35 of the Worst Best Weekends Away in the UK for Friends!

Explore the UK’s most ‘unbearably’ beautiful spots for weekend getaways with friends, all wrapped in a layer of delicious British sarcasm. Discover top destinations that are so good, you’ll wish you never knew they existed. Perfect for mates who love to loathe!

We, Darek and Gosia, have braved it all, from London’s bustling chaos to Europe’s hidden corners. Yet nothing could prepare us for the ‘horrors’ of the UK’s most ‘unimpressive’ weekend spots. We ventured out, sacrificing our taste for the sake of this guide.

In this guide, we’ve listed 35 destinations that will make you rethink your weekend plans with friends. If an overload of tiresome beauty is your idea of fun, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Expect an ironic voyage through the UK’s worst-best locales. From awe-inspiringly awful natural wonders to towns that are crimes against enthusiasm, we’re about to dive into travel spots that will make you yearn for a rainy day indoors. Ready?

What is a weekend getaway?

A weekend getaway is a quick escape from your usual routine, lasting typically from Friday to Sunday. It’s a low-maintenance break designed to recharge your batteries or, in the spirit of our guide, to give you a good laugh at the expense of ‘picture-perfect’ locations.

For us, it’s a way to sample new places without committing to a lengthy stay. In short, a weekend away is your mini-holiday without the fuss. Sound good?

Best weekend getaways in the UK - TOP weekend trips UK
Fun weekends away for friends UK

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1. Cotswolds

If you’re thinking of a weekend getaway for adults in the Cotswolds, prepare to be agonisingly overwhelmed. Cobblestone streets, thatched cottages, and acres of untouched wilderness – it’s as if someone took all the worst elements of a Jane Austen novel and scattered them about. Ideal for when you want your friendship to be tested by an overdose of charm and serenity.

Top places to visit in Cotswolds for a weekend trip:

Where to stay for a weekend in the Cotswolds?

Weekend getaways UK - Cotswolds
Weekend away with friends UK: Cotswolds

2. Cornwall

Cornwall – a cruel trick Mother Nature played on us, taunting us with its picturesque villages and heart-stopping coastal views. Perfect for a weekend away with friends who collectively share a disdain for pasties and pirates. You’ll be clifftop-walking your friendships right off the edge here.

Best places to visit on a weekend escape to Cornwall:

Where to stay for a weekend in Cornwall?

Nice weekend breaks UK - Cornwall
Friends weekend away UK: Cornwall

3. Buckinghamshire

Now, imagine a weekend away for friends in Buckinghamshire. Yes, you and your mates could be traipsing through the hellishly idyllic Chiltern Hills, breathing the unreasonably fresh air. You’ll question your life choices as you’re accosted by cultural landmarks like Waddesdon Manor. Perfect for when you want to assault your friendship with opulent rooms and manicured gardens.

Top places to visit in Buckinghamshire for a weekend trip:

Where to stay for a weekend in Buckinghamshire?

Cheap weekend breaks UK - Buckinghamshire
Weekend away ideas with friends: Buckinghamshire

4. Jurassic Coast

A coastline so magnificent it’s often confused for a Spielberg movie set. Terrible for friends seeking a humdrum weekend away, as the fossils and beaches will likely ruin their mood for mediocrity. Ready to escape to the Jurassic Coast?

Best attractions on a weekend trip to the Jurassic Coast:

  • Durdle Door
  • Lulworth Cove
  • Old Harry Rocks

Where to stay for a weekend on the Jurassic Coast?

Best weekend breaks UK - Jurassic Coast
Weekend away with your best friend: Jurassic Coast

5. Surrey

Oh, Surrey, where every weekend getaway for adults turns into a lifetime of memories you wish you could forget. With its vilely picturesque villages and heinous swathes of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you’re bound to feel you’re in a surreal nightmare of English splendour. Great for when you want to expose your friends to the ghastly side of the Home Counties.

Where to stay for a weekend in Surrey?

Cheap breaks in England - Surrey
Places to go with your best friend UK: Surrey

6. Hertfordshire

A weekend away in Hertfordshire? Prepare for an ambush of green space and history. Your friends will thank you for the ceaseless boredom as you wander through St Albans Cathedral and Hatfield House. Nothing says “I value our friendship” like subjecting your pals to so much untamed beauty and heritage.

What to see on a long weekend away to Hertfordshire?

Where to stay for a weekend in Hertfordshire?

Weekend breaks UK - Hertfordshire
Adult weekend getaways: Hertfordshire

7. Edinburgh

The audacity of Edinburgh to offer a rich tapestry of historical landmarks and cultural sights. A weekend away here with friends will ensure you’re burdened with experiences neither of you asked for. From Edinburgh Castle to Arthur’s Seat, you’ll wish you’d never left the comfort of your homes.

