Is Jurassic Coast worth visiting? Top 28 places on the Jurassic Coast!

Explore 95 miles of beautiful Jurassic Coast – from Old Harry Rocks in Dorset to Exmouth in Devon there are many unique places to see on the Jurassic Coast!

If you’re in the UK and want to see some of the most impressive coastal scenery in England, then the Jurassic Coast is where you should be.

The Jurassic coastline is truly a part of history. The area has been rated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its geological, biological and cultural value as well as for its role in the Industrial Revolution.

Why is the Jurassic Coastline famous?

The Jurassic Coast is the only place in the UK where you can walk along a continuous stretch of coastline that has been undisturbed for millions of years. This isn’t just a pretty sight either – it’s actually one of the most important geological sites in Europe. As such, it’s become a world heritage site and one of England’s most-visited places.

With a few famous British landmarks, the Jurassic Coast is a must-visit place in the South of England. If fact, it’s one of the most magical UK places and of one of our top destinations for a scenic drive!

Where is the best part of the Jurassic Coast?

The Jurassic Coast is a stretch of coastline in Dorset, England. It is one of the most iconic and beautiful places in Britain. The coastline is made up mainly of cliffs that rise up from the sea. The chalk cliffs, which were formed millions of years ago, have eroded over time and given way to some of the most stunning beaches you’ll ever see.

Where does the Jurassic Coast start and end?

The Jurassic Coast (or World Heritage Site) stretches from Old Harry Rocks in Dorset to Exmouth in Devon, including the towns of Lyme Regis and Weymouth.

The coastline is made up of cliffs, cliffs and more cliffs – but that’s no problem for the 2 million visitors who come here each year. There are plenty of attractions along this coastal road too, such as beaches, dunes, caves and beautiful coastal towns near London.

It doesn’t really matter where you start exploring the Jurassic Coast, whether your starting point is in Exmouth or from the area around Old Harry Rocks you still will have the opportunity to see some amazing places alongside the coast.

What to do on the Jurassic Coast - The best places on the Jurassic Coast

What to see on the Jurassic Coast?

The Jurassic coastline of England is one of the most stunning landscapes in the country, with a stretch of coast that rivals many European beaches. The area’s jaw-dropping cliffs, craggy rock formations and arches have been dubbed ‘Britain’s answer to California’.

If you’re planning a weekend trip to Europe but can’t quite commit to leaving your home country – or if you’d just like an excuse to visit our good old island nation – then this may be your answer. Jurassic Coast is always a great choice for a weekend away in the UK or a day trip from London.

Jurassic Coast places to visit (Dorset)

1. Old Harry Rocks

Things to do on the Jurassic Coast? Old Harry Rocks are a majestic and dramatic set of sea stacks on the Jurassic Coast near Swanage, Dorset, England.

Old Harry Rocks is one of the most popular locations on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, but it can get very crowded at peak times so we recommend visiting early or late in the day to avoid crowds and allow plenty of time to explore.

There is no better way to start exploring the Jurassic Coast than visiting Old Harry Rocks!

Things to do on the Jurassic Coast - Old Harry Rocks
Old Harry Rocks

2. Studland

Places to visit on the Jurassic Coast? Studland is one of the best places to see the Jurassic Coast and is a great place to explore all year round.

The area is famous for its fossils, which can be found along the beach and in the surrounding cliffs. The beach itself is a beautiful sandy beach which faces south-east towards the Isle of Wight, making it a popular place for swimming and sunbathing.

Places to visit on the Jurassic Coast - Studland

3. Swanage

What to do on the Jurassic Coast? Swanage is a small town on the south coast of England, in the county of Dorset. It lies at the western end of the Isle of Purbeck, a peninsula to the south-west of London. Swanage has a population of around 10,000, measured at 9,720 in the 2011 census. It is bordered by Corfe Castle to the east and Langton Matravers to the west.

The town’s focal point is The Square which serves as its main thoroughfare and shopping area. Swanage Pier was opened in 1859 by Queen Victoria and is one of only four piers on the south coast still operating today.

What to do on the Jurassic Coast - Swanage

4. Corfe Castle

Unique things to do on the Jurassic Coast? Corfe Castle is a castle in the village of Corfe in the English county of Dorset. It was built in 1067 by William the Conqueror on the site of an earlier Saxon fortification. The first phase was one of the earliest castles in England to be built at least partly using stone when the majority were built with earth and timber.

Fun fact: Corfe Castle has been used as a location for several films and television programmes; most famously its usage as Wayne Manor in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, where it doubled for Arkham Asylum.

Unique things to do on the Jurassic Coast - Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle

5. The Blue Pool

Best things to do on the Jurassic Coast? The Blue Pool gets its name from the colour of its water, which can vary depending on the time of year and level of rainfall. The colour can be due to several factors like the presence of algae and the presence of minerals dissolved from surrounding rocks.

It was originally called “The Blue Lagoon”, but has since been renamed “The Blue Pool” to avoid confusion with other blue lagoons.

