Weekend getaways near me – 35 Fun weekends away for Friends UK

Looking for the perfect UK escape? Well, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got a bevy of options that cover everything from lively weekends away for adults to budget-friendly breaks under £100. Be it a friendly gathering or a solitary retreat, the UK offers destinations that will perfectly suit your needs. So, kick back, relax, and let’s delve into the art of weekend adventuring in the UK!

Where to go this weekend? It’s a question that pops up quite frequently! Luckily, the UK is a treasure trove of city breaks and rural escapades. From the mesmerising Seven Sisters in the south to the bustling heart of London, there’s no shortage of enchanting places to whisk yourself away to for a couple of days.

England, our beloved home, reels in visitors from every corner of the globe with its scenic landscapes, captivating architecture, and limitless opportunities for amazing weekend breaks. It’s a veritable wonderland for those seeking fun and relaxation alike.

We’ve spent the better part of our adult lives in the UK, which has become a second home to us. More than just a beautiful destination, the UK is a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures and experiences. From stunning weekend trips in our backyard to delightful city jaunts, the UK seems almost custom-made for lovers of weekend adventures.

Fancy a romantic weekend break in New Forest? Or how about a driving holiday through Scotland’s awe-inspiring landscapes? Maybe you’re drawn to a walking weekend break in stunning Cornwall? The possibilities are as boundless as they are varied.

The UK is brimming with enticing getaways and exciting overnight trips. Whether you’re looking for affordable weekend escapes or planning to splurge a little, the UK has a wealth of options to explore.

So, get ready to embark on an exciting adventure this weekend. Our beautiful country is eager to showcase its hidden gems and iconic hotspots. So, where will you decide to explore next? The clock is ticking, and there’s a whole lot of UK waiting for you to discover!

What is a weekend getaway?

A weekend getaway refers to a short trip or vacation taken during the weekend, typically starting on Friday evening or Saturday morning and ending on Sunday evening. It is a brief escape from daily routines and responsibilities, allowing individuals or groups to relax, rejuvenate, and explore a different location or experience.

Weekend getaways are usually within a relatively short distance from one’s home or workplace, making them easily accessible and requiring less time commitment compared to longer vacations. They provide an opportunity to enjoy leisure activities, visit nearby attractions, spend time with loved ones, or simply unwind and recharge before returning to regular routines. Weekend getaways can range from a visit to a nearby city or town, a countryside retreat, a beach trip, a hiking adventure, or any other form of short-term vacation.

Have you got a list of the top places to go for weekend getaways UK? If not, then check out our top 10 UK weekend breaks & other weekend break ideas,

So, go away! For a weekend away in the UK!

Most popular types of weekend trips in the UK:

Short breaks UK with family:Surrey
Luxury weekend breaks UK:Cornwall
Cheap weekend breaks UK under £100:Buckinghamshire
Weekend breaks UK seaside:Brighton
Weekend trips from London:Cotswolds
Long weekends away UK:New Forest
City breaks UK ideas:London
Country weekend breaks near London:Suffolk
Fun weekends away for friends UK:Devon
Girls weekend away UK:Harrogate
Best weekend getaways in the UK - TOP weekend trips UK
Places to visit in the UK for a weekend

Explore the best cheap weekend breaks UK and top ideas for fun weekends away for friends UK:

35 best weekends away UK:

1. Cotswolds

Long weekend breaks UK

Best places to go in the UK for a weekend? If you wonder where to go this weekend UK, then Cotswold villages are always a great option for weekend getaways!

With its fairy-tale-like villages and stunning landscapes that stretch from Bath to Stratford-upon-Avon, Cotswolds is like a fairy-tale book waiting to be read. Whether you choose to visit Castle Combe village with its half-timbered houses and historic landmarks or head to Bourton on the Water, you’ll find there’s an adventure waiting around every corner. The only question is, which of the Cotswold villages is the prettiest one?

From a romantic weekend trip to Cirencester to a glamping weekend escape in the middle of Cotswolds AONB – a weekend break in the Cotswolds is always a great choice!

Top places to visit in Cotswolds for a weekend trip:

Where to stay for a weekend in Cotswolds?

Weekend getaways UK - Cotswolds
Weekend breaks away UK: Cotswolds

2. Buckinghamshire

Cheap weekend breaks UK

Looking for places to go for a weekend away UK? If you love Cotswolds, you will also like all the beautiful town and villages in Buckinghamshire! It really is one of the top counties to visit and a perfect location not only for a day trip from London but also for cheap weekend breaks UK.

