Where is Midsomer Murders filmed? TOP 20 Midsomer Murders locations!

Best Midsomer Murders locations – visit Wallingford, Thame and other towns & villages in the Chilterns. Have you been to any of the locations where Midsomer Murders episodes were filmed?

Have you been to the Midsomer town in the county of Causton in England? We haven’t, as it… doesn’t exist! 😉

Ever wanted to feel like Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby? Well, you will probably never take part in ITV’s Midsomer Murders series, but you can visit some of the top locations.

If you love quintessential English landscape, old churches, British pubs with a bit of crime drama, then you are probably one of the 8 million people who regularly watch this ITV show.

The licence was also sold to around 100 countries with millions of tourists wanting to visit quintessential rural England. And we don’t blame them! The Midsomer Murders locations are amongst the best places to visit in England.

Where is Midsomer Murders filmed?

The Midsomer town is a fictional place and is filmed mainly across 3 beautiful towns in Oxfordshire. If you are looking to visit some of the best market towns in the UK, then the set locations Thame, Wallingford and Henley-on-Thames have to be on your list!

It has to be said that Oxfordshire, together with Buckinghamshire, are the two main counties where the crime drama is filmed. But there are also a few others that were part of many episodes.

Whether you are looking for the best weekend breaks in the UK or ideas for a day trip from London, the Midsomer Murders locations are always a great choice!

Midsomer Murders where filmed?

Best Midsomer Murders towns Oxfordshire:Wallingford
Midsomer location in England Buckinghamshire:Amersham
Shere was Midsummer Murders filmed in Herts:Aldbury
Top villages in Midsomer Murders:Hambleden

Midsomer Murders Locations Tour from London

Ready to learn about the top locations? We are happy to present the 20 best Midsomer Murders locations 🙂

Midsomer Murders locations
Where Midsomer Murders filmed?

TOP Midsomer Murders locations

Explore the best Midsomer Murders filming locations and our top Midsomer Murders locations by episode:

1. Wallingford

Where was Midsomer Murders filmed? Let’s start with a big one! Wallingford is probably the most recognisable location of the drama and also home to the main character Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby.

You probably have seen him wandering here. The Corn Exchange, central Market Place and the Wallingford bridge are the top locations from the Midsomer Murders in Wallingford.

If you are in Oxfordshire, make sure you visit this location!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Wallingford:

Midsomer Murders locations - Wallingford
Midsomer England location: Wallingford

2. Amersham

Best locations for Midsomer Murders? There are a few places in Old Amersham, which were used in 6 Midsomer Murder episodes. The main high street, Amersham’s Antique Shop and the Maltings have to be on the list of any Midsomer Murder enthusiast.

Amersham’s hospital is known as the Causton’s Hospital in the crime drama, but we hope you don’t have any reason to visit it ?

Old Amersham was also chosen for the 100th episode called The Killings of Copenhagen, so it has to be a special location to visit! It probably is one of the most beautiful places in the Chilterns.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Amersham:

Midsomer Murders locations - Amersham
Where’s Midsomer Murders filmed: Amersham

3. Fingest

Top Midsomer Murders pub locations? If you are on the Midsomer Murders tour in Buckinghamshire, you just have to visit Fingest. In fact, this is one of our favourite villages in England!

Without a doubt, Fingest is all about the Chequers Pub and St Bartholomew Church – two most impressive landmarks in the village. Enjoy the view from the pub garden, which according to the locals is the best in the valley – it is definitely one of the best pubs near London to visit!

Is Fingest village on your UK bucket list?

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Fingest:

Midsomer Murders locations - Fingest Buckinghamshire
Where was Midsomer filmed: Fingest

4. Aldbury

Where is Midsomer set? Just over 30 minutes outside London by car lies Aldbury village – one of the most picturesque villages in England and a must-visit location in Hertfordshire!

The village has been declared a conservation area and it’s a popular destination for day trips from London. It is also known for being a set for the two Midsomer Murders episodes. The original stocks and whipping post (used for public punishment) located next to a pond in the middle of the village make it a perfect scenery for the Midsomer mysteries!

Anyone looking for a top Midsomer Murders setting has to visit the village of Aldbury!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Aldbury:

  • Written in Blood
  • Murder of Innocence
Where is Midsomer Murders filmed - Aldbury
Where is Midsommer Murders filmed: Aldbury

5. Goring-on-Thames

Looking for filming locations Midsomer Murders? Apparently, this beautiful English village was featured only once in the crime drama. It was in an episode called Market for Murder.

Unlucky for the location, due to bad weather the scenes were only filmed inside of the Leatherne Bottel riverside dining.

Still, Goring-on-Thames made to our list of the best Midsomer Murders locations as it’s a stunning village and a must-visit place in Oxfordshire!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Goring-on-Thames:

Midsomer Murders locations - Goring-on-Thames
Where did they film Midsomer Murders: Goring-on-Thames

6. Great Missenden

Great Midsomer Murder locations? Going to Great Missenden for a day trip from London? Visit the Roald Dahl Museum, which was used to shot a few scenes for the Painted in Blood episode.

