TOP 20 Midsomer Murders Locations You Absolutely Shouldn’t Visit!

Embark on a Midsomer Murders Locations tour and explore the iconic, picturesque settings of the famous series. Get Darek and Gosia’s insider tips on what to see and how to make the most of this thrilling day trip!

Midsomer Murders – a show that lures you in with its enchanting landscapes and stays with you because, let’s face it, anyone who’s anyone in Midsomer gets murdered. Dreadfully inviting yet surprisingly lethal, much like a British Christmas dinner.

If you’ve ever caught yourself daydreaming about visiting these seemingly tranquil villages, you’ve come to the right place. We dare say, however, that setting foot in these locations might leave you smitten – or spooked. It’s a veritable pick-your-poison situation.

But here’s the real kicker: These locations are too bloody beautiful for their own good. So beautiful, in fact, that you probably shouldn’t even consider visiting them.

Why? Because you’ll never want to leave, or you’ll fear you’ll never leave. Depends on how much you enjoy a good paradox.

Where is Midsomer Murders filmed?

Midsomer Murders is primarily filmed in the bucolic counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. These locales offer quintessential English villages that serve as the backdrop for the series’ fictional Midsomer County. Towns like Thame and Wallingford, along with picturesque villages like Hambleden and Turville, often steal the spotlight.

So if you fancy a stroll through ‘Midsomer,’ these are the places to don your walking shoes and perhaps carry a magnifying glass, just for fun!

Midsomer Murders locations
Where Midsomer Murders filmed?

TOP Midsomer Murders locations

1. Wallingford

Where was Midsomer Murders filmed? This quaint market town looks more like a postcard than a real place. Wallingford plays the role of Causton, the main town in Midsomer County. The Old Town Hall and Market Place are often seen in various episodes.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: Between the historical buildings and picturesque views, it’s almost insufferably delightful.
  • Gosia’s Take: “This place is so beautiful, I was torn between snapping photos and looking out for suspicious characters.”
Too Much of a Good ThingWallingford’s Comeback
Painfully charmingThat’s the whole point!
Overwhelmed by historyBut oh, what a past
Full of fictional crimeJust adds to the charm

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Wallingford:

  • Causton
  • Causton Theatre
  • Dark Autumn
  • Breaking the Chain
Midsomer Murders locations - Wallingford
Midsomer England location: Wallingford

2. Amersham

Where is Midsomer Murders set? Yet another bewitching town in Buckinghamshire. The High Street in Amersham, in particular, has been featured on several occasions.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: There’s an overabundance of photogenic Tudor-style houses. It’s basically a period drama set come to life.
Beware of BeautyWhy It’s a Trap
Impossibly cute housesHow will you ever leave?
Too sereneSuspiciously so
Too much fresh airIt’s like they want you to breathe or something

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Amersham:

  • Death of a Hollow Man
  • Death in Disguise
  • Blue Herring
  • Who Killed C*ck Robin
  • Sauce for the Goose
  • The Killings of Copenhagen
Midsomer Murders locations - Amersham
Where’s Midsomer Murders filmed: Amersham

3. Fingest

Where is Midsomer filmed? Known for its remarkable church and scenic landscapes, Fingest is the quintessential backdrop for Midsomer mischief.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: The views are breathtaking, in a “sucks-the-life-out-of-you” way.
  • Darek’s Take: “I couldn’t decide if I wanted to set up my camera or my detective kit.”
To Go or Not to Go?Fingest’s Response
Too quaintNo such thing!
Full of charmAnd what of it?
Might see BarnabyOh, the horror

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Fingest:

  • Country Matters
  • The Silent Land
  • A Dying Art
Midsomer Murders locations - Fingest Buckinghamshire
Where was Midsomer filmed: Fingest

4. Aldbury

Where is Midsummer murders filmed? A charming Hertfordshire village that makes an appearance as Swavely in the series.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: The village green and ponds will steal your heart. Which might be a problem if you still need it.
Skip Because…Or Maybe Don’t
Too much greenIs there such a thing?
Likely to fall in loveThat’s the whole point
Feels like stepping back in timeAnd your problem is?

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Aldbury:

  • Written in Blood
  • Murder of Innocence
Where is Midsomer Murders filmed - Aldbury
Where is Midsommer Murders filmed: Aldbury

5. Goring-on-Thames

Midsomer Murders villages? Goring, a beautiful village in Oxfordshire, often gets renamed to something like “Melverly” or “Badger’s Drift” in the series.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: If you’re a sucker for riverside views, this is your Achilles heel.
ConsBut Are They Really?
Lethally picturesqueIs there any other kind?
Too peacefulFor a Midsomer episode, maybe
Makes you want to move inConsidered a pro, actually

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Goring-on-Thames:

  • Market for Murder
Midsomer Murders locations - Goring-on-Thames
Where did they film Midsomer Murders: Goring-on-Thames

And that’s just the first five. As you can see, the locations are absolutely dreadful—in a “why-can’t-I-live-here?” kind of way. Stay tuned as we risk life and limb to bring you the rest. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

6. Great Missenden

Where do they film Midsomer Murders? Oh, what a treat! A lovely village that’s not just famous for Midsomer Murders but also for being the home of Roald Dahl. He must have seen something in this village; perhaps he was inspired by the looming fictional crime rates?

