Hambleden Buckinghamshire – 7 things to do in Hambleden village!

Nestled in the picturesque Hambleden Valley, the village of Hambleden in Buckinghamshire is the perfect escape everyone needs to experience. Whether you’re wandering around its charming streets or indulging in a Sunday roast at the Stag & Huntsman, there’s no denying this village’s allure.

Surrounded by the stunning Chiltern Hills, Hambleden’s rustic brick and flint cottages exude timeless beauty. The heart of the village beats with its medieval church, the inviting pub, and the quaint Hambleden Village Stores.

For those in search of an authentic British village vibe or contemplating a day trip from London, Hambleden is the destination. Not only is it one of Buckinghamshire’s jewels, but it’s also an essential addition to any UK bucket list!

Peek into its rich past, and you’d discover that Hambleden has tales to tell – like its mention in the Domesday Book of 1086 or being the birthplace of William Henry Smith, the man behind the famous WH Smiths bookshop. Just a stone’s throw from Henley on Thames, it’s a delightful slice of English countryside charm, waiting to be explored.

Amidst the natural beauty and historical tales, Hambleden offers more than just visual treats. Visitors can immerse themselves in local traditions, festivals, and events that paint a vivid picture of life in this part of Buckinghamshire. Whether it’s a stroll through the lush landscapes, sipping on a locally brewed ale, or attending a community gathering, there’s always something happening in this vibrant village.

For those wanting to truly understand and feel the essence of the English countryside, a day in Hambleden provides memories to last a lifetime.

Hambleden Buckinghamshire
Hambleden, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

Where is Hambleden?

Hambleden is at the very south of Buckinghamshire. It’s nestled amongst the Chiltern Hills to the west of London. The village is roughly halfway between the towns Reading and High Wycombe.

Where is Hambleden
Where is Hambleden valley?

Hambleden postcode

The postcode for Hambleden, a village in Buckinghamshire, UK, is RG9 6RP.

How to get to Hambleden from London?

To get from Hambleden from London, you have two options. You can drive, or you can take a bus and a train.

By car

It takes about an hour and a half to drive to Hambleden from the centre of London, depending on the traffic. You follow the M40 to the outskirts of High Wycombe. Here you turn off on the A404 before taking the A4155 through Marlow and finally to Hambleden.

On public transportation

There are two main options to get to Hambleden from London, using public transportation. You can either take the Chiltern Railways train from Marylebone to High Wycombe and then take the Reading bus to Hambleden. Or, you can take the GWR train from Paddington station to Reading. From Reading, you take the High Wycombe bus to Hambleden.

Both routes take between 1hr 30mins and 2hrs. It just depends on the timing of the transfers.

How to get to Hambleden from London
Hambleden Bucks

Accommodation in Hambleden

Hambleden is a small village located in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, UK, and it primarily consists of residential properties. There are not many accommodation options in the village itself, but there are several nearby towns and villages that offer a range of options. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Frog, Skirmett: This traditional English country pub is located just 2 miles from Hambleden and offers comfortable accommodation in the form of four guest rooms. The pub also serves great food and ales.
  • The Stag and Huntsman, Hambleden: This charming pub and restaurant has four luxurious bedrooms, each with a stylish ensuite bathroom. The Stag and Huntsman is located in the heart of Hambleden, so it’s a convenient option if you want to stay in the village itself.
  • The Crown Inn, Henley-on-Thames: Located just 5 miles from Hambleden, The Crown Inn is a beautiful 16th-century coaching inn that offers elegant and stylish accommodation in the heart of Henley-on-Thames.
  • The Five Arrows, Waddesdon: This beautiful boutique hotel is located around 13 miles from Hambleden in the picturesque village of Waddesdon. The hotel offers 16 individually styled rooms, each with unique decor and modern amenities.
  • The Olde Bell, Hurley: This historic coaching inn is located around 6 miles from Hambleden and offers comfortable and stylish accommodation in the form of traditional and modern rooms. The Olde Bell also has a fantastic restaurant and bar.

What has been filmed in Hambleden?

Hambleden is such a gorgeous backdrop that it has featured in a few TV shows and films. Midsummer Murders often film in the village, so you can often catch a glimpse of the cute cottages on the show.

Any children of the 90s will likely remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When the family first takes their car out for a drive, they pass through a village square with a lovely mediaeval church. If you find yourself in Hambleden, you should spot the road with ease.

Most recently, Hambleden took on the role of the fictional town of Tadfield in the television version of ‘Good Omens’. While it’s the antichrist’s home in the show, it certainly makes for a lovely location for the apocalypse to begin!

Just a few of the villages’ other credits include – The Captive Heart, The Witches, Dance With A Stranger, 101 Dalmations, Band Of Brothers, and Nanny McPhee Returns!

What has been filmed in Hambleden
Hambleden, Buckinghamshire

What is Hambleden famous for?