Best things to do on the Jurassic Coast - The Blue Pool
The Blue Pool

6. Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay is a bay of the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, England. It is named after Kimmeridge where it is located. The bay consists of a number of small bays including Kimmeridge Bay, Black Ven and Worbarrow Bay. It has been described as “one of the most important geological sites in Europe” due to its fossils and Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site status as a result.

The area has been popular with residents from nearby towns such as Wareham and Swanage since Victorian times, but even earlier than that it was used for smuggling during the Napoleonic Wars. The area has several caves that were used as hiding places for smugglers’ contraband goods such as brandy, wine and tobacco during this time period.

7. Lulworth Cove

Jurassic Coast places to visit? Lulworth Cove is a beautiful natural bay on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England. It is one of the best-known seaside attractions in the county and is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

It is located on the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site, south of Weymouth and north of Swanage. Lulworth Cove’s most prominent feature is its beach, which has been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety.

Jurassic Coast places to visit - Lulworth Cove
Lulworth Cove

8. Stair Hole

Top Jurassic Coast destinations? Stair Hole is a natural coastal sea cave near Lulworth in Dorset, England. It is a popular tourist attraction and can be reached on foot from the nearby village of Durdle Door. The cave itself is about 100 metres long and up to 15 metres deep. It was formed by wave action on the soft sandstone cliffs of the region about 60 million years ago.

The entrance to Stair Hole is at the bottom of a steep path leading from above. The path winds around the side of the cliff before reaching a tunnel that emerges into a small open area with several benches. From here there is another tunnel which leads to an arched opening at the top of the cliff face which gives access to the caves themselves.

Jurassic Coast destinations - Stair Hole
Stair Hole

9. West Lulworth

Best days out on the Jurassic Coast? The charming village of West Lulworth lies at the mouth of the River Lulworth where it meets Weymouth Bay. The area is a favourite for walkers, cyclists and birdwatchers who come to see its diverse wildlife in their natural habitat.

There are also plenty of traditional pubs serving local ales and home cooked food along with cafes serving freshly baked cakes, cream teas and hot meals.

Days out on the Jurassic Coast - West Lulworth
West Lulworth

10. Man O’War Beach

Things to do on the Jurassic Coast this weekend? Man O’War Beach is a beautiful beach located on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England. The beach is named after the famous Man o’ War racehorse. It is a popular location for surfing and swimming in the summer months.

Things to do on the Jurassic Coast this weekend - Man O'War Beach
Man O’War Beach

11. Durdle Door

Places to visit Jurassic Coast? Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, southern England. It is situated near Lulworth Cove, about two miles (3 km) west of Lulworth village.

The arch has been carved by wind and waves over thousands of years. The sea has also eroded the limestone cliffs around it to create the impression of an open mouth, hence its name.

Places to visit Jurassic Coast - Durdle Door
Durdle Door

12. South Coast Path

Beautiful places on the Jurassic Coast? The path follows the coast of southern England, passing through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Dorset and Somerset. From Lulworth Cove to Weymouth, you can walk for miles on breathtaking cliffs and sandy beaches, with plenty of places to stop off for refreshments or a bite to eat.

It is 186 miles (300km) long and follows public rights of way along both sides of the coast. If we ask, we are happy to say that the part of the South Coast Path located on the Jurassic Coast is probably the most beautiful!

Beautiful places on the Jurassic Coast - South Coast Path
South Coast Path

13. Weymouth

Weymouth Dorset is a seaside town in Dorset and the capital of the Purbeck district. It lies on Weymouth Bay, on the English Channel coast, and is a tourist destination with sandy beaches, shops, museums and other attractions.

14. Chesil Beach

Best places to visit on the Jurassic Coast? Chesil Beach is a 3.5 mile stretch of shingle beach on the south coast of England. It lies between the town of West Bay and Portland.

The shingle was deposited at the end of the last Ice Age when melting ice dams caused rivers to flood, depositing sand and gravel across this part of Britain. Over time these deposits have been covered with more layers of shingle to give it its characteristic look today.

Best places to visit on the Jurassic Coast - Chesil Beach
Chesil Beach

15. Isle of Portland

Where to go on the Jurassic Coast? The Isle of Portland is a limestone tied island located in the English Channel, at the southernmost tip of the Dorset peninsula. It’s easy to get around the island by foot or bicycle, or you can take the bus from Weymouth.

It was once an important British port, but now it’s mainly known as a holiday destination for families. Visit some of the main landmarks – Olympic Rings Stone Sculpture, Pulpit Rock Portland and the stunning Portland Bill Lighthouse!

Where to go on the Jurassic Coast - Isle of Portland
Isle of Portland

16. Abbotsbury Swannery

The Abbotsbury Swannery is a Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Abbotsbury, near Weymouth in Dorset. It is one of the largest collections of captive mute swans in the world, with over 400 birds. The Swans have been residents here for many years and are fed daily by volunteers from the local community.

You can enjoy a guided tour around the water meadows and see these beautiful birds in their natural habitat.