Located in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, Great Missenden is not only a beautiful village where you can easily spend a day out but also a great base for exploring nearby town and villages.

Amersham and Wendover are just a stone throw away from Great Missenden and are known as some of the best places to visit near London.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Great Missenden:

Midsomer Murders locations - Great Missenden
Midsomer Murders where is it set: Great Missenden

7. Beaconsfield

Best Midsomer Murders film locations? Without a doubt, Beaconsfield is one of the top locations for the crime drama. The Beaconsfield Church was featured a couple of times and also number one attraction in the town – Bekonscot Model Village – has made it in one of the episodes.

If you are visiting Beaconsfield, make sure to spend a bit of time in the older part of the town – it really is one of the best places to visit in Buckinghamshire!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Beaconsfield:

  • Written in Blood
  • Blood Will Out
  • Murder on St. Malley’s Day
  • Sins of Commission
  • Ghosts of Christmas Past
  • Four Funerals & A Wedding
Midsomer Murders locations - Beaconsfield
Where does Midsomer Murders take place: Beaconsfield

8. Warborough

Where is Midsomer filmed? With so many Midsomer locations Warborough is mostly recognized due to its amazing pub!

The stunning Six Bells pub in Warborough has been featured in 6 episodes of the Midsummer mysteries making it one of the most popular Midsomer Murders pubs and of the best pubs near London to visit!

We love visiting Midsummer Murders locations – is Warborough on your list?

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Warborough:

  • With Baited Breath
  • Breaking the Chain
  • Bad Tidings
  • Sins of Commission
  • Left for Dead
  • The Night of the Stag
Where was Midsomer Murders filmed - Warborough
Midsomer Murders where is it filmed: Warborough

9. Sonning-on-Thames

We LOVE Sonning on Thames!

Looking for Midsomer villages list? Anyone visiting Berkshire has to see this pretty village. Located on the River Thames was once called the most fairy-like little nook on the whole river.

There are many interesting things to see in Sonning on Thames – and one of them, the Old Forge, was part of the headquarters of the Midsomer Mercury.

So, is Sonning on Thames on your list of the best Midsomer Murders locations?

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Sonning-on-Thames:

  • Written in the Stars
Midsomer Murders locations - Sonning-on-Thames
Where were Midsomer Murders filmed: Sonning-on-Thames

10. Black Park

Where is Midsummer Murders filmed? Located in Buckinghamshire, the Black Park Country Park is a perfect place to visit for someone looking for the best walks near London.

Walk around the lake and see the location where Barnaby did talk to Sandra McKillop in the episode called Beyond the Grave.

Apart od being a great Midsomer Murders location, the Black Park is also one of the best places for a dsy trip from London by car.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Black Park:

Midsomer Murders locations - Black Park
Location Midsomer Murders: Black Park

11. Cuddington

Best Midsummer Murder locations? Cuddington village located within Aylesbury Vale district in Buckinghamshire is a true fairy-tale place. The village itself, like the other surrounding villages, has been the location of a few Midsomer Murders episodes.

If you love thatched houses and other beautiful features a proper British village has to offer, you have to visit Cuddington.

For many years Cuddington has also won the regional heat of “Britain’s Best Kept Village” competition as well as “Britain in Bloom” competition. All of that makes Cuddington one of the best villages in England to visit and definitely a top place to see in Buckinghamshire!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Cuddington:

  • Death in Disguise
  • Death of a Stranger
  • Death and Dreams
  • Bad Tidings
  • Talking to the Dead
  • Not in my Backyard
Midsomer Murders locations - Cuddington
Where is Midsomer Murders based: Cuddington

12. Hambleden

Where’s Midsomer Murders filmed? Hambleden is known as one of the loveliest rural villages in England. The village is filled with beautiful cottages and is one of the highlights of the Chiltern Hills region.

Midsomer Murders fans will for sure recognise many buildings in Hambleden – without a doubt this is a very popular filming location amongst tourists.

The Stag & Huntsman, located in the centre of Hambleden, is a very popular watering-hole and a perfect base for exploring Midsomer country and the rest of Buckinghamshire.

Make sure you spend a few hours hiking the picturesque Hambleden Valley – it’s a great location for nice walks neat London.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Hambleden:

Midsomer Murders locations - Hambleden Buckinghamshire
Where is Midsomer Murders filmed in England: Hambleden

13. Little Missenden

Top Midsomer Murders locations Buckinghamshire? Little Missenden, a beautifully picturesque hamlet in Buckinghamshire, is an ideal location for the TV series Midsomer Murders.

In fact, this unspoilt village on the River Misbourne in the Chiltern Hills has been used in many TV programmes and films over the recent years. But the Midsomer Murders filming crew love it most – Little Missenden was featured in 13 episodes of the drama series.

If you are looking for a stunning village near London to visit head out to Little Missenden – you will love it!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Little Missenden:

  • The Killings at Badger’s Drift
  • Destroying Angel
  • Who Killed C*ck Robin
  • A Worm in the Bud
  • Talking to the Dead
  • The Village that Rose from the Dead
Midsomer Murders locations - Little Missenden
Where is Midsomer Murder filmed: Little Missenden

14. Long Crendon

Top Midsomer filming locations? Another stunning village in Bucks – Long Crendon, with its period architecture and picturesque cottages is one of our favourite location of the popular Midsomer Murders television crime.