In fact, any list of top 10 UK weekend breaks has to include Buckinghamshire.

If you like beautiful British villages and towns, then you will find many of them in Buckinghamshire. From Amersham and Marlow to Little and Great Missenden there are many locations to explore during weekends away UK.

All enthusiast looking for top hiking trails near London will also find some of the top hiking trails here, including Hambleden Valley and Chiltern Hills.

Top places to visit in Buckinghamshire for a weekend trip:

Where to stay for a weekend in Buckinghamshire?

Cheap weekend breaks UK - Buckinghamshire
Cheap getaways UK: Buckinghamshire

3. London

UK weekend away with friends

Top weekend trips England? London is an absolute must if it’s your first time in England but just as fun for UK residents.

London offers one of the best weekend getaways in UK with an endless list of things to do in London.

Experience the best culture that the UK has to offer on one of our amazing city breaks. Escape to a bustling cosmopolitan city for a weekend of sightseeing, shopping, exploring and eating.

From great museums to some of the best shopping, restaurants and bars in the UK, our city breaks are the perfect short break for a weekend away.

What to see in London during a weekend getaway?

Where to stay for a weekend in London?

Weekends away UK - London
Weekend breaks away UK: London

4. Surrey

Cheap short breaks UK

Looking for cheap weekend breaks away in southern England? Surrey has a delightful mix of rural countryside and bustling town centres. Whatever you’re looking to get out of a weekend away, you’ll find something here. One of the most popular attractions in the area is Hampton Court Palace. You can explore this impressive and beautiful Tudor palace, which is sure to delight the whole family. Other popular spots include the gardens at RHS Wisley, the rollercoasters at Thorpe Park, and the tranquil grounds of Arundel Castle.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you might want to take one of the many boat tours on the River Thames. 

Where to stay for a weekend in Surrey?

Cheap breaks in England - Surrey
Mini breaks UK: Surrey

5. Hertfordshire

Underrated weekend breaks UK

Looking for overnight trips UK? Hertfordshire is definitely a bit underrated when it comes to weekend breaks in the UK. I don’t really understand why, and this county is full of stunning places to visit.

You can spend your weekend trip in one of the beautiful English towns like Berkhamsted or visit a small city called St. Albans, which is also one of the top day trip destinations from London.

The National Trust Ashridge Estate is also worth visiting as it’s home to some of the best walking trails near London and top forests near me.

What to see on a long weekend away to Hertfordshire?

Where to stay for a weekend in Hertfordshire?

Weekend breaks UK - Hertfordshire
Cheap weekend breaks under 100: Hertfordshire

6. Edinburgh

One of top 10 UK city breaks

Relaxing weekend getaways? Edinburgh is a city brimming with things to do, places to see, and great food and drink. The real challenge of spending a weekend in Edinburgh is narrowing down the list of things you want to do. A visit to the castle should be on everyone’s to-do list. It dominates the skyline, so it’s easy to find.

For shopping, you’ll want to head to Princes Street. If you’re hoping to catch a show at the Edinburgh festival, you’ll want to visit in August, but be sure to book early.

Where to stay for a weekend in Edinburgh?

Cheap weekend breaks away UK- Edinburgh
Best UK weekend breaks: Edinburgh

7. Bristol

Weekends away in England

Best places to visit for weekend in UK? Bristol had been voted the UK’s best place to live in 2017 by The Sunday Times so why not visit the city on a weekend break? Spend a weekend in the city and be a judge too!

Bristol is a city steeped in history, best known for its iconic suspension bridge, thriving music scene and flourishing street art culture.

So, is Bristol on your list of top UK weekend breaks?

Top attraction for a weekend away in Bristol:

Where to stay for a weekend in Bristol?

Cheap weekend breaks under £100 - Bristol
Good weekend breaks UK: Bristol

8. Oxford

Weekend trips from London

Nice places to go in the UK for a weekend? It’s an English historical town where you’ll be spoilt for choice with fun things to do in Oxford. It really is up there on the list of best weekend breaks in England!

Unearth a mixture of iconic sights and hidden gems, ticking famous landmarks off your bucket-list and stumble across quirky museums.