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: The Roald Dahl Museum might cast a spell on you. You’ll leave with more books than you can carry.
  • Gosia’s Take: “I got so lost in the museum, I almost forgot we were in Midsomer territory!”
Good Miss or Great Missenden?Honestly Though
Too literaryA problem only in Midsomer
An overdose of charmSaid no one ever
Too scenic for wordsBetter bring a camera then

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Great Missenden:

  • Painted in Blood
  • Fit for Murder
  • Master Class
Midsomer Murders locations - Great Missenden
Midsomer Murders where is it set: Great Missenden

7. Beaconsfield

Midsomer Murders setting? Ah, Beaconsfield. Famous for its model village within a village. It’s so meta, it should have its own podcast. You’ll often spot its Old Town in Midsomer Murders episodes.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: You might get trapped in a village within a village and never escape. It’s like Inception but with more thatched roofs.
The Real Beaconsfield DilemmaOur Witty Retort
Inception-level confusingJust like a Midsomer plot
Overflowing with heritageDrown in it, why don’t you?
Too many cosy pubsAs if that’s a bad thing

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Beaconsfield:

  • Written in Blood
  • Blood Will Out
  • Murder on St. Malley’s Day
  • Sins of Commission
  • Ghosts of Christmas Past
  • Four Funerals & A Wedding
Midsomer Murders locations - Beaconsfield
Where does Midsomer Murders take place: Beaconsfield

8. Warborough

Midsomer Murders pub locations? Often shown in aerial shots to set the scene for yet another Midsomer village, Warborough really pulls out all the stops to look ravishing from every angle.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: Its picture-perfect cricket green might just make you want to take up the sport. But let’s be honest, nobody wants that.
Reasons Not to Warbo-GoOur Rebuttal
Too pretty from the skyEver considered skydiving?
A cricketing trapBut think of the outfits!
Unrealistically beautifulWell, it’s not called War-ugly

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Warborough:

  • With Baited Breath
  • Breaking the Chain
  • Bad Tidings
  • Sins of Commission
  • Left for Dead
  • The Night of the Stag
Where was Midsomer Murders filmed - Warborough
Midsomer Murders where is it filmed: Warborough

9. Sonning-on-Thames

Where are Midsomer Murders filmed? Sonning is so picturesque, that even George Clooney moved in. Yes, you read that right. However, it’s had its share of Midsomer-related drama as well.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: If it’s good enough for Clooney, it’s probably too good for you. Just kidding. Or are we?
Sonning ConundrumsBut Actually, Go
Too star-studdedUnless you’re Clooney-phobic
Devastatingly attractiveThat’s just Sonning doing its thing
Could be a Midsomer trapTrue, but so could your nan’s knitting club

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Sonning-on-Thames:

  • Written in the Stars
Midsomer Murders locations - Sonning-on-Thames
Where were Midsomer Murders filmed: Sonning-on-Thames

10. Black Park

Midsomer Murders locations by episode? This public country park has appeared in the series as spooky woods, creepy fairgrounds, and everything in between.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: You may stumble upon a Midsomer Murders filming location and mistake it for real life. A rookie error.
  • Darek’s Take: “The place felt like a backdrop for a suspense novel, and I couldn’t get enough of it!”
Steer Clear Because…Or Just Bring a Map
Might get lostThat’s half the adventure
Too many filming spotsCould be a sightseeing tour
Trees might be suspiciousOr you might just be paranoid

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Black Park:

  • Death of a Hollow Man
  • Beyond the Grave
  • Murder on St. Malley’s Day
  • The Sicilian Defence
Midsomer Murders locations - Black Park
Location Midsomer Murders: Black Park

And there you have it, the next five Midsomer locations you absolutely shouldn’t visit because they’re awfully, painfully, disgustingly beautiful. The audacity of these places, honestly. We’ll be back with more, but for now, tread carefully and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

11. Cuddington

Best Midsomer Murders film locations? As cute as the name sounds, Cuddington is a village in Buckinghamshire that’s been a backdrop for more than one Midsomer tale. It’s where “cosy” meets “I hope that’s not a crime scene.”