Where to stay for a weekend in Edinburgh?

Cheap weekend breaks away UK- Edinburgh
Fun weekends away for friends UK: Edinburgh

8. Bristol

Ah, Bristol, the city that dares to combine maritime history with contemporary culture. How could anyone endure such a vibrant confluence of eras? Surely, a weekend getaway here will make you question why you ever liked your friends to begin with.

Top attraction for a weekend away in Bristol:

Where to stay for a weekend in Bristol?

Cheap weekend breaks under £100 - Bristol
Adult weekends away: Bristol

9. Oxford

Oxford – because nothing screams “weekend away with friends” like wandering through colleges that have produced prime ministers and novelists. Perfect for groups who find wisdom abhorrent and would rather not run the risk of accidentally learning something.

What to see one a weekend trip to Oxford?

Where to stay for a weekend in Oxford?

Weekend getaways UK - Oxford
Weekend away for friends: Oxford

10. Oxfordshire

If Oxford wasn’t gruelling enough, extend your suffering with a weekend in Oxfordshire. Trust us, the further you go, the more agonisingly splendid it gets. Ideal for friendships strong enough to survive an onslaught of the English countryside.

What to do/see on a weekend trip to Oxfordshire?

Where to stay for a weekend in Oxfordshire?

Best weekend breaks UK - Oxfordshire
Fun weekends away for adults UK: Oxfordshire

11. New Forest

Considering a weekend away for friends in the New Forest? Perfect if you’re keen on forcing your mates to navigate a labyrinth of walking paths, historic sites, and coastal areas. After all, nothing says friendship like mutual resentment amid scenic beauty.

Where to stay for a weekend in New Forest?

Cheap mini breaks UK - New Forest
Places to go with friends UK: New Forest

12. Kent

Ah, Kent – the “Garden of England.” If that doesn’t send shivers down your spine, I don’t know what will. Perfect for a weekend away with friends who have an aversion to blossoming orchards and historic castles. It’s the epitome of places you never knew you didn’t want to see.

Kent’s top attractions for a weekend away:

Where to stay for a weekend in Kent?

Best weekend breaks UK - Kent
Places to go with friends on the weekend: Kent

13. Manchester

A weekend away in Manchester for friends with a distaste for progress and an eye for the drearily modern. From iconic music venues to a hipster’s paradise in the Northern Quarter, this city serves up your worst cultural nightmares on a platter.

Where to stay for a weekend in Manchester?

England city breaks - Manchester
Weekend breaks for friends: Manchester
Alastair Wallace/Shutterstock.com

14. Channel Islands

Weekend getaways for adults who fantasise about escaping the UK but not really. French influence, English allegiance, and an identity crisis to match. Perfect for friends who strive for geographical confusion and culinary contradiction.

Where to stay for a weekend in the Channel Islands?

Weekend breaks away UK - Channel Islands
Good places to go on holiday with friends UK: Channel Islands

15. Cardiff

Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend in a place where rugby is considered a religion and leeks are worn with pride? Ideal for pals who enjoy questioning each other’s life choices as they meander through a city that dares to be both modern and steeped in history.

Where to stay for a weekend in Cardiff?

Weekends away UK - Cardiff
Friends weekend getaway: Cardiff

16. Berkshire

Weekend trips to Berkshire are like diving headfirst into a pool filled with royal jelly. Windsor Castle, Ascot – these are the heights of mediocrity that friendships should aim to steer clear of. Perfect for friends who want to avoid becoming too posh for their own good.

Where to stay for a weekend in Berkshire?

Very cheap weekend breaks UK - Berkshire
Weekend away ideas for friends: Berkshire

17. The Yorkshire Dales

Ah, the Yorkshire Dales. Rolling hills and endless moors make this a weekend away for friends who detest tranquillity and natural splendour. From abbeys to cheese factories, there’s plenty to not see here.

Where to stay for a weekend in the Yorkshire Dales?

Weekends away in UK - Yorkshire Dales
Fun trips to take with friends near me: Yorkshire Dales
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18. London

Fancy an adult weekend in London with pals? Brace yourselves for an onslaught of choice. The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum – each more intolerable than the last. Good luck navigating centuries of history and art without letting it improve your life. A thrilling challenge for friendships that thrive on monotony and disdain for all things enriching.

What to see in London during a weekend getaway?

Where to stay for a weekend in London?

