Best beaches in St Lucia – TOP 11 MUST-visit beaches!

Looking for the best beaches in St Lucia? Sugar Beach and Marigot Bay are amongst the most beautiful beaches in Saint Lucia.

St Lucia is renowned for its stunning beaches. If you are trying to find the best beaches St Lucia, then you are in a great place! We have you covered with the top 11 amazing beaches. Just pack your flip flops and be ready for a Caribbean beach holiday!

Saint Lucia is an island country in the Caribbean that is home to two tapered mountains on its west coast. This coast is also full of volcanic beaches, luxury resorts, and a whole host of reef-diving sites. It’s the perfect island to visit if you’re looking to trek into a rainforest and visit 15-metre high waterfalls like the Toraille. Even the capital of the island, Castries, is a popular cruise resort.

Are you ready to explore the St Lucia best beaches? 🙂

Top Beaches in St Lucia

11 best beaches in St Lucia:

1. Sugar Beach

Let’s start our piece with Sugar Beach, a sweet name for an even sweeter location. This beauty has to be on any list of the best St Lucia beaches!

Sugar Beach is a Viceroy Resort, though there is some public access. This particular resort is located among over 100 acres of rainforest, which leads down to two beaches of white sand.

The bay is protected and has some gentler and shallower waters; which are perfect for taking younger children into. This is a resort that caters to all kinds of people, though one could argue that families would benefit the most from staying here.

Amenities include a bar and a spa, as well as a restaurant. There are several sports available in the area, such as windsurfing and snorkelling. The resort also offers a babysitting service, and you can have your wedding here!

Best beaches in St Lucia - Sugar Beach
Sandy beach St Lucia

2. Marigot Bay

St Lucia’s beaches are among the finest in the world and Marigot Bay Beach is in a very top of that list!

Marigot Bay isn’t actually located on the main island of Saint Lucia. There’s a small section of land that is two minutes off of the island where the resort is located.

You can get to Marigot Bay by using a complimentary water taxi. It’s an uncluttered stretch of land with a natural harbour, but it isn’t an island for any exciting activities.

Unlike the main island of Saint Lucia, Marigot Bay is completely quiet and picturesque. It’s better for sailboat watching than any strenuous sports or experiences.

Best beaches in St Lucia - Marigot Bay
Best beaches in Saint Lucia

3. Pigeon Island Beach

Tourists arrive from all over the world with a list of things to do in St. Lucia. At the top of every list is Pigeon Island Beach. Do you agree? 🙂

Pigeon Island Beach has been called beautiful but expensive by its many visitors.

The beach itself is free, of course, but be wary if you’re going to buy anything while you’re there. Alcohol, especially, can be double the price you expect it to be. You’ll also need to pay for the beach seats.

On the plus side, there are some delicious restaurants on the beach and there isn’t any blaring music.

Best beaches in St Lucia - Pigeon Island Beach
Best beaches in St. Lucia

4. Anse Chastanet

Saint Lucia beaches offer the classic Caribbean postcard beauty and Anse Chastanet is one of the most stunning beaches you will visit while on St Lucia!

Anse Chastanet is a unique resort that sits amid 600 acres of hillside. This beach very much has the right atmosphere for anyone looking for a few moments of peace.

The rooms of the resort let you view the sea or the beach, depending on the side of the resort you’re staying on. There are also tonnes of activities here; like kayaking and scuba diving.

For those who are simply looking for a relaxing day, there’s nothing wrong with taking to the beach like a fish to water or laying on the sand.

But, if you would like to be a bit more active over your island visit, you can benefit from jungle biking or bird watching.

Best beaches in St Lucia - Anse Chastanet
Best beach St Lucia

5. Vigie Beach

There are many stunning beaches on St Lucia. Vigie Beach is within walking distance of a nearby cruise port, which is great for anyone passing by the island of Saint Lucia and stopping in for a day or two.

The beach boasts cleanliness, and you won’t find any garbage taking away from the natural scenery. However, there aren’t any lounge chairs or washroom facilities, so make sure you take everything you need with you.

Visitors say that the ocean is warm, even in November. And for authentic, local food, visit Eugenies for amazing Caribbean delights. It can get a little noisy here because the beach is so close to the airport, but it isn’t anything extreme, and it’s definitely not a party beach.

Best beaches in St Lucia - Vigie Beach
St.Lucia beaches

6. Anse Des Sables Beach

St. Lucia is known for majestic mountain views, rainforests and of course, picturesque beaches. If you are looking for sparkling sands and crystal clear water head out to Anse Des Sables Beach – a top-notch beach in St. Lucia island!

Anse des Sables beach is a stretch of white sand that opens out to a shallow bay. It can be found in the south of Saint Lucia, and it has crystal clear water.