The village is tiny but definitely worth visiting. Long Crendon Manor has been chosen for many film productions for many years. It continues to be a very popular location and with less than an hour drive from London, it is a great choice for a day trip.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Long Crendon:

  • Garden of Death
  • Tainted Fruit
  • Death and Dreams
  • Blood on the Saddle
Midsomer Murders locations - Long Crendon
Where is Midsummer Murders set: Long Crendon

15. Marlow

Where do they film Midsomer Murders? Marlow town is the starting point of a great walking trail taking you through most famous Midsomer Murders locations. This Buckinghamshire historic market town is one of the best British towns to visit.

The 17-mile trail is one of the best hiking trails near London – perfect for a day out for all Midsomer Murders enthusiasts!

If you are looking to move house then Marlow is one of the top London commuter towns!

There were numerous pubs used in Midsomer Murders episodes and the Two Brewers Pub in Marlow is one of them. You might also recognize the gates to Marlow’s church, which were seen from the road in the King’s Crystal.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Marlow:

Midsomer Murders locations - Marlow
Midsomer Murders location of filming: Marlow

16. Princes Risborough

Where are Midsomer Murders filmed? All fans of the detective series Midsomer Murders should also visit Princes Risborough. This little market town located in Buckinghamshire has really much to offer. It is also surrounded by the stunning Chiltern Hills and some of the best British countryside.

Take a picture of the Princes Risborough Information Centre, which was used as Causton Social Services.

One of the most famous Midsomer walks, known as Step into Midsomer, includes Princes Risborough together with Bledlow, High Wycombe and Marlow.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Princes Risborough:

  • Shot at Dawn

17. Little Milton

Where’s Midsomer Murders filmed? A pub is always the main location of Midsomer Murders and The Lamb Inn pub in Little Milton is not an exception to that.

If you are travelling around Oxfordshire and plan to visit Watlington, then add Little Milton to your list of stops.

Without a doubt, this is one of the top Midsomer Murders locations Oxfordshire!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Little Milton:

  • Hidden Depths
Midsomer Murders filming locations - Little Milton
Where is Midsommer filmed: Little Milton

18. Thame

Where is Midsomer Murders filmed in UK? You probably know that Thame is one of the major Midsomer Murders filming location and a town you just must-visit!

Thame was frequently used in many of the episodes. In fact, eight of them have been filmed in Thame.

If you haven’t been to Thame, make sure you spend a day in the town centre – there are over 20 filming locations for you to explore! Take a leaflet from the Town Hall Information Centre and see all places used in the ITV’s long-running detective series!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Thame:

  • The Maid in Splendour
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night
  • Dead in the Water
  • Shot at Dawn
Midsomer Murders locations - Thame
Where are the Midsomer Murders filmed: Thame

19. Turville

Best Midsomer Murders villages? Ready to explore one of our favourite villages near London? Turville village is just gorgeous!

Located in the Chiltern Hills, Turville is famous for its amazing pub – The Bull & Butcher. Let’s face it, this is one of the best pubs near London you will ever visit! Have a Sunday roast and tick off another location from your list of best Midsomer Murders locations.

But you should know that Midsomer Murders is not Turville’s only claim to fame. Oh, no! The village has featured in many other small-screen productions or you might recognise this stunning setting of the British countryside.

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Turville:

  • Murder on St. Malley’s Day
  • The Straw Woman
  • Schooled in Murder
Midsomer Murders locations - Turville
Location for Midsomer Murders: Turville

20. Windsor

Where is Midsomer Murders set? Looking for a “killer” weekend getaway in England? Head out to Windsor!

Yes, the British love affair with a murder mystery is well documented and a few of the episodes were actually filmed in Windsor.

Located around 20 miles west of the capital city it is a perfect place to visit on a day trip from London. So, have you visited this Midsomer Murders location yet?

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Windsor:

  • The Magician’s Nephew
  • Death in the Slow Lane
Midsomer Murders locations - Windsor
Where is the Midsomer Murders filmed: Windsor

What are your favourite Midsomer Murders locations?

Whether you fancy visiting one of the best British villages, where the Midsomer Murders was filmed, or top towns around London, you can be sure that all of the locations are worth visiting!

So, which of the Midsomer Murders locations are on your UK bucket list?

Where can I see Midsomer Murders?

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Midsomer Murders locations FAQ

Where are the Midsomer villages?

With so many stunning villages used as filming locations, it’s not easy to find the best one! Visit Fingest, Turville and Hambleden in Buckinghamshire. Goring-on-Thames & Sonning-on-Thames are also worth visiting as some of the best Midsomer villages!

What town is Causton in Midsomer Murders?

Causton is a fictional town used in the Midsomer Murders ITV drama. Wallingford, Thame and Amersham are the most popular towns featured in the Midsomer Murders series. There is a number of other towns in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & Berkshire used as filming locations.

Midsomer Murders locations

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