It is also very close to London making it a very popular destination for those wanting to get out of the capital for a great little break. With good proximity to London, Oxford is one of the top cheap weekend breaks UK under 100!

What to see one a weekend trip to Oxford?

Where to stay for a weekend in Oxford?

Weekend getaways UK - Oxford
Nice weekend breaks UK: Oxford

9. Oxfordshire

Best weekend breaks UK in the Home Counties

Looking for the best weekend getaways England? If you have been to Oxford before, then why not to explore the whole Oxfordshire county? It is full of quintessential British pubs, stunning English villages and top countryside – just perfect for relaxing or romantic weekend getaways UK.

Still not sure where to go this weekend UK? We love Oxfordshire and have been to many beautiful places like Henley-on-Thames, Burford or Blenheim Palace. If you visit this county for a weekend this could be one of the best weekend break UK you have ever done!

What to do/see on a weekend trip to Oxfordshire?

Where to stay for a weekend in Oxfordshire?

Best weekend breaks UK - Oxfordshire
Fun weekends away for adults UK: Oxfordshire

10. New Forest

Cheap family weekend breaks UK

Where to go for family weekend away UK? Ninety minutes outside of London you’ll find New Forest. This is the place that many Londoners come when they want something new. The food scene is astounding. There is a wealth of creative restaurants and thrilling cocktail bars that will satisfy even the most discerning palettes. The shopping streets in the East End are filled with artisan boutiques and one-off designers.

If you’re hoping to soak up some culture as well, you’re in luck. There are plenty of museums and art galleries to explore. 

Where to stay for a weekend in New Forest?

Cheap mini breaks UK - New Forest
Cheap mini breaks UK – New Forest

11. Kent

Cheap weekend breaks UK

Top places to go in England for a weekend? Located at the very South-East corner of the English coast, Kent is a perfect destination for a UK weekend trip and home to some of the best beaches near London!

Whether you prefer a few days in a bustling city, a trip to the seaside, or a relaxing countryside escape, or family weekend breaks in the UK, Kent can offer all of that during weekends away in the UK!

Without a doubt, if you are looking for relaxing weekend breaks UK, then Kent in southern England really is a good option!

Kent’s top attractions for a weekend away:

Where to stay for a weekend in Kent?

Best weekend breaks UK - Kent
Cheap weekend breaks under £100 UK: Kent

12. Manchester

Best weekend getaways UK for couples

Where to go for cheap UK weekend breaks for 2? Manchester is a vibrant and welcoming city. It’s one of the most exciting cities to visit in the north of England. Despite being such an exciting and busy place, the city centre is remarkably compact. You can easily walk from one side of the city to the other in around 40 minutes, making it a fantastic place for a weekend trip.

The city is a mecca for anyone who loves footie, food, and fun. If you can try to time your visits with some of the events that the city host you certainly won’t regret it.

Where to stay for a weekend in Manchester?

England city breaks - Manchester
Couples city breaks UK: Manchester
Alastair Wallace/Shutterstock.com

13. Channel Islands

Family weekend getaways UK

Where to go for a weekend away? This is the perfect place to get it away from it all… It might be not one of the cheap weekend getaways UK, but definitely is one of the top places to visit in the UK for a weekend!

A trip on the Eurostar is always tempting, but you don’t have to cross the channel! The best weekend breaks in the UK are as great as European getaway.

The views, walks, beaches and sunsets cost nothing. Want to combine all during your weekend trip away? Choose one of the Channel Islands and enjoy weekend getaway while walking the beaches or watching dolphins frolicking in the surrounding waters. Priceless.

Whether you visit Jersey with kids or Guernsey with friends you can be sure that you will have a great weekend away!

Where to stay for a weekend in the Channel Islands?

Weekend breaks away UK - Channel Islands
Short breaks away UK: Channel Islands

14. Cardiff

City breaks UK ideas

Need more weekend breaks UK ideas? Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has been always top on the list of weekend getaways UK. Many Brits will visit this city on a regular basis.

As one of the best city breaks UK, Cardiff is the top destination for cheap weekend getaways.

Cardiff offers a lively nightlife and an amazing dining scene! It is also known for its art and… the annual Great British Cheese Festival. So, who wouldn’t like to visit Cardiff on a weekend away in the UK?

Where to stay for a weekend in Cardiff?

