an evening draped in elegance and culture, look no further than the Royal Danish Theatre. It’s the perfect setting to put on your finery and immerse yourselves in a world-class performance, be it opera, ballet, or drama.

Trust us, there’s something breathtakingly romantic about sharing a sublime cultural experience; it’s a date night that Gosia and I still reminisce about. The grandiose interiors and sublime acoustics make it a royal treat for any couple. In short, if you want a date night that’s a bit of a showstopper, the Royal Danish Theatre should be top of your list.

Is Copenhagen worth visiting for couples
Romantic things to do in Copenhagen

Is Copenhagen worth visiting for couples?

Well, if you consider storybook canals, charming cobblestone streets, and eateries that practically demand you share food ‘Lady and the Tramp’ style to be romantic, then yes. Gosia and I found that Copenhagen doesn’t just welcome lovebirds; it practically lays out a red carpet for them.

With an eclectic mix of old-world charm and modern sophistication, it’s a city that can make even a grocery shopping trip feel like a romantic escapade. In short, if your love life were a movie, Copenhagen would be a strong contender for the lead role. So yes, it’s well worth the visit for couples!