Because of the strong gusts of wind at Anse des Sables beach, the area is more popular for guests that want to experience windsurfing. This beach is flanked by the Vieux Fort Bluff, which gives it views that make it look like a paradise.

For anyone that is staying on the south side of Saint Lucia, we couldn’t recommend this beach any more than we already have.

Anse des Sables beach is quite close to Vieux Fort Lighthouse, so visitors have the option to walk or to take a cab to the lighthouse and explore the area around it. If lighthouses aren’t your thing, the George Odium Stadium is less than two miles from this beach, as well. Would you call it the best beach in St Lucia?

Best beaches in St Lucia

7. Reduit Beach

Reduit beach is one of best beaches on St Lucia. It has golden sands and an interesting inflatable complex on the water.

The inflatables add park-like features to the beach, with slides that will dip you down into the ocean waters, and places to simply lay down and relax. Even cloudy days are comfortably warm here, and you’ll have plenty of chances to kick back with a cocktail while your kids play on the bouncy sea-bound inflatables. It’s a different kind of beach, that’s for sure.

It can get quite busy here because people that come from cruise ships stop near this beach and flock towards it. But there are plenty of restaurants and other things to keep everyone entertained; even on the busiest of days.

Best beaches in St Lucia - Reduit Beach
St Lucia best beach

8. Sandy Beach, Vieux-Fort

We couldn’t forget about Sandy Beach in Vieux-Fort on our list of the best beaches Saint Lucia, could we?

Sandy beach is great for kitesurfing and windsurfing! This beach has medium-sized waves, which are great for everyone from the experiences to those who have never tried a water sport before.

The beach is also located in the perfect place for anyone that wants one last dip in the sea before they head off to the airport. Or, if you happen to be staying at Coconut Bay Resort, you can wander out to this beach and enjoy the sights.

There are tour options that cover this beach, as well as other areas of the east of Saint Lucia. Some even offer photography included in the price! No need to get that selfie stick out or try and find someone to take a picture for you.

The bars here are nicely priced, and you won’t overpay for anything that you want to drink.

Best beaches in St Lucia - Sandy Beach, Vieux-Fort
Beaches in St Lucia

9. La Toc Beach

A fan of bigger and more thrilling waves? La Toc Beach is the place for you! Visitors often head to La Toc for swimming, sailing, paddle-boarding, and kayaking.

Beware of beach vendors, as there are quite a few that will head down to La Toc to sell to tourists. They can be persistent, but a polite and friendly no is the best way to deal with them – unless you do want to buy something, of course!

Guests have also noticed that there is a quite sharp slope that heads down into the sea, so anyone planning on visiting should be cautious when walking into the water; particularly if you have younger children that you’re planning on taking into the sea with you.

The waters can be a bit rougher than other St. Lucia beaches. We won’t deter you, but if you have small children or aren’t very strong, another beach might be better for you and your family to visit. If you do go to La Toc, exercise some caution upon entering the water.

Best beaches in St Lucia - La Toc Beach
St Lucia beaches

10. Choc Beach

A beach that’s not as well known as other beaches on the island of Saint Lucia, but it’s no less beautiful than its fellows.

Choc beach is a different kind of beach, with a sweep of sand and plenty of coconut trees. This beach is studded with hotels, so finding accommodation won’t be a problem for visitors, at least.

This beach is also quite close to Castries, the capital of Saint Lucia. Castries is great for buying souvenirs or going shopping during your visit. Many guests have recommended this area for its friendly and helpful staff members, as well as the amazing cruises from Joy Cruises that run from this area.

11. Soufriere Beach

Last on our list is Soufriere beach! Soufriere beach has a beautiful bay with a great area for snorkelling at the northern end.

There are plenty of activities for children and adults on the beach, and it’s used by guests and locals for relaxation and fun. The view is amazing, and unlike other beaches on Saint Lucia, it’s not a destination that is catered directly towards tourists – so you won’t be bothered by people trying to sell you things or overcharge you for beach seats.

The spires of the Pitons rise over the water here, and with the sun beating down and creating beautiful colours over the sea, it’s a sight you won’t soon forget.

Best beaches in St Lucia - Soufriere Beach
Beaches in Saint Lucia

Is St Lucia great for a beach holiday?

The island of Saint Lucia has a variety of beaches, with sands that are coloured from silver to black, with golden tones in between. The island is one of the best places in the Carribean for a beach holiday.

It’s difficult to find a beach that doesn’t meet your needs on this island; whether that’s relaxing and sunbathing or going diving and seeking thrills.

Some of the beaches are livelier than others, hosting bars and extreme water sports, while others are backed by jungle overgrowth and perfect for a day in the sun without any worries.

Best beaches in St Lucia

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