Weekends away UK - Cardiff
Cheap weekend breaks UK couples: Cardiff

15. Berkshire

Very cheap weekend breaks UK

Best UK breaks? If you’re a fan of castle estates, horses, and racing, then Berkshire should undoubtedly be on your list of places to visit. The royal race days are an exciting and thrilling event, just be sure to dress to impress. Reading is the place for anyone looking for some hustle and bustle and sporting joys of all sorts. Places to visit include Windsor Castle, Highclere Castle and the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.

Berkshire is home to a lot of beautiful areas, and many walking routes let you take in the beauty of Chiltern Hills and the River Thames.

Where to stay for a weekend in Berkshire?

Very cheap weekend breaks UK - Berkshire
Cheapest weekend breaks UK: Berkshire

16. The Yorkshire Dales

Countryside getaways UK

Where to spend a weekend in UK? The weekend is the perfect time to break out of the routine and everyday life. Trips for the weekend are an obvious choice for those who expect something more from life.

Across the UK there’s so much beautiful countryside to be explored it’s hard to choose where to visit. Escape to nature with a truly relaxing country break.

Walk among patchwork green valleys, craggy cliff faces, and farmland laced with limestone walls. If you are looking for cheap weekend breaks UK, then the Yorkshire Dales is perfect as a short break.

Where to stay for a weekend in the Yorkshire Dales?

Weekends away in UK - Yorkshire Dales
Weekends away in UK: Yorkshire Dales
Dave Head/Shutterstock.com

17. Brighton

UK city breaks for couples

Popular weekend destinations UK? There’s something special about Brighton. It has always been one of Britain’s most popular weekend break hotspots. Yes, if you are looking for fun weekends away for friends UK, there is a good chance Brighton will be your choice!

There’s nothing more refreshing than a seaside break, and with great little breaks, you can relax and unwind on the beach as well as discover the miles of heritage coastline up and down the UK.

Where to stay for a weekend in Brighton?

Weekends away UK - Brighton
English weekend breaks: Brighton

18. York

Top weekend breaks United Kingdom

Looking for places to go this weekend in the UK? York is an excellent place for a weekend trip. The city is bursting at the seams with history. You can wander around the ancient city walls, enjoy the varied architecture with something from almost every period in history since the Romans. The museum gardens and the Minster are a great way to soak up some of the city’s culture.

For great food, you can brave the queues at Betty’s. For a fancy cocktail, try the Evil Eye. Finally, you should experience a classic British pub with a visit to Ye Old Starre Inne which dates from 1644.

Where to stay for a weekend in York?

Weekend breaks England - York
Weekend away UK breaks: York
Alexey Fedorenko/Shutterstock.com

19. Somerset

Short breaks England

Best places for a weekend away UK? From time to time, it’s important that we all enjoy a pleasant weekend away. In fact, Somerset is one of our favourite long weekend breaks UK!

There’s no need to leave your best friend out on the fun, our UK dog-friendly breaks allow you to bring them with you on your stays, in the comfort of our dog-friendly hotels.

Of all the dramatic scenery enjoyed in Somerset, Cheddar Gorge has to be the most famous location, and certainly the most photographed one. Whether you go hiking or walking, Cheddar Gorge is a stunning idea for a weekend away for couples int the UK!

Best places to visit on a weekend away in Somerset:

Where to stay for a weekend in Somerset?

Weekend getaways UK - Somerset
Places to go for a weekend trip UK: Somerset

20. Norfolk

Best value weekend breaks UK

Cheap trips UK? One of the main reasons to visit Norfolk is to enjoy the stunning sandy beaches. On summer days you can fly kites on the beach, go for a ride in a speed boat and hunt for crabs. With a weekend to spend, you should also take some time to explore the surrounding salt marshes. The gently undulating countryside is filled with an impressive array of wildlife and birds.

Some highlights include Burnham Market, Holkham Hall, Bickling Estate and Morston Hall. 

Where to stay for a weekend in Norfolk?

Cheap short breaks UK - Norfolk
Weekend getaways near me UK: Norfolk

21. Pembrokeshire Coast

Places to visit in UK for couples

Where to go in the UK for a long weekend? For a waterfront getaway that’s tough to beat, the fishing villages of western Wales’s Pembrokeshire county offer stunning seaside scenery and plenty of cheap accommodation for your weekend trip. It must be one of the top cheap UK weekend breaks destinations in the United Kingdom.