Hambleden is a small village with a long and interesting history. Here are some things that Hambleden is famous for:

  • Historic buildings: Hambleden is known for its beautiful historic buildings, including the 14th-century church of St. Mary the Virgin and the Hambleden Mill, a 17th-century water mill.
  • Filming location: Hambleden has been used as a filming location for several movies and TV shows, including “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “Goodnight Mister Tom”, and “Midsomer Murders”.
  • Location in the Chiltern Hills: Hambleden is located in the Chiltern Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is surrounded by picturesque countryside and charming villages.
  • The Hambleden Valley: The village of Hambleden is located in the Hambleden Valley, which is known for its stunning views, scenic walks, and abundance of wildlife.
  • Traditional village events: Hambleden hosts several traditional village events throughout the year, including a summer fete, a bonfire night celebration, and a Christmas carol service. These events help to bring the community together and celebrate the village’s rich history and traditions.

What to see in Hambleden?

1. The Stag & Huntsman

Any good pubs in Hambleden Buckinghamshire?

Planning a weekend getaway in England? Buckinghamshire is one of the most beautiful areas in southern England, so choosing Hambleden as your base is a great choice!

The Stag and Huntsman hotel in Hambleden offers with free Wi-Fi and free parking on site. It is a perfect place to stay in the heart of the village.

Things to do in Hambleden village - The Stag & Huntsman

2. St Mary the Virgin Church Hambleden

The village church in Hambleden is central to the village. It is a wonderful example of mediaeval church design. It dates from the 14th Century and is still standing proudly. There is a tower with red tiles that houses eight bells. It’s believed that the bells were first rung in 1415 around the time of the victory at Agincourt.

If you visit the village during the summer, you may enjoy a musical concert in the church or take a spot of cream tea. They only serve these on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.

Hambleden Buckinghamshire - St Mary the Virgin Church Hambleden
Hambleden Church

3. Hambleden walks

Hambleden is perfectly situated to be the starting point for many great walks. With its location in the Chiltern Hills, you’re guaranteed an outstandingly beautiful excursion. There are two great circular walks to try which are definitely among some of the best places for hiking near London!

Pheasant’s hill trail

This is a five-mile loop that starts and ends in the public car park right by the Stag & Huntsman pub in town. You head east out of the village and descend through the nearby hamlet of Pheasant’s Hill. Next is the climb back up out of the opposite side of the valley, which takes you through the area’s beech trees.

You find your way back to the village by following along the brook. The walk should take around two and a half hours.

Things to do in Hambleden village - Hambleden walks - Pheasant's hill trail
Hambleden Valley Buckinghamshire

Hambleden Mill to Henley-on-Thames

You can start from the Mill End Car Park in the south of the village for a slightly longer circular route. The loop takes you over and then along the River Thames to the town called Henley-on-Thames. This is a great walk if you want to see all the boats on the Thames. You walk the route of the Henley Regatta.

The return loop brings you to the top of the small hill by Remenham, which gives you some breathtaking views of the Thames valley. The walk should take around three hours to complete.

Hambleden Mill to Henley-On-Thames
Hambleden near Henley-on-Thames

4. Manor House

Opposite the church, across the town square, is an Elizabethan manor house. It was initially the home of Maria Carmela Viscountess of Hambleden. This gorgeous manor house was built in 1603.

It’s a beautiful old building made of the same brick and flint as the village’s cottages. It just takes these materials to another level with the scale of the building.

5. Wheelers Butchery

On the high street of Hambleden, you can find Wheelers Butchery. The classic red frontage is so quintessentially representative of British village life that it is used as the backdrop for many films and TV shows filmed in the village.

Things to do in Hambleden village - Wheelers Butchery
Hambleden England

6. Hambleden village shop

One of the hallmarks of small village life is that there is one village shop that does a little bit of everything. The village shop in Hambleden is the perfect example of this.

Inside the shop, you can do your grocery shopping, pick up a newspaper from the post office, and sit in the cafe for a spot of tea and yummy pastry.

This is also where you can exchange your currency, where you’ll find the village ATM, and pay your bills. Village life certainly revolves around this village store!

Hambleden Buckinghamshire - Hambleden village shop
Hambleden shop

7. Get flowers from Hambleden village

While walking around the village you might see that there are flowers waiting for you to buy some.

Have some cash by you so you can get them as a souveniere from Hambleden village, but remember to coins too as there is nobody to give you change back 😉

Hambleden Buckinghamshire - Get flowers from Hambleden village
Hambleden UK

Hambleden village history

Hambleden is a small village in Buckinghamshire, UK, with a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the 12th century. Here are some key points in the history of Hambleden:

  • The name “Hambleden” is thought to come from the Old English words “hamel” (meaning crooked or irregular) and “denu” (meaning valley). The name reflects the village’s location in a picturesque and irregularly-shaped valley.
  • The Domesday Book, a survey of England completed in 1086, recorded Hambleden as a small hamlet with a population of around 60 people.
  • In the 12th century, a stone church was built in Hambleden, which is now known as St. Mary the Virgin. The church is one of the village’s most historic and beautiful buildings.
  • During the 16th century, Hambleden became known for its flourishing wool trade, which brought wealth to the village and allowed for the construction of many of the historic buildings that still stand today.
  • In the 19th century, Hambleden was home to several important figures, including the Duke of Buckingham, who owned the Hambleden estate, and William Henry Smith, the founder of W.H. Smith bookshops.
  • During World War II, Hambleden was used as a training ground for Allied troops preparing for the D-Day landings. The village was also used as a filming location for propaganda films during the war.
  • Today, Hambleden is a peaceful and picturesque village that is known for its historic buildings, beautiful countryside, and strong sense of community. It remains a popular destination for visitors who want to experience the charm and beauty of rural England.

