Winter Sun Destinations in Europe: Where is warm in winter?

Where is the warmest place in Europe? Find out more about the best destinations for winter-sun in Europe (20°C plus in winter)!

You have that feeling every year, right? You know it’s coming! Winter in Europe – cold, dark and wet – a few months of your life wasted… Every year the same… But it doesn’t have to be a depressing time of the year. All you have to do is break this time up with a few winter sun holidays in Europe!

This year it’s time to recharge your batteries in the sun and try to avoid depression! Start thinking today about where to go for winter sun in Europe. Read our guide about the best destinations to find winter getaways in Europe!

Escape the cold, get some Vitamin D and enjoy the best winter sun destinations in Europe! With only a few hours of flight time, you can get a massive dose of short-haul sunshine during the winter months.

winter sun holidays in Europe

Top 6 warm and sunny destinations in Europe for your winter sun escape:

Ready to stay warm this winter? I bet you are! 😊


Where is hot in October in Europe?


Tenerife island is famous for its beautiful coastline, which includes long beaches, picturesque coves and rocky cliffs. It is dominated by volcanic beaches of almost black colour. Many resorts, wanting to attract beach lovers, made sure that there was plenty of paradise – bright beaches with sand that was brought here from the Sahara. It’s one of our favourite winter-sun destinations and possibly one of the best places to visit in Europe in winter.

Although October in Europe is associated with a gloomy, rainy season, Tenerife is the perfect time to relax. You can expect the temperature to reach from 23-27˚C during the day and around 19˚C at night. The water temperature is still reasonable high – even 23˚C, so all swimmers will be happy!

In October, the number of tourists is also significantly diminishing, which is conducive to rest and sightseeing. According to many local people and tourists, this is the best time for holidays in Tenerife.

Where is hot in October in Europe

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Winter holidays in Tenerife:

The tourist base in Tenerife is located mainly in the south of the island. Yes, near sandy beaches 😊 Make sure you rent a car while on holiday in Tenerife. Visiting the island without car rental is difficult. Although buses can be reached in many places and there are bus shuttles to many attractions.

In winter, the water in the ocean does not encourage bathing. The water temperature is around 19-20 degrees. But October is still reasonably warm, and you can expect the water temperature to be up to 23 degrees. It is warm enough to use the hotel swimming pools and rest on a sun lounger.

Winter holidays in Tenerife beaches


Where is warm in November Europe?


Where is the heat in Europe in winter? Of course in Madeira! Portuguese Madeira is known as the island of eternal spring so it’s a perfect holiday destination at any time of the year – including winter. The temperature does not drop below 20 degrees Celsius, but there is also never hotter than 25 degrees. We couldn’t forget to shout out Madeira as one of the best places to visit in Europe in winter, could we?

Madeira is famous for its beautiful landscapes – if hiking is your cup of tea, you will love this amazing winter destination! Madeira will delight you with some beautiful views, majestic cliffs falling into the ocean and ubiquitous greenery.

Love flowers? There are many brought there from all over the world. The Funchal botanical garden is worth visiting – it is also great for romantic walks.

Where is warm in November Europe

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Winter holidays in Madeira:

The choice of a place to stay mostly depends on what you want to do on the island during your vacation. The north of Madeira is recommended for people looking for relaxation and nature. The south of the island, including the capital of Madeira Funchal – for those who are looking for entertainment. We have stayed in Sao Vicente, in the northern part of Madeira – just 30 min drive from the airport.

Although Madeira is an island, you can’t count on beaches. There are only a few of them and they are artificial. Let’s be honest – Madeira is not a beach destination in Europe. But if you like soaking in the water while on holiday the swimming pools will be the solution. Or you can swim in one of the most amazing natural pools in the world – Porto Moniz.

Winter holidays in Madeira beaches


Where is warm at Christmas in Europe?


If you don’t want to fly very far in search of heat, go to the Canary Islands. Lanzarote island offers sunny days even in December! With an average temperature of around 20 degrees during the day, the water temperature is also reaching up to 20 degrees. Would you be tempted to swim? 😊 You will honestly be blown away by how stunning this place is and really is one of the best places to visit in Europe for winter-sun. There is nothing like Christmas in Lanzarote!

Lanzarote is sometimes called the ‘island of volcanoes’, but the last volcanic eruption took place in the 19th century – so you should worry too much 😉 There are many stunning beaches in Lanzarote, which makes it an ideal place for holidays both in summer and winter. There is a mild climate, and tourists can enjoy warm weather most of the year. You must visit Timanfaya National Park – a top European landscape.

Where is warm at Christmas in Europe

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Winter holidays in Lanzarote:

Lanzarote is an island with a very extensive hotel base. Where to stay depends only on your preferences, but we have some tips for you. If you want to be in the centre of all main attractions, you value the proximity of pubs and you don’t mind tourists, we recommend hotels in Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

But let’s be honest, winter-time in Lanzarote is a perfect time to explore the island. So, you will be driving a lot instead of spending time on the beach. The location of your hotel is less important as the island is quite compact and very easy to drive from one end to another in one day.

There are many beautiful beaches on the island, which are also worth visiting in the winter. Even if it’s too cold for you to sunbathe, you can go for a morning or an evening walk and you will not regret it. If you are brave enough you can still give it a go and swim for a bit – many tourists did during our winter holiday in Lanzarote!