You don’t have to jet off to Indonesia’s Bali or Australia’s Gold Coast to enjoy a spot of surfing. Wales attracts its fair share of beach bums each year and some of the best surfing beaches in Wales include Llantwit Major Beach in Glamorgan, Manorbier or Newgale in Pembrokeshire, Langland Bay in Gower and Hells Mouth on the Llyn Peninsula.

What to do/see on a weekend trip to Pembrokeshire Coast?

  • Pembrokeshire Coast Path
  • Strumble Head Lighthouse
  • Blue Lagoon

Where to stay for a weekend in Pembrokeshire Coast?

Very cheap weekend breaks UK - Pembrokeshire Coast
Cheap UK breaks for couples: Pembrokeshire Coast
Nicola Pulham/Shutterstock.com

22. The Lake District

Country getaways UK

Looking for UK weekend break ideas? Another stunning area in the UK that deserves a mention is the Lake District. In fact, it’s one of the top weekend breaks UK!

The Lake District is a popular destination for walking holidays and unlike our easy, flat terrain here in the Cotswolds, the Lakes is best known for its uphill climbs and adventurous fell walks. So if you want to combine charming lakeside views and quaint villages with some physical activity, the Lake District is perfect for a mini-break.

The North of England has many areas of natural beauty, including the Lake District. This is where you’ll find manor house getaways, country cottages and many more unique hotel deals in the North.

Best location to visit during the Lake District weekend trip:

  • Windermere
  • Helvellyn
  • Honister Pass

Where to stay for a weekend in the Lake District?

Cheap weekend breaks in UK - Lake District
Best UK breaks for couples: Lake District
Mr Nai/Shutterstock.com

23. Devon

Weekends away for couples UK

Best places for weekend breaks UK? If you want to experience the magic of the Cote d’Azur right here in the UK, Devon is a great beach destination and if you hit it lucky with the hot summer weather, it can even rival that of the Med! It really is a top destination for the best weekend breaks UK you can ever experience!

Admire the country’s rugged coastline scattered with golden sandy beaches and secret coves, spend lazy days in pretty market towns or grab your hiking boots and challenge yourself on one of the many walking routes and National Trails in the UK.

Best to visit on a weekend getaway to Devon:

  • Dartmoor National Park
  • Woolacombe beach
  • Valley of the Rocks

Where to stay for a weekend in Devon?

Best weekend breaks UK - Devon
Cheap weekend breaks in UK: Devon

24. Suffolk

Best British weekend breaks

Looking for top getaways in England? Suffolk is a fantastic area for a short getaway. With 50 miles of coastline, you can find plenty of places to make the most of the sand and the surf. As well as beach towns you’ll find a county bursting with characterful villages and medieval towns.

Fans of horseracing should make time to visit Constable County and the Home of Horseracing. Another favourite spot, especially with history fans is Bury St Edmunds. For those drawn to the delightful seaside, the most popular resorts are Aldeburgh and Southwold. 

Where to stay for a weekend in Suffolk?

Cheap family weekend breaks UK - Suffolk
Short breaks in England: Suffolk

25. The Scottish Highlands

Long weekends away UK

Where to go for a weekend away UK? For those seeking relaxation in nature, Scotland is full of stunning locations which are perfect for a hiking break getaway – make sure to pack all essentials for a trip to Scotland.

A rural break in the countryside offers peace and tranquillity. Whether you stay in a country house, village inn or B&B nature is never far away! There is nothing better than recharging your batteries on a weekends away trip to the Scottish Highlands!

All food lovers will be delighted to know that Scottish food is just amazing! Fancy Traditional Scottish tablet? I bet you are – the Scottish Highlands really are top UK getaways!

What to see on a long weekend away to the Scottish Highlands?

  • Ben Nevis
  • The Storr
  • Fairy Pools

Where to stay for a weekend in the Scottish Highlands?

Cheap breaks away UK - Scottish Highlands
Cheap breaks away UK: Scottish Highlands
Nataliya Hora/Shutterstock.com

26. Jurassic Coast

Fun weekends away for friends UK

Nice places to go away in England? Make the most of the weekend with a weekend break in Jurassic Coast!

The UK has no shortage of loveliness and it’s never been easier to explore. As one of the best short breaks UK, the Jurassic Coast is a must-see in the south of England!