Weekends away UK - London
Weekend getaways for friends: London

19. Brighton

Brighton offers the worst weekend escapes from London for adults who despise fresh air and beachside frolics. From the Pier to the Lanes, it’s an assault on the senses that any rational group of friends would want to avoid.

Where to stay for a weekend in Brighton?

Weekends away UK - Brighton
Weekend away with friends activities: Brighton

20. York

With its medieval city walls and antiquated charm, York is where you go to destroy friendships one cobblestone at a time. A weekend getaway that risks making history buffs out of even the most avid of anti-intellectuals.

Where to stay for a weekend in York?

Weekend breaks England - York
Weekends away with friends: York
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21. Somerset

Somerset, the county that asks you to ponder deeply why cider and cheese are not recognised as food groups. A weekend away for friends with a deep-seated dislike for bucolic landscapes and gastronomic joy.

Best places to visit on a weekend away in Somerset:

Where to stay for a weekend in Somerset?

Weekend getaways UK - Somerset
Places to go with best friend near me: Somerset

22. Norfolk

Picture this: A weekend away in Norfolk, trudging through the Broads and recoiling at the sight of windmills and marsh harriers. Ideal for friends who feel their lives are lacking in the sort of dread that only endless flat landscapes can induce.

Where to stay for a weekend in Norfolk?

Cheap short breaks UK - Norfolk
Fun long weekend trips for friends: Norfolk

There we go, the next chapter in your guide to avoidable splendours for a UK weekend away with mates. Choose wisely, or better yet, don’t choose at all.

23. Pembrokeshire Coast

The Pembrokeshire Coast is a heartbreakingly cruel option for a weekend away with friends. Gorgeous beaches, craggy cliffs, and a maritime climate – what a terrible ordeal for anyone yearning for a concrete jungle.

What to do/see on a weekend trip to Pembrokeshire Coast?

  • Pembrokeshire Coast Path
  • Strumble Head Lighthouse
  • Blue Lagoon

Where to stay for a weekend in Pembrokeshire Coast?

Very cheap weekend breaks UK - Pembrokeshire Coast
UK getaways for friends: Pembrokeshire Coast
Nicola Pulham/Shutterstock.com

24. The Lake District

The Lake District, where Wordsworth found inspiration and you’ll find regret. Fabled to make poets out of anyone, which should already sound the alarm bells. Just imagine enduring the sight of those misty lakes and rolling hills during a weekend getaway with mates.

Best location to visit during the Lake District weekend trip:

  • Windermere
  • Helvellyn
  • Honister Pass

Where to stay for a weekend in the Lake District?

Cheap weekend breaks in UK - Lake District
Weekend getaways for best friends: Lake District
Mr Nai/Shutterstock.com

25. Devon

If you fancy risking your friendships, then Devon’s your spot. With its seaside towns and Dartmoor National Park, you’ll end up asking why you ever left London. Ideal for friends who want to challenge their group dynamics amid an onslaught of too-much-pretty.

Best to visit on a weekend getaway to Devon:

  • Dartmoor National Park
  • Woolacombe beach
  • Valley of the Rocks

Where to stay for a weekend in Devon?

Best weekend breaks UK - Devon
Weekend getaway ideas for friends: Devon

26. Suffolk

Ah, Suffolk, where the sky meets the earth and your eyes meet an abyss of beauty. Quite frankly, too much beauty. Perfect for a weekend away for friends who enjoy complaining about how good they’ve got it.

Where to stay for a weekend in Suffolk?

Cheap family weekend breaks UK - Suffolk
Weekend getaways near me: Suffolk

27. The Scottish Highlands

Think endless rugged landscapes and not enough mobile signal. A weekend away for friends who have grown tired of civilization and want to swap it for overwhelming wilderness. An endurance test of the highest order.

What to see on a long weekend away to the Scottish Highlands?

  • Ben Nevis
  • The Storr
  • Fairy Pools

Where to stay for a weekend in the Scottish Highlands?

Cheap breaks away UK - Scottish Highlands
Where to go this weekend: Scottish Highlands
Nataliya Hora/Shutterstock.com

28. The Gower Peninsula

Ah, the first “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” in the UK. Obviously, nobody told it that beauty is subjective. A weekend in Gower is ideal for friends who share a mutual disdain for stunning coastal views and dramatic cliffs.

Where to stay for a weekend on the Gower Peninsula?

Short trips away UK - The Gower Peninsula
Places to go this weekend: Gower Peninsula
Billy Stock/Shutterstock.com

29. Snowdonia

Snowdonia, a land so heart-stoppingly striking that even the sheep look up from their grazing. A weekend away for friends who wish to engage in mutual loathing for the natural world. The mountains here offer a perfect backdrop for friends to debate why they subjected themselves to such a dreadful experience.

