Top 20 most beautiful sunset spots in Europe! Is any near you?

Europe is home to some of the most magical sunset spots you can imagine. Learn more about the best sunset spots in Europe, which you can enjoy on your next holiday!

There is nothing better than watching a beautiful sunset, and Europe is packed full of some incredible spots to experience exactly that. One of the most wonderful things about the sunset is that as the changing colours fill the sky, there is a real sense of calm and peace that can’t be replicated.

Without a doubt, watching a sunset in a beautiful European place should be on any travel bucket list!

Every place in the world gets sunsets every day, but each in its own exquisitely unique way. If you’re planning your next European adventure and hoping to marvel at some of the best sunsets in the continent, then check out our list of the top 20 sunset spots in Europe.

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Most beautiful sunset spots in Europe

Best sunset spots in Europe:

1. Cape St. Vincent, Algarve

Cape St, Vincent, known as Cabo de São Vicente in Portuguese, is the most western tip of mainland Europe and welcomes tourists from all across the globe. With huge cliffsides, open seascapes and magnificent views, it is clear to see why so many visitors flock to the area all year round. A must-visit on the Algarve coast!

The area boasts a rich history and was known by the Romans as Promontorium Sacrum, or Holy Promontory. It was considered as a mystical location where the sunset could be seen larger than anywhere in the globe. In fact, many believed that the sun sinking here into the ocean marked the edge of the world.

Today at Cape St. Vincent, a quaint lighthouse stands tall and creates a picture-perfect silhouette over the unmissable sunset. Bear in mind that during tourist seasons, this sunset spot gets very busy, so arrive early to get a good view.

The best sunset spots in Europe - Cape St. Vincent, Algarve
Best sunsets in the world in Europe – Cape St. Vincent, Algarve

2. Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria

Located in the municipality of Tejeda, Roque Nublo is a natural monument and the second highest place in Gran Canaria at 1813 metres above sea level. The area was declared a Special Natural Area back in 1987, and for good reason. It is truly spectacular and certainly not a sight to be missed, and the sunsets are the main attraction.

The view during summer extends across the mountains in the west and truly phenomenal. As the sun sets, you are treated to little glimmers from the villages in the distance and the many stars in the night sky.

Where to find the most beautiful sunsets in Europe - Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria
Most beautiful sunset in the world in Europe – Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria

3. As Catedrais Beach, Spain

Known to the locals as Praia das Catedrais, or Cathedrals Beach, this location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is a truly unforgettable sunset spot. It is one of the best-preserved beaches in all of Spain. The coast region features unique monuments and carvings in the cliff edges which were created from the strong winds and the ocean over the years. As Catedrais Beach is the perfect spot for a day out, where you can stay on until the evening to marvel at the stunning sunset.

Whilst the sandy beach gets engulfed by the waves at high tide; you can watch the sunset from the cliffside and see the unique rock formations create beautiful silhouettes against the coloured sky.

Best sunsets in Europe - As Catedrais Beach, Spain
Beautiful sunsets on the beach in Europe – As Catedrais Beach, Spain

4. Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Iceland because of its unimaginable beauty. One of the things that makes it so unique is that passages allow visitors to walk behind the waterfall and enjoy it from every angle. The sun sets in the axis of the powerful waterfall, creating stunning reflections and unforgettable views.

Being just 120km southeast from Reykjavik, Seljalandsfoss can become very busy, but don’t let that put you off experiencing one of the best sunsets in Europe.

Is watching the sunset from behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall on your list of things to do in Iceland?

Best places to watch the sunset near me - Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
Beautiful sunset in the world in Europe – Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

5. Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the top tourist spots in the world, and visitors can experience some of the most breathtaking sunsets here. One of the most famous things to do in all of Italy is take a gondola ride and watch the sunset from the waters of the mystical Venice canals, but the city is lucky enough to have many other incredible ways to watch night draw in.

Rialto Bridge is a great spot for watching the sunset, and you can watch in wonder as the colourful sky fills the impressive views across the canal.

We couldn’t forget to shout out Venice as one of the best sunset spots in Europe, could we?

Sunset spots near me in Europe - Venice, Italy
World’s best sunsets in Europe – Venice, Italy

6. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a magical Austrian town that can only be described as something out of a fairytale. It has often been hailed as the most beautiful towns in Europe, and the sunsets are just another reason to visit. The little town is situated on the edge of Lake Hallstatt, and along the lake edges, there are many wonderful spots to watch the sunset.