Lounge on a deck chair and experience the fresh sea air and indulge in some charming seaside must-haves. Go for ice cream or if you want to head away from the promenade, visit some of the fantastic independent shops.

Best attractions on a weekend trip to Jurassic Coast:

  • Durdle Door
  • Lulworth Cove
  • Old Harry Rocks

Where to stay for a weekend in Jurassic Coast?

Best weekend breaks UK - Jurassic Coast
Cheap weekend away UK: Jurassic Coast

27. The Gower Peninsula

Best short getaways UK

Looking for fun short breaks UK? The UK has several stretches of land that are designated Areas of Outstanding Beauty. The Gower Peninsula was the first one to be named. When you visit, you’ll understand why. There is so much to do on the peninsula that you could easily spend weeks here without getting bored. Whether you are looking for the thrill of watersports or a place to get close to nature, you’ll find something to enjoy on the peninsula.

Whatever you do, you should make sure to try to local delicacies like cockles, cawl and laverbread. 

Where to stay for a weekend on the Gower Peninsula?

Short trips away UK - The Gower Peninsula
Cheap short breaks in UK: Gower Peninsula
Billy Stock/Shutterstock.com

28. Snowdonia

Short weekend breaks UK

Top places to get away in UK? A lot of cheap UK breaks in lodges and cabins are also dog-friendly meaning you can take your family pet along with you. So, take advantage of this and go hiking among the scenic lakes and craggy peaks of Wales’s Snowdonia National Park.

With so many weekends away in the UK, this one is one of the must-do on your list of the best weekend getaways UK!

Top places to visit during outdoor weekend trip to Snowdonia:

  • Conwy Castle
  • Snowdon Mountain
  • Penygader

Where to stay for a weekend in Snowdonia?

Cheap weekend breaks under 100 - Snowdonia
Cheap weekend breaks under £100 UK: Snowdonia
Lana Tannir/Shutterstock.com

29. Northumberland National Park

Cheap weekend breaks England

Where to find top weekend trip destinations UK? Northumberland National Park is more than 400 square miles of breathtaking scenery that will take you out of the everyday. If you’re looking for a serene place to relax and recharge, then you’ll be spoilt for choice. The most iconic part of the park is the ridge of Whin Sill. You’ll be able to stroll alongside Hadrian’s Wall.

To the south, you can explore the hay meadows and hidden waterfalls. Heading to the north, you’ll find the rolling moors and fields that mark the Cheviot Hills. 

Where to stay for a weekend near Northumberland National Park?

Mini breaks UK - Northumberland National Park
Cheap weekend break UK: Northumberland National Park
Dave Head/Shutterstock.com

30. Isle of Wight

Cheap weekends away UK

Top places in UK for weekend break? Known for its relaxed pace of life and beautiful scenery. It’s another great choice on the top weekend breaks in UK.

It’s a popular destination for nature and road trips lovers, the picturesque views in the south of the Isle of Wight are just stunning! Together with plenty of camping, hiking and other outdoor activities make it a perfect weekends away for couples UK!

Escape the hustle and bustle and enter a world of tranquillity and calm with a relaxing coastal break – views included! It really is one of the top weekend breaks UK we have done!

Weekend getaway to Isle of Wight – top attractions:

  • The Needles
  • The Garlic Farm
  • Ryde Beach

Where to stay for a weekend in the Isle of Wight?

Weekends away UK - Isle of Wight
Somewhere to go for the weekend UK: Isle of Wight

31. Shropshire Hills

Cheap short breaks in the UK

Top places to go for cheap UK weekend getaways? Shropshire Hills is an area of outstanding natural beauty. If you’re looking for a spot for a romantic getaway or a place to go hill walking this is a great option. There are loads of charming little villages in the hills that are great options for a visit.

If you like your food though, you should make a point of checking out Ludlow, for pubs try Bishop’s Castle. Clun is an excellent spot for a bit of quiet and a taste of local history.

Where to stay for a weekend near Shropshire Hills?

Cheap breaks UK - Shropshire Hills
Cheap weekend getaways in UK: Shropshire Hills
Paul Maguire/Shutterstock.com

32. Cornwall

Weekend breaks south England

Looking for the best places to go for weekend away in UK? When it comes to beach destinations in the UK, Cornwall really is the most luxurious in the south of England. It also is one of the best locations for a weekend trip in England!