Pubs in Hambleden

Hambleden village has one pub called The Stag and Huntsman. Here is some information about the pub:

  • History: The Stag and Huntsman is a historic country inn that dates back to the 18th century. It was originally a coaching inn and was popular with travellers heading to and from London.
  • Location: The pub is located in the heart of the village, and is surrounded by picturesque countryside and charming historic buildings.
  • Food and drink: The Stag and Huntsman offers a range of traditional pub food, including hearty mains, sharing platters, and classic pub snacks. The pub also has a great selection of ales and beers, including local brews and international favourites.
  • Accommodation: The Stag and Huntsman offers comfortable and stylish accommodation, with nine rooms available for overnight stays. Each room is individually decorated and features en-suite facilities and modern amenities.
  • Events: The pub hosts a range of events throughout the year, including live music nights, pub quizzes, and special themed dinners.
  • Outdoor seating: The Stag and Huntsman has a large outdoor seating area, with views of the village and surrounding countryside. This is a great place to relax and enjoy a drink or a meal during the summer months.

Hambleden tourist information

Hambleden is a small village located in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, UK. It is a charming and picturesque destination that offers a range of attractions and activities for visitors. Here is some tourist information for Hambleden:

  • Things to see and do: Hambleden is known for its historic buildings, scenic countryside, and charming village events. Some of the top things to see and do in Hambleden include visiting the 14th-century church of St. Mary the Virgin, exploring the Hambleden Mill, going for a scenic walk in the Hambleden Valley, and attending one of the village’s traditional events, such as the summer fete or the bonfire night celebration.
  • Accommodation: While there are not many accommodation options in Hambleden itself, there are several nearby towns and villages that offer a range of options, including country inns, hotels, and bed and breakfasts.
  • Getting there: Hambleden is located around 6 miles west of Marlow and around 5 miles north of Henley-on-Thames. It is easily accessible by car via the M40 motorway, and there are also several bus routes that connect the village to nearby towns and cities.
  • Eating and drinking: Hambleden is home to a charming country pub, The Stag and Huntsman, which serves great food and ales. There are also several other dining options in nearby towns and villages, including Henley-on-Thames and Marlow.
  • Tourist information: For more information about visiting Hambleden and the surrounding area, you can visit the official tourist information website for Buckinghamshire, or stop by one of the local tourist information centres, such as the one in Marlow.

Hambleden shops

Hambleden doesn’t have many shops. However, there are a few businesses in the village that offer a range of goods and services. Here is some information about the shops in Hambleden:

  • The Village Shop: The Village Shop is a community-run shop that offers a range of groceries, including fresh produce, dairy products, and household essentials. The shop is run by volunteers and also serves as a hub for the local community.
  • Hambleden Herbs: Hambleden Herbs is a small business that specialises in growing and selling a range of organic herbs and spices. The business has a small shop and a beautiful herb garden, which is open to visitors during the summer months.
  • The Vintage Look: The Vintage Look is a small shop that sells a range of vintage and antique items, including clothing, jewellery, and home decor. The shop is open by appointment only.
  • The Hambleden Estate: The Hambleden Estate is a large estate that includes several businesses, including a farm shop, a wine merchant, and a brewery. The estate produces a range of high-quality products, including organic vegetables, locally sourced meats, and award-winning wines and beers.
  • Artisan Bakery: The Artisan Bakery is a small business that produces a range of delicious breads, cakes, and pastries. The bakery has a small shop where customers can purchase fresh-baked goods.

Places to visit near Hambleden village:

Is it worth visiting Hambleden?

If you want to understand why English villages are so often romanticised in film and TV, Hambleden is the perfect location. It is the epitome of English village life. It’s set in beautiful surroundings, and the buildings are lovely and fascinating.

Ready to explore one of the most magical places in England? Head out to Hambleden in Buckinghamshire!

Psst… it is also a perfect location for a day trip out of London 😉

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Explore Hambleden, Buckinghamshire’s hidden gem

Discover the timeless charm of Hambleden, a village where history, beauty, and tradition come together. From scenic walks in the Hambleden Valley to the warm ambiance of the local pub near Henley on Thames, it’s a destination that caters to both relaxation and exploration. Engage with the community at Hambleden Village Stores, and immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of the Chiltern Hills.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or just in search of an authentic British experience, Hambleden in Buckinghamshire, England, UK, promises a unique and enriching experience that’s worth adding to your travel itinerary.

Hambleden Buckinghamshire
Hambleden Chilterns

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