We recommend heading out of the town and looking back at it from the water’s edge, as the sun will set behind the backdrop cliffs creating a picture-perfect view.

You will be blown away by how beautiful this place is and really is one of the best sunset spots in Europe!

Amazing Sunset Spots in Europe - Hallstatt, Austria
Most amazing sunsets in Europe – Hallstatt, Austria

7. Valletta, Malta

Valletta is the capital city of the picturesque island of Malta and is one of the smallest capitals in all of Europe. It offers a rich history and many things to see and do on a visit to the city, and seeing the sunset is a must.

There are many spots around the city offering unforgettable sunset views, and one of the best is overlooking Triton Fountain. The beautiful sunset hues fill the sky as the sun fades behind the stunning landscape.

Sunset spots near me in Europe - Valletta, Malta
Places with the best sunsets in Europe – Valletta, Malta

8. Positano, Amalfi

The colourful houses and ancient church of Positano make it a spectacular spot at all times of day, but its true beauty comes to life as the sun sets. The perfect spot for enjoying a glass of your favourite Italian tipple while watching the sun go down.

There are plenty of tour companies offering sunset tours of the Amalfi Coast, and they all stop off at Positano and take visitors to some of the best spots to watch the sun setting. There are some wonderful viewpoints for watching dusk draw in over Positano, a sight that will stay with you forever.

It really is one of the best sunset spots in Europe.

Best sunsets in Europe - Positano, Amalfi
Best place for sunset in Europe – Positano, Amalfi

9. Porto Schiza, Zakynthos

Located in the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is home to Porto Schiza, one of our favourite European sunset spots. It is located near the small village of Kampi, on the west of the island, and there are various local tavernas at the peak of the port to enjoy the view from.

We recommend heading to Porto Schiza for a relaxing evening dinner and enjoying the island’s best view of the sunset while dining on some local cuisine.

Amazing Sunset Spots in Europe - Porto Schiza, Zakynthos
Beautiful beach sunset in Europe – Porto Schiza, Zakynthos

10. Alps, Austria

The Austrian Alps offer many charming spots to view the sunset, and whether you are a keen hiker or not, there is somewhere for you to watch dusk draw in. Gerlitzen Alpe is a mountain which is very popular among hikers and offers stunning views over Carinthia’s lakes and mountains. The view is best as the sun begins to descend, and the scenery is treated to a warming golden glow.

Austria’s highest mountain, The Grossglockner, is also a mystical spot to watch the sunset and it offers impressive views across the Alps networks.

We fell in love with the Austrian Alps straight away and it really is up there with the best sunset spots in Europe.

The best sunset spots in Europe - Alps, Austria
Places with beautiful sunsets in Europe – Alps, Austria

11. Valentia Island, Ireland

One of Ireland’s best-kept secrets is Valentia Island, which offers a rich history and some of the most beautiful views in the country. You can stand on the cliff edge and look out towards Ireland, a view which will leave you feeling like you’re in a different world altogether.

We suggest finding a spot overlooking Beginish Island for the best sunset views. You can also watch it from Portmagee village on the Ring of Kerry.

Amazing Sunset Spots in Europe - Valentia Island, Ireland
Beautiful sunset view in Europe – Valentia Island, Ireland

12. Alpspitze, Germany

The mountain of Alpspitze is famous for the jagged crags and pyramid-shaped summit. It is certainly not a hike for the fainthearted and is a challenge for even experienced mountaineers. If you can reach the peak, the views and the sunsets are unbelievable.

For those more grounded, there are plenty of spots nearby where you can watch the sun sink down behind Alpspitze in a spectacular fashion.

Best places to watch the sunset near me - Alpspitze, Germany
Sunset beautiful in Europe – Alpspitze, Germany

13. Hel, Poland

Hel is a very small port town that is located at the Puck Bay in Hel Peninsula. The quaint town is surrounded by beaches, sea and pine forests, with many local attractions and beautiful sights. Almost engulfed on all sides by the Baltic Sea, Hel is popular among tourists and visitors who flock to the area for the sandy beaches and stunning sunsets.

Head to the beach in the evening and pick a quiet spot to sit and marvel at the beautifully rich colours that fill the sky as the sun drops behind the ocean.

The best sunset spots in Europe - Hel, Poland
Where are the most beautiful sunsets in Europe – Hel, Poland

14. Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark

An amusement park might not be your first thought for places to watch a beautiful sunset, but Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is something truly spectacular. It is the most popular attraction in the whole of Denmark, thanks to its wild rides, wonderful atmosphere and unique concerts.