Home to countless beach huts, beach houses and beach chalets, you’ll get a seriously divine spot on the seafront – often without all the crowds – and the area offers so many outdoor activities too such as amazing ruins and castles, secluded coves and beach walks, nature trails and gardens plus much, much more.

Beautiful beaches, secluded coves, outdoor theatres with sea view, great scenery, Cornwall has it all!

Cornwall is one of the best places for a weekend getaway in UK. The choices of towns and prettiest villages in England to visit in this region are endless. You will not believe just how beautiful Cornwall is. From St Ives, Newquay, Penzance, Holywell, Porthcurno. This part of the UK is a must-visit.

Best places to visit on a weekend escape to Cornwall:

Where to stay for a weekend in Cornwall?

Nice weekend breaks UK - Cornwall
Best places in UK for weekend away: Cornwall

33. East Sussex

Weekend getaways from London

Best short trips UK? As one of the cheap weekend breaks in England, East Sussex is really there on the list of places to go for a weekend.

Looking for a remarkable weekend? Then the best idea is to make a short getaway! Spend a romantic evening on the coastline in Seven Sisters, shop your heart out in Eastbourne, or finally walk in High Weald AONB – there’re plenty of ideas how to benefit from this weekend break.

Head for the coast for your weekend away from London and you can ramp up the romance with cliffside walks, picnic with a sea view or a sunset boat trip to finish off a long weekend break!

Top attractions to see in East Sussex for a weekend trip:

Where to stay for a weekend in East Sussex?

Weekend getaways UK - East Sussex
Weekend trips away UK: East Sussex

34. Bath

Best UK city breaks for couples

Looking for best breaks away for couples UK? Bath should be on everyone list of places to visit. It’s the only city in the UK to have been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is marked by its distinctive Georgian architecture and Roman ruins. There is plenty of culture to soak up in the city. There is the Fashion Museum, the Jane Austin Museum and the Assembly Rooms.

Of course, no trip to Bath could be considered to be complete without a trip to the Roman Baths. 

Where to stay for a weekend in Bath?

Mini breaks in England - Bath
Cheap getaways for couples UK: Bath
Valdis Skudre/Shutterstock.com

35. Harrogate

Romantic getaways UK

Where should I go this weekend in England? The UK is bursting with destinations that make the perfect setting for a wonderful couple’s getaway.

For couples really looking to wind down or for the perfect girls’ weekend away, a spa weekend is just the ticket. Harrogate, with its handsome historic buildings and verdant gardens, is one of Yorkshire’s most elegant destinations. You’ll never be short of things to see or do in and around the beautiful spa town. So, what do you say? Ready to spend your next weekend getaway in Harrogate? Alternatively, there are also many great things to do in York if you fancy a trip to this stunning city 🙂

Weekend escape in Harrogate top attractions:

  • Turkish Baths Harrogate
  • Mother Shipton’s Cave
  • Ripley Castle

Where to stay for a weekend in Harrogate?

Good weekend breaks UK - Harrogate
Weekend away ideas UK: Harrogate
Joe Choosong/Shutterstock.com

How to find cheap seaside breaks UK?

There are several ways to find cheap seaside breaks in the UK. Some options include:

  • Booking in advance: Many hotels and vacation rentals offer discounts for early bookings.
  • Off-season travel: Seaside towns are typically less crowded and cheaper to visit during the off-season (October to April).
  • Last-minute deals: Some travel websites and companies offer last-minute deals on accommodation and activities.
  • Self-catering options: Renting a self-catering apartment or vacation home can be cheaper than staying in a hotel.
  • Avoid peak times: Avoiding peak season or peak times of the week, such as weekend, can help to find cheaper deals.
  • Compare prices: Searching and comparing prices on different travel websites can help you find the best deals.
  • Visit less touristy towns: some towns like Skegness, Great Yarmouth, Cleethorpes, or Morecambe offer cheaper prices than the most popular destinations.

Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the location and time of year, so it’s always a good idea to compare prices and read reviews before booking.

Where can I go for 2 nights in the UK?