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: With a name like Cuddington, you might never want to leave. And can you really afford to disappear into a fictional English county?
  • Gosia’s Take: “Cuddington lived up to its cuddly name, although I did keep one eye open for Barnaby!”
The Cuddington CrisisOur Adorable Defense
Too snugglyIt’s called charm, darling!
Could be a cutesy trapThat’s what makes it exciting
High levels of charmA risk we’re willing to take

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Cuddington:

  • Death in Disguise
  • Death of a Stranger
  • Death and Dreams
  • Bad Tidings
  • Talking to the Dead
  • Not in my Backyard
Midsomer Murders locations - Cuddington
Where is Midsomer Murders based: Cuddington

12. Hambleden

Where is Midsomer Murders filmed in UK? Ah, Hambleden. This darling village in Buckinghamshire is a Midsomer staple. It’s famous for its idyllic brick and flint cottages and historic church.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: It’s so charming, it’s almost nauseating. But in the best possible way.
Issues with HambledenWhy It’s Not An Issue
Too iconicA bit of stardom never hurt
Almost too BritishIsn’t that the point?
Sets unrealistic beauty standards for other villagesSo they should up their game!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Hambleden:

  • Stranglers Wood
  • Blood Will Out
  • Wild Harvest
Midsomer Murders locations - Hambleden Buckinghamshire
Where is Midsomer Murders filmed in England: Hambleden

13. Little Missenden

Where is Midsomer set? Another ‘Missenden’ to confuse you further. This one is Little Missenden, an utter charmer, just smaller than its sibling Great Missenden.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: You might mix it up with Great Missenden and find yourself in a Midsomer conundrum.
  • Darek’s Take: “The village was so quintessentially English, I half-expected the Queen to stroll by with her corgis.”
Reasons to Miss Little MissendenReasons to Visit Anyway
Less famous siblingUnderrated gems are the best
Could be part of a conspiracyOr an interesting episode plot
Might see a Barnaby doppelgängerCould be a fun pub game

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Little Missenden:

  • The Killings at Badger’s Drift
  • Destroying Angel
  • Who Killed C*ck Robin
  • A Worm in the Bud
  • Talking to the Dead
  • The Village that Rose from the Dead
Midsomer Murders locations - Little Missenden
Where is Midsomer Murder filmed: Little Missenden

14. Long Crendon

Top Midsomer Murder filming locations? Yet another Buckinghamshire village with more character than a Dickens novel. Long Crendon is often chosen for its period buildings and rural vibe.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: The 15th-century courthouse might make you feel like you’re in a medieval mystery. Except, in Midsomer, you might actually be.
Long Crendon CaveatsBut, Honestly
Too much characterA problem only in Hollywood
Visually distractingIt’s called “charm”
Might be stuck in timeOr you might be onto something

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Long Crendon:

  • Garden of Death
  • Tainted Fruit
  • Death and Dreams
  • Blood on the Saddle
Midsomer Murders locations - Long Crendon
Where is Midsummer Murders set: Long Crendon

15. Marlow

Where was Midsomer Murders filmed in England? Sitting on the banks of the River Thames, Marlow is so beautiful that it’s borderline offensive.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: The riverside views might make you want to pack up and move. How dare they!
The Marlow DilemmaOur Rebuttal
Soul-stealingly beautifulWe’re flattered, honestly
Might never leaveIsn’t that a positive?
Too romanticSays who? Not us!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Marlow:

  • Sauce for the Goose
  • The King’s Crystal
Midsomer Murders locations - Marlow
Midsomer Murders location of filming: Marlow

These are yet another set of five Midsomer locations that you should avoid at all costs—unless you’re fine with the risk of never wanting to leave such dreadful beauty. But don’t worry, we’ve still got more places to caution you about. Keep an eye out for our next dive into this paradoxical paradise.

16. Princes Risborough

Nice filming location Midsomer Murders? Situated between Aylesbury and High Wycombe, Princes Risborough is a town that’s often seen on the little screen in Midsomer episodes. It has the audacity to be both charming and steeped in history.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: You may get swept away by the scenery and forget you’re in the middle of Midsomer County—a place where the body count rivals the population.
  • Darek’s Take: “Princes Risborough felt like a chapter straight out of a storybook, except with fewer dragons and more detectives.”
Princes Risborough ProblemsLight-Hearted Counters
Disgustingly picturesqueThat’s just how we roll
Too close to other beautiesSpreading the love, eh?
Might just forget it’s MidsomerUntil the next episode airs

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Princes Risborough:

  • Shot at Dawn

17. Little Milton

Best pubs used in Midsomer Murders? Nestled in Oxfordshire, Little Milton is yet another village that makes you question whether you’re still in the 21st century or not.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: You might get so caught up in the 17th-century architecture that you’ll forget to check if you’re a suspect in the latest episode.
Issues with Little MiltonCheeky Rebuttals
Caught in a time warpA nostalgic one, at least
Too many nooks and cranniesPerfect for hide and seek
Could be in an episodeCould also win the lottery