17. West Bay

Top Jurassic Coast tourist attractions? West Bay is a small fishing village situated on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. The village is famous for its beautiful scenery, with stunning views over Lyme Bay, which is why it’s one of our top places to visit in the South of England.

It’s also known for having some of the best surfing in the country! If you are in the part of the Jurassic Coast then visit the Station Kitchen too – one of the most unique places to eat on the coast!

The town has become a popular tourist destination since the 1960s, and is now one of the most expensive places to buy property on the south coast of England.

Jurassic Coast tourist attractions - West Bay
West Bay

18. Charmouth

Things to see on the Jurassic Coast? Charmouth Dorset is an English seaside village in the county of Dorset. It lies on the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site, east of Bridport, west of Lyme Regis and north of Exmouth. It is a classic seaside village with a long sandy beach and several rock pools which are ideal for children to explore.

Make sure to visit the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre – it provides information about the geology of the area and has exhibits on local history. The centre also houses an exhibition about Charles Darwin’s work on the Jurassic Coast and displays fossils from the area as well as maps and plans showing how it has changed over time.

Things to see on the Jurassic Coast - Charmouth

19. Lyme Regis

What to see on the Jurassic Coast? Lyme Regis is a small town in the county of Dorset, on the south coast of England. The town was home to the Old Lyme Regis Museum until it closed in 2012. The town has many attractions for visitors, including two piers, one of which is Grade II listed and has been partially rebuilt after fire damage. It has a population of 5,000 and it’s one of the most beautiful coastal towns near London!

What to see on the Jurassic Coast - Lyme Regis
Lyme Regis

Jurassic Coast places to visit (Devon)

20. Seaton

Seaton is a small coastal town in Devon, England. It lies on the River Axe and was formerly a major port. Seaton is situated between Axmouth and Colyton on the B3178 road. It has a population of around 4,500 people, with a further 3,000 people living in surrounding villages.

21. Seaton Tramway

Seaton Tramway, a narrow gauge railway built in 1867, runs along the beach to Colyford where there is a terminus at Colyford station with two platforms and a passing loop.

The line was originally constructed as a horse-drawn tramway running from Seaton to Colyford via Lower Seaton Farm and Snipe Point. Today, it is one of the best tourist attractions on this part of the Jurassic Coast.

22. Branscombe

The village of Branscombe is a small village on the coast in South Devon. It is home to a popular beach and has a population of around 500 residents.

The main attractions of the village are its pubs and restaurants, which serve traditional English food such as fish and chips or roast beef dinners.

23. Branscombe Beach

Branscombe Beach is a well-known beauty spot, with its clear blue sea and fine golden sands. It is a popular location for surfing and fishing. There are several surf schools operating from this location, as well as kayak hire companies.

The beach itself is separated into two bays by a headland called Branscombe Point. The northern bay has a small shingle beach backed by some rocks, while the southern beach has sand dunes at each end and looks out over Start Bay towards Start Point.

24. The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary Devon is a charity based in Devon, England. It is a non-profit making organisation that rescues and rehomes donkeys worldwide.

They provide a safe haven for donkeys in need, supporting them to return to health and rehome them where possible.

If you are interested, you can help us by donating, adopting, fundraising or volunteering at the donkey sanctuary in Devon.

25. Sidmouth

Sidmouth is a small seaside town in South Devon, England. Its main tourist attraction is the South West Coast Path which follows the coast from Exmouth to Padstow. It lies at the mouth of the River Sid and its tributary, the River Axe.

It has a population of around 10,500. Sidmouth lies within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

26. Ladram Bay Viewpoint

Ladram Bay is a small coastal village in the south west of Devon, England.

The coast around Ladram Bay is popular with walkers, who can enjoy views of Ladram Bay Beach and Ladram Bay. Ladram Bay is a long stretch of sand backed by high cliffs and can be accessed by steps that lead down from the cliffs above. The beach is popular with families and dog walkers who come for the clean white sand and warm water.

27. Otterton

Otterton Devon is a small village in Devon, England. It is located near the southern coast of Devon, between Axmouth and Lyme Regis. The village has a pub, The Rising Sun Inn, which has been open since the 18th century and was voted one of the top 50 pubs in Britain.

The Otterton Brook runs through the middle of the village, providing an excellent habitat for many types of wildlife including otters, kingfishers and dippers.

28. Exmouth

The town of Exmouth is situated on the south coast of Devon. It lies between the mouth of the River Exe and the sea. The town is an important centre for tourism, with attractions including a sandy beach, Exmouth Market and Leisure Centre, the Royal Marines Museum and a wide range of shops and restaurants.

Exmouth has been a tourist destination since the late 18th century when it was developed as a fashionable seaside resort. Its pier has been rated as one of the top 10 piers in the world.

Is Jurassic Coast worth visiting?

This question is one of the most asked questions visitors to the Jurassic Coast ask. The answer is “yes”. The coastline is spectacular, imposing and breathtaking. It’s a wonder why some parts of it are sometimes out of bounds due in part to its protection as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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