The most popular beach among tourists is Playa de Papagayo in the south of the island. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe! With a very unusual colour of water and the fact that there is no strong wind blowing there makes it a perfect place to spend a winter afternoon 😊

Winter holidays in Lanzarote beaches


Where should I travel in January for winter sun in Europe?


Malta has remained a winter hit among Europeans for years. It is not far from most European countries. Flights are relatively short, and the total cost of the trip is quite low, especially if you add to this the opportunity to relax under the palm trees when the frost in continental Europe. It really is a contender for the best places to visit in Europe in winter!

During your holiday in Malta, it is worth taking trips to the rest of the Maltese Islands. Sailing north-west from the main island, you’ll encounter Gozo. This smaller island is primarily Ramla Bay with reddish sand and viewing platform – one of the most stunning beaches in Europe! The famous Azure Window on Gozo was the destination of diving expeditions until it collapsed due to natural causes in March 2017.

Malta tempts with plenty of sunshine all year round, famous for its hospitality, thousands of years old monuments, wonderful coastlines and great beaches. Added to this are unbelievably low prices which makes it a dream winter destination in Europe!

Where should I travel in January for winter sun in Europe

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Winter holidays in Malta:

Starting the search for accommodation should first determine whether you plan to rent a car. If so, it may be better for us to find accommodation a little further from the centres of major cities. These are crowded, it is difficult to find a parking space and in the case of Valletta, it is also very congested.

Where we have stayed in Malta? We decided to stay in the northern part of Malta – Cirkewwa. Our hotel was just a short distance from Passenger Terminal, from where you can access Gozo island.

Winter holidays in Malta beaches


Where is 20 degrees in February in Europe?


In winter, you can spend your holidays in the Canary Islands for half the price in summer, so why not go to Gran Canaria in February instead of July? Gran Canaria is the most diverse of all the Canary Islands, for this reason, it is called “a continent in miniature“. We fell in love with the island straight away and it is really up there with the best places to visit in Europe in winter. If you are a beach person, you will find some of the best Spanish beaches in Gran Canaria.

Where is 20 degrees in February in Europe

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Winter holidays in Gran Canaria:

Is it worth visiting Gran Canaria in February? The answer is yes! Gran Canaria in February is a very good choice for people who do not necessarily want to sit on the beach for days and like temperatures between 18-21 degrees. In addition, they value peace and the lack of thousands of tourists in every possible place. Sounds ideal? 😊

Gran Canaria is really an island worth visiting at any time of the year. The climate there is extremely mild and it is said to be eternal spring on the Spanish island. February in Gran Canaria is a great opportunity to escape the winter cold and frost prevailing in the country at the time. However, you need to be prepared for showers.

Ready to explore the best beaches in Gran Canaria?

Winter holidays in Gran Canaria beaches


Where’s hot in March Europe?


If you are wondering where to go on holiday in the winter, and don’t want to go outside of Europe, then Cyprus will be an interesting option. Warm and calm winter in Cyprus will interest lovers of ancient monuments, and promotional prices of trips after the season will attract those who care about savings. For sunbathing and swimming in Cyprus in the winter it is too cold, but for sightseeing and escape from continental frost or wet season is great. It really is one of the best places to visit in Europe for winter-sun.


In Cyprus, it is worth going especially in late winter and early spring – at the end of March, it is warm and pleasant. In December you can expect 18-19 (the same amount as water in the sea), the coldest is in January and February – the air and water temperature is about 17 degrees. The temperatures are starting to rise in March. In Cyprus in the winter you can also expect rain, so during this period, it is best to set out for sightseeing.

Winter holidays in Cyprus:

Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite, it is necessary to see the rock at which, according to legend, the goddess emerged from the sea foam. Winter is also a good time to see the flamingos on the salt lake of Larnaca.

Cyprus is best visited by a rented car. You can then get to the remains of the ancient world, mountain monasteries, lost villages or wild beaches. It is worth visiting the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, with a nice old town, Pissouri, a town located picturesquely on the rocky coast of the island, port Paphos with a Byzantine castle and Roman mosaics.

best places to visit in Europe in winter



Located on the Mediterranean Sea at the foot of the Betic Mountains in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, between Gibraltar and Almeria. This city is a perfect place in Europe that we can recommend for a winter trip. Why Malaga, you ask?

It is one of the best places to visit in Spain. The flight is very short and the tickets are really cheap. The weather may not be hot, but it will satisfy all those who like sightseeing in the city and relaxing in the seaside pubs that offer great food in outdoor gardens.

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Where is best for winter sun in Europe?

There are many interesting places in Europe for warm winter lovers. The Canary Islands are definitely the winner when it comes to temperature and the amount of sunshine. Wearing short sleeves during the day is almost guaranteed. Whether you choose Cyprus, Southern Spain or Madeira Island for your next winter sun destination – you can be sure you will have an amazing and warm holiday 😊

Winter sun Europe FAQ:

Where is the best winter sun in Europe?

Tenerife, Madeira and Lanzarote are the TOP3 best winter sun destinations in Europe!

Where is hot in December in Europe?

There is nothing better than Christmas in Lanzarote. Fancy 20°C+ in December? 🙂

Where is it warmest in Europe in January?

Gran Canaria is one of the warmest places in Europe in January. With cheap hotels and amazing beaches in Gran Canaria, this island is just perfect for a trip in January!

What is the hottest part of Spain in the winter?

There are many great places in Spain to visit in winter, but the hottest are definitely the Canary Islands.

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