As well as all this, it is one of the best spots to watch the sun go down in all of Europe. The incredible flowers and gardens make for a charming backdrop with night drawing in and create a picture-perfect moment all year round.

Best places to watch the sunset near me - Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark
Best sunset view in the world in Europe – Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark

15. El Tajo Ronda, Spain

El Tajo Ronda is a magnificent town near Malaga and highly regarded as one of the most incredible places in Spain to see the sunset. Head to the bottom of the El Tajo canyon and watch as the old town and bridge are bathed in a cosy orange tone as the light disappears.

This unique sunset experience can transport you back in time and gives a glimpse into what El Tajo Ronda was like in its all historical glory.

It’s one of our favourite towns and possibly one of the best places in Europe to watch the sunset.

Best sunsets in Europe - El Tajo Ronda, Spain
Best sunset view near me in Europe – El Tajo Ronda, Spain

16. Suspension Bridge In Ramsau Am Dachstein, Austria

The Dachstein Suspension Bridge in Ramsau am Dachstein is a must-visit on any trip to Austria, and not just because it is one of the best sunset spots in Europe. This popular attraction offers unbeatable views across the mountains and is the highest suspension bridge in Austria.

It provides an unrestricted line of sight for 400 metres down towards the Dachstein Massif, making way for beautiful sunset experiences.

It really is a contender for the best places to watch the sunset in Europe!

The best sunset spots in Europe - Suspension Bridge In Ramsau Am Dachstein, Austria
Sunset places near me in Europe – Suspension Bridge In Ramsau Am Dachstein, Austria

17. Dolomites, Italy

Often referred to as the ‘Pale Mountains’, the Dolomites offer everything from alpine sports to restaurants. However, it is the sunsets that really steal the show and can create memories that will last a lifetime. There are various spots throughout the Dolomites where you can marvel at the beautiful sunsets.

One of our favourites is the village of San Genesio which has lush green landscapes contrasting the red tones from the Rosengarten. Just below San Genesio is Sopra Bolzano, which can be reached by cable car and also offers unique sunset experiences.

Sunset spots near me in Europe - Dolomites, Italy
Most beautiful sunsets in the world in Europe – Dolomites, Italy

18. Pllek Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pllek is a quaint little place that isn’t well known among tourists, and yet is one of the most beautiful spots in all of the Netherlands. It is based just across the river from Amsterdam and reachable by ferry and taxi. The journey out of the city of Amsterdam is well worth it for the incredible sunset views.

When the sun begins to set, the sky lights up as if on fire and reflects of the glimmering water. It is a hotspot among locals, not just because of the unbeatable sunset views, but also the beach vibes and relaxed atmosphere.

It really is one of the most unique places to watch the sunset in Europe.

Amazing Sunset Spots in Europe - Pllek Amsterdam, Netherlands
Best sunset spots near me in Europe – Pllek Amsterdam, Netherlands

19. Market Square Bruges, Belgium

The Market Square of Bruges was once the scene of many mediaeval fairs, festivals and celebrations, and is an interesting spot that is steeped in history. Today, it has become a popular visitor destination with many tourists heading there to see the Belfry Tower.

Market Square Bruges is a must-visit spot on any trip to Belgium, and the beauty doesn’t stop as the night draws in. As the sun sets, the beautiful coloured buildings adopt a warm glow, which is even more spectacular when the skies are clear.

Best sunsets in Europe - Market Square Bruges, Belgium
Best places for sunsets near me in Europe – Market Square Bruges, Belgium

20. London, England

London has so much to offer, and awe-inspiring sunsets are certainly something to be seen in England’s capital. There are many spots to enjoy the sun going down in charming London. We love watching the sunset from the top of Primrose Hill, where you can watch the colourful skies descend behind the London skyline.

The Shard is another top pick for watching sunsets over the city, and at 306 metres high it is the tallest building in all of Europe.

Best places to watch the sunset near me - London, England
Sunset spot near me in Europe – London, England

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Ready to catch a sunset in Europe?

Wherever your next European adventure takes you, be sure to plan some time at these top sunset spots. Bring your camera and capture some of the most unforgettable views as dusk draws in across the continent.

So, what is your favourite spot in Europe to watch the sun going down?

Most beautiful sunset spots in Europe

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