There are many places in the UK where you can go for a 2-night trip. Some options include:

  • London: The capital city offers a wide range of attractions and activities, such as visiting historic landmarks, museums, and shopping.
  • Edinburgh: Scotland’s capital city is known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and lively cultural scene.
  • Bath: This historic city is famous for its Roman baths, Georgian architecture, and picturesque streets.
  • York: This ancient city is filled with history, including the famous York Minster, and medieval architecture.
  • Lake District: This picturesque region in the northwest of England is known for its beautiful lakes, mountains, and hiking trails.
  • Oxford: Known for its prestigious university, this charming city offers a mix of history and culture.
  • Bristol: This port city in the southwest of England is known for its street art, maritime history, and lively music scene.
  • Cambridge: Another university town, Cambridge is famous for its stunning architecture and beautiful river.

Top 10 UK weekend breaks for families:

Here are the top 10 UK weekend breaks for families:

  • Brighton: This seaside town offers a variety of activities such as beach lounging, shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Blackpool: This classic seaside resort is known for its amusement parks, such as the famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and the Blackpool Tower.
  • Alton Towers: This theme park in Staffordshire offers a variety of rides and attractions for families.
  • Legoland Windsor: This theme park offers a variety of rides and attractions for families, all based around the iconic Lego bricks.
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour: This studio tour in London offers an in-depth look at the Harry Potter movies and the chance to see authentic sets and costumes.
  • The Eden Project: This educational and environmental complex in Cornwall offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for families.
  • The Deep: This aquarium in Hull offers the chance to see a variety of marine life from around the world.
  • The National Space Centre: This interactive museum in Leicester offers a variety of exhibits and activities related to space and astronomy.
  • The National Sea Life Centre: This aquarium in Birmingham offers the chance to see a variety of marine life from around the world.
  • Longleat Safari Park: This safari park in Wiltshire offers the chance to see a variety of wild animals in their natural habitats.

These destinations offer a variety of activities and attractions that cater to families, and can be great options for weekend breaks.

Weekend getaways near me in the UK:

There are many weekend getaways in the UK that can be reached within a short drive or train ride. Some options include:

  • The Cotswolds: This picturesque region in the southwest of England is known for its rolling hills, quaint villages, and beautiful countryside.
  • The Lake District: This picturesque region in the northwest of England is known for its beautiful lakes, mountains, and hiking trails.
  • The Peak District: This national park in the north of England offers beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities.
  • The South Downs: This national park in southern England offers picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities.
  • The Suffolk Coast: This area of England offers a mix of historic towns and beautiful coastal scenery.
  • The New Forest: This national park in southern England is known for its picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife and outdoor activities.
  • The Pembrokeshire Coast: This area of Wales offers a mix of beautiful coastal scenery and outdoor activities.
  • The Scottish Highlands: This area of Scotland offers a mix of rugged landscapes, lochs, and outdoor activities.

These destinations are just a sample of what the UK has to offer and of course, the options would vary depending on your location, availability and preferences.

Best weekend breaks UK FAQ:

Where is a cheap weekend getaway UK?

There is nothing better than hiking near London – one of the cheapest way to spend a nice weekend away!

Where should I go for a 3-day trip in the UK?

The Isle of Wight is one of the best 3-day trips from London.

5 of the best weekend breaks UK

Visiting London, hiking Cheddar Gorge, exploring Cotswold villages, walking Seven Sisters cliffs and watching deer in Richmond Park are the 5 best weekend breaks in the UK!

Cheap weekend breaks UK under £100 (hotels)

Some of the cheapest hotels for UK break are in Kent, Scotland, Wales and Dorset.

Do you have another favourite weekend break destination in the UK?

Holidays abroad used to be the most popular and sought after option however with the affordability of UK holidays along with the diverse range of locations and lodges or cottages you can choose from people can tailor their holidays like they’ve not been able to before, including all members of your group… even the dog if you choose!

Book your cheap weekend break in the UK today!

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In just a short drive, you’ll find a multitude of stunning destinations, making those weekend trips near you not only convenient but also incredibly enriching. Choose from charming cityscapes to serene countryside vistas, there’s no end to the places you can discover this weekend.

Consider a cheap weekend getaway near you that combines both relaxation and cultural enrichment. From historical landmarks, rich architecture, to thriving food scenes, the UK offers countless ways to spend your time. This richness in diversity is precisely what makes England one of the most beloved places to go for a weekend away.

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So, as we bid you adieu, remember: the UK is not just a destination; it’s a gateway to unforgettable weekend experiences. Plan your weekend away with friends or a solo adventure and discover the joy of exploring new places. After all, life is short, and weekends are perfect for making memories!

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