Is it worth visiting El Golfo & El Charco de los Clicos?

Learn all about the green lagoon located beside El Golfo village – you will love the stunning El Charco de los Clicos in Lanzarote!

While many people visit Lanzarote for the resorts, for those looking to experience the island’s more traditional way of life, El Golfo is a great place to visit. This small village sits on the edge of Charco de Los Clicos (otherwise known as the green lagoon).

It is home to only a 150 or so people, who paint their houses the traditional green of Lanzarote, with blue doors.

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Just because it is small, however, doesn’t mean it is lacking in atmosphere or that there aren’t plenty of things to do. There are delightful restaurants, black beaches and children’s play areas as well as walks through the breath-taking Timanfaya National Park.

El Golfo Lanzarote

Where is the Green Lagoon in Lanzarote?

The Green Lagoon in Lanzarote is on the edge of the village of El Golfo. As the name suggests, the lagoon is fantastic emerald green. As it is part of the national park, the lagoon is protected. This means visitors can’t get down to the very edge.

However, there are fantastic views from the village car park (just to the left as you enter El Golfo) or visitors can walk along the beach to the edge of the lagoon (accessed from the opposite side of the village).

This provides the opportunity to pick up handfuls of sand dotted with green grains. Remember, however, that these can’t be taken away.

What makes El Golfo lagoon green?

Most visitors want to know what makes the Charco de Los Clicos so green? Seeing just how stunning the water looks against the black sand and the red, orange and yellow craters it sits in, this probably isn’t a surprise.

The answer is the powerfully green Ruppia-Maritima algae, which is present in high concentration levels in the water.

What makes El Golfo lagoon green

How far is Playa Blanca from El Golfo?

El Golfo is approximately 12 miles from Playa Blanco. In a car, it takes around 20 minutes.

You can also take a taxi there; depending on which taxi firm you use; the cost will be between £25 and £30 from the centre of Playa Blanco.

Visitors can also take a bus from Playa Blanco (currently, it’s the No. 60 bus) which takes about 15 minutes and costs approximately £15.

How far is Playa Blanca from El Golfo

What to do in El Golfo?

There’s plenty to do in El Golfo for adults and children, making it a fun place to spend the day. There are black beaches and play areas and the Timanfaya National Park with walks and wonderful views.

The park has over 100 volcanos and offers visitors the chance to eat food cooked using geothermal heat at the El Diablo restaurant. As well as these activities, visitors should check out:

El Golfo Lanzarote Walk

The El Golfo Lanzarote Walk offers the perfect opportunity to take in the volcanic landscape and Atlantic views.

The walk starts from the same village car park where visitors can view the Green Lagoon. From there, it is clearly marked, and the path easy to follow. However, it’s not for the faint of heart as it’s 6.5 miles long which, because of the route, can take the whole day to complete.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are no shops or restaurants on the walk so visitors will need to take their own refreshments and packed lunch.

El Golfo Lanzarote Walk

Mirador El Golfo

As part of the walk, or as a stop-off during a day of sightseeing, visitors should check out Mirador El Golfo. This offers one of the best views on the island, including of the Green Lagoon.

Go here at the end of the day to catch amazing sunsets. We were not so lucky 😉

Mirador El Golfo

Montana del Golfo

Part of the Montanas del Fuego, the Montana del Golfo is Lanzarote’s western-most volcano. Set right on the coast, half of the crater has worn away over time. The Green Lagoon sits in the other half.

The mountain is part of the Timanfaya National Park, and visitors can walk to the top following easily marked paths. Remember, however, that as part of the national park, it is illegal to remove any rocks or minerals.

Charco de Los Clicos

Probably the most famous of all El Golfo’s tourist attractions, and one already mentioned, Charco de Los Clicos is the Spanish name for the Green Lagoon.

Set into the Montana del Golfo, this bright green body of water is a must-see and definite photo opportunity. Head down to the beach in the evening for glorious sunsets.

Charco de Los Clicos

El Lago Verde

El Lago Verde is another name for Charco de Los Clicos or the Green Lagoon. It’s mentioned here to avoid confusion, and because people who live locally may ‘mix-and-match’ the terms.

While there may be confusion over just what this gloriously green body of water is called, rest assured it is the same must-visit attraction.

El Golfo Accommodation

For those wanting to stay in El Golfo, there are only a couple of hotels nearby such as El Hotelito del Golfo. Overlooking the ocean, this hotel is located in the centre of the village. This makes it the ideal location to enjoy the local scenery and sights and visit the bars and restaurants.

Another local hotel is Caleton del Golfo; again, it is located in the centre of the village with views of the ocean. In addition, there are villa and apartment rentals available. Finally, there are hotels in the nearby De Yaiza.

El Golfo Accommodation

Is it worth visiting El Golfo?

El Golfo in Lanzarote is definitely worth visiting. It is one of the most picturesque parts of the island with plenty for people to do, including families. There are beautiful black beaches (which reminds me of the Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland), a children’s play area, great restaurants, and wonderful views of the Atlantic. You should definitely add Charco de Los Clicos to the list of best beaches in Spain!

There is the chance for those who like to get out and about to walk through volcanic craters and those who want something a little different to eat food cooked with geothermal heat. And, finally, there is Charco de Los Clicos (also known as the Green Lagoon or El Lago Verde).

The amazing green waters of this natural lagoon are a once in a lifetime experience, one not to be missed by anyone visiting Lanzarote

Is it worth visiting El Golfo

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