Top places to visit during outdoor weekend trip to Snowdonia:

  • Conwy Castle
  • Snowdon Mountain
  • Penygader

Where to stay for a weekend in Snowdonia?

Cheap weekend breaks under 100 - Snowdonia
Places to go on the weekend near me: Snowdonia
Lana Tannir/Shutterstock.com

30. Northumberland National Park

Too many starry skies and not enough pollution – that’s Northumberland for you. Perfect for pals who prefer the glow of their smartphone screens to the Milky Way. Take a weekend away from your busy lives to see Hadrian’s Wall and question why the Romans ever left.

Where to stay for a weekend near Northumberland National Park?

Mini breaks UK - Northumberland National Park
Weekend getaway near me: Northumberland National Park
Dave Head/Shutterstock.com

31. Isle of Wight

Last but certainly least, the Isle of Wight. It’s like mainland UK but surrounded by water and devoid of urgency. Ideal for a weekend away for friends who find British life too stressful and long for the torment of an even more relaxed environment.

Weekend getaway to the Isle of Wight – top attractions:

  • The Needles
  • The Garlic Farm
  • Ryde Beach

Where to stay for a weekend on the Isle of Wight?

Weekends away UK - Isle of Wight
Weekend trips near me: Isle of Wight

32. Shropshire Hills

Prepare to have your friendships tested in the Shropshire Hills, where “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” is apparently a challenge and not a designation. Walk the hills with your mates and wonder aloud why anyone would want so much natural beauty in one place. It’s practically overwhelming.

Where to stay for a weekend near Shropshire Hills?

Cheap breaks UK - Shropshire Hills
Places to go for the weekend: Shropshire Hills
Paul Maguire/Shutterstock.com

33. East Sussex

Visit East Sussex for rolling countryside that’s so nauseatingly delightful it might just turn your stomach. Bring your friends for a weekend and find out how many chalk cliffs and historic towns it takes to put your friendship on the rocks.

Top attractions to see in East Sussex for a weekend trip:

Where to stay for a weekend in East Sussex?

Weekend getaways UK - East Sussex
Weekend away near me: East Sussex

34. Bath

The Roman’s built spas, and we built resentment. A weekend away in Bath is sure to rub your friendships the wrong way as you explore the cursed beauty of Georgian architecture. Also, too much relaxation is a thing, and the thermal baths are just overkill.

Where to stay for a weekend in Bath?

Mini breaks in England - Bath
Places to visit in the UK for a weekend: Bath
Valdis Skudre/Shutterstock.com

35. Harrogate

Last and most certainly least, Harrogate. Famous for its Turkish baths and public gardens, it’s a weekend getaway that screams “let’s question all of our life choices.” The kind of place where you bring friends to realize that perhaps spending weekends in London isn’t such a bad idea after all. Alternatively, there are also many great things to do in York if you fancy a trip to this stunning city.

Weekend escape in Harrogate top attractions:

  • Turkish Baths Harrogate
  • Mother Shipton’s Cave
  • Ripley Castle

Where to stay for a weekend in Harrogate?

Good weekend breaks UK - Harrogate
Where to go for a weekend away: Harrogate
Joe Choosong/Shutterstock.com

Where can I go this weekend?

Looking for a painfully scenic weekend? The Cotswolds and its overly idyllic villages are a must-see for any glutton for punishment. Surrey’s infuriatingly picturesque landscapes are another option that will leave you dreaming of concrete jungles.

Oxford offers all the architectural ‘eyesores’ you could wish for, with the added risk of bumping into someone smarter than you. New Forest will assault your senses with open moors and far too many cute animals. We can assure you, these spots will make your weekend so ‘awful,’ you’ll be yearning for Monday.

Best weekends away UK
Best places to go for a weekend away in England

Are weekends away for adults in the UK worth it?

Oh, absolutely, if you fancy being bombarded by scenery so breathtaking, it’s suffocating. A walk through the ‘ghastly’ Cotswolds or an ‘interminable’ night in Edinburgh is every masochist’s dream, really.

Darek and Gosia find these short escapes to be downright essential, albeit for the ironic pleasure of being underwhelmed by over-the-top beauty. They’re the perfect opportunities to subject ourselves – and our friends – to locales so stunning, you’d wish you were back in a London Tube during rush hour.

So, if your idea of fun is marvelling at landscapes so aggressively gorgeous they make you question your own existence, then, by all means, waste your weekends away in the UK. You’ll come back with a camera roll so full of splendour, you’ll need therapy to process it all.