Turville Buckinghamshire – TOP 5 things to do in Turville village!

Visit Turville village & have an amazing day out in Buckinghamshire. From stunning walks and top British pub to a beautiful windmill – there is a lot to see in Turville!

Turville is a small village in the heart of the Chiltern Hills. It is a quintessentially English village and offers a peek into rural life.

There are many great places to visit on a day trip from London, but Turville village is a real gem in Buckinghamshire and it has to be seen.

If you are planning a UK getaway trip and consider Turville as your base, book The Cart Shed or find a hotel nearby Turville.

Are you ready to explore one of the most beautiful villages in England? Turville village really is a must-visit place in England and a top Midsomer Murders location.

Where is Turville?

Turville is in the county of Buckinghamshire in an area known as the Chiltern Hills. Chiltern Hills is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The nearest town to Turville is Henley-on-Thames which lies around 8 miles to the South.

If you are looking for an unspoilt place to visit in Southern England and a great spot for hiking near London, Turville will be a perfect choice!

Turville Buckinghamshire
Turville, Buckinghamshire

How to get to Turville from London?

The best way to get to Turville from London is by car. You head out of the city on the M40 and come off at junction 5. The journey takes around 1 hour 10 minutes – 1 hour 40 minutes depending on the time of day and the traffic.

There are no good options to get to Turville by public transport. It’s quite a small village, so there aren’t any regular routes from London. If you don’t have a car, your best option will be to take the Chiltern railway from Marylebone station as far as High Wycombe. You will then need to get a taxi to get the rest of the way to Turville.

This really is one of the nice villages near London to visit.

How to get to Turville from London
Village of Turville

Turville parking

Turville is a tiny village. The village square is just a small green. Your best option for parking is next to the Bull & Butcher, the pub in the centre of the village. You can also try the spaces that are near the village church. 

It’s best to avoid parking on the side of the road. The roads in and around Turville are very narrow, and in some places, there is only space for a single car at a time.

Turville village Buckinghamshire - Turville parking
Turville UK – parking

Explore the best things to do in Turville Buckinghamshire and top ideas for day out in Turville Bucks:

Top things to do in Turville

1. Turville Windmill

If you head up the footpath that snakes between the church and the green, you’ll have a steep climb ahead of you. However, once you reach the top, you will be presented with the windmill from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ or Cobstone windmill as the locals call it. 

The windmill used to supply the village with flour. But, in the late 1970s, it was converted into guest accommodation.

Once you’ve taken some snaps of the windmill, don’t forget to turn around and take in the view. The reward for your climb is a gorgeous vista over the village and the Chiltern Hills.

Turville Buckinghamshire - Turville Windmill
Turville windmill walk

2. Turville pub

Being a small village, you will only find one pub. It is, however, an excellent pub, so that’s ok. The Bull & Butcher is, from the outside a lovely rural village pub. The building has a Tudor style exterior, and ivy plants are growing up the walls. It is picture-perfect.

Inside the pub, you will find a classy and up-to-date gastropub that serves terrific food. If you plan on eating there during the weekend, you should book in advance as they are often full up. 

If the weather’s nice, you might want to enjoy your drink and meal in the extensive beer garden. There are picnic tables in a lovely green and flowery garden to the side of the pub. There’s plenty of space to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounds. If you’re lucky, you might even get to watch the horses in the neighbouring field.

Turville village Buckinghamshire - Turville pubs
Pubs in Turville

3. Turville church

The small village church in Turville is picture-perfect. St Mary The Virgin Church, is tranquil and idyllic both inside and out. The church is surrounded by a lovingly tended graveyard that is worth wandering through. There is something comforting about the wonky gravestones that are dotted about the grass.

If the church looks familiar to you, then it might be because you’ve seen it on the small screen before. It played to role of St Barnabas Church in the long-running sitcom Vicar Of Dibley, starring Dawn French.

Turville Buckinghamshire - Turville church
Turville in Buckinghamshire – church

4. Turville walks

If you want to take a walk around Turville, one of your best options is to follow the Turville TV trail. It is a 5km circular walk that will take you around all the filming locations in the village and surrounding area. 

The walk starts from the village green. As you proceed around the loop, you will pass through woodlands and field paths. If there has been any rain within a week there will be mud, so come prepared.

The walk is quite gentle and should be accessible to most people. There is one lengthy ascent, but it’s reasonably mild. The descent on the trek is much steeper. You will need to pass through a few gates and over three different styles.

The route is easy to follow and takes you onto the Chiltern Way for a time, as well as over the chalk hills of Chilterns. The whole walk is quite beautiful. You should plan for it to take 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.

It really is one of the best areas for hiking near London!

Turville Buckinghamshire - Turville walks
Turville England

5. The Barn at Turville Heath

If you’re looking for a peaceful spot, then The Barn at Turville health is just the spot. It’s a lovely cafe set up in an isolated location. They are so keen on creating a tranquil experience that they don’t have any parking, so there is no roar of car engines to spoil the quiet.

The nearby Turville Heath Woods is also known as one of the best forests near London – perfect for a summer walk!

If you are looking for a beautiful place in England where you can have lunch, the Barn at Turville Heath has to be on your list!

Turville village Buckinghamshire - The Barn at Turville Heath
Turville Village

What was filmed in Turville?

Turville has made an appearance in a large number of films and TV shows over the years. So much so that you can wander around and find the place surprisingly familiar. The village is picture-perfect, with its Tudor styles house, each and every one with plants growing up the side and full green hedges everywhere you look. Even the roads are framed in greenery!

In the Vicar Of Dibley, Turville was the village of Dibley, and the village church, St Mary The Virgin was the vicar’s church.

The windmill that stands above the village was used in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. Many of the outdoor scenes in ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ were filmed in the village and its surrounds.

You can also spot Turville in Midsomer Murders, Jonathan Creek, Lewis, Marple, The Day of the Triffids and the list goes on!

Turville Buckinghamshire - What was filmed in Turville
Turville England

Places to visit near Turville:

Is it worth visiting Turville?

Turville is a tiny village. If you are looking to hit the shops, then this is not the place to go. If you want to know what life in rural England is like, you love the quintessential British television shows, or you’re looking for some peace; then this is the perfect place to visit.

Without a doubt, Turville is one of the best places to visit in Buckinghamshire and a top British village which is definitely worth visiting!

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