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Little Milton:

  • Hidden Depths
Midsomer Murders filming locations - Little Milton
Where is Midsommer filmed: Little Milton

18. Thame

Best Midsomer Murders filming locations? One of Oxfordshire’s most picturesque market towns, Thame has appeared in a number of episodes, including as Causton, Midsomer County’s fictional hub.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: Because being this lovely should be illegal. Seriously, someone lock this town up.
Thame’s InfamyOur Take
Overly attractiveAnd loving it
Might be CaustonUndercover beauty
Too much to seeBetter extend your stay

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Thame:

  • The Maid in Splendour
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night
  • Dead in the Water
  • Shot at Dawn
Midsomer Murders locations - Thame
Where are the Midsomer Murders filmed: Thame

19. Turville

Where is Midsomer Murders set? Turville is another of those tiny villages in Buckinghamshire that manages to cram so much beauty into so little space. It’s criminal!

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: The village is so small, there’s nowhere to hide from the overwhelming cuteness.
  • Gosia’s Take: “Turville was so captivating, we extended our stay. We’re just hoping we’re not in the next episode!”
Problems with TurvilleOur Views
Dangerously quaintLiving life on the edge, eh?
Too small to hideGreat for a game of tag
May leave you speechlessA risk we’re willing to take

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Turville:

  • Murder on St. Malley’s Day
  • The Straw Woman
  • Schooled in Murder
Midsomer Murders locations - Turville
Location for Midsomer Murders: Turville

20. Windsor

Nice Midsomer Murders location? Last but certainly not least, the world-famous Windsor – home to a castle, royalty, and yes, Midsomer Murders scenes.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Visit: Because you’ll have to curtsy every time you take a photo. Your legs will be exhausted.
The Windsor WoesOur Two Pence
Overbearingly regalWe like a bit of grandeur
Too popularBlame the Queen
Could be touristyCould be? It absolutely is!

Midsomer Murders episodes filmed in Windsor:

  • The Magician’s Nephew
  • Death in the Slow Lane
Midsomer Murders locations - Windsor
Where is the Midsomer Murders filmed: Windsor

So, there you have it – the final five Midsomer Murders locations that you’d be utterly daft to visit due to their repellent beauty and shocking charm. From Princes Risborough’s “dreadful” scenery to Windsor’s “exhausting” regality, these places are an offence to all things bland and mundane. Visit at your own risk and remember, in Midsomer County, it’s not just the villages that are killer.

Is there such a place as Causton?

Is Causton England a real place? Causton – the bustling hub of Midsomer where no one is safe from the local drama. As real as it might feel, Causton exists only in the vivid imaginations of Midsomer Murders’ creators. So, unless you’ve found a secret portal to fictional places, you won’t be booking a B&B in Causton anytime soon.

How many Midsomer villages are there?

The infinite sprawl of Midsomer villages, each more enchanting and perilous than the last. Officially, the number stands at around 30, but who’s counting when you’re too busy dodging homicide? It’s like asking how many teabags make a perfect brew—always one more than you think!

What village is Midsomer Murders filmed in?

Well, it’s not just a single village that gets the “honour” of being a Midsomer location, it’s a smattering across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. You’d think these villages would be empty by now, given the show’s mortality rate, but nope, they’re still standing and weirdly appealing.

What part of England is Midsomer Murders set in?

Midsomer Murders is set in that alluring, non-specific region of England where everyone has an idyllic cottage but still can’t manage to avoid murder. In reality, it’s the charming counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. But let’s not ruin the illusion; it’s more fun to imagine it’s a county of its own where everyone has skeletons, not just in their closets, but also their quaint English gardens.

Is Midsomer Murders filmed in the Cotswolds?

The Cotswolds? As irresistibly picturesque as they are, they don’t serve as the backdrop for Midsomer Murders. Instead, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire steal the limelight, probably because they enjoy the thrill of high mortality rates in stunning settings.

Where is Barnaby’s House in Midsomer Murders?

Barnaby’s house, the safest place in all of Midsomer, is as elusive as a needle in a haystack. While you might be tempted to go house hunting for it, you’ll be disappointed to know it’s as fictional as Causton itself. So if you’re pulling out Google Maps, you might as well search for Narnia while you’re at it.

Midsomer Murders locations

Is it worth visiting Midsomer Murders Locations?

Well, if you’re keen on stepping into a picture-perfect world that’s teetering on the edge of mystery and intrigue, then absolutely! Sure, you’ll risk falling in love with England’s most charming villages, but that’s a hazard we’re willing to brave. Gosia couldn’t get enough of the idyllic landscapes, and Darek was half-convinced he’d stumbled into a real-life fairy tale.

So, pack your bags, but maybe leave the detective work to Barnaby.