Facts about Italy

Italy draws the attention of tourists from around the world. In fact, 5 million people visit Italy every year! Interesting sights, good cuisine, nice weather and beaches attract all of us to this stunning country. Looking for interesting facts about Italy and the most important general information? We’ve got them all! From currency, main cities and total population to top things to do and main attraction!

Here are some most interesting facts about Italy and key information you should know before your Italian holiday.

Key facts about Italy:

Area: 301,230 km²
Population: 64 million
Currency: Euro
Capital: Rome
Main religion: Catholic
Country code: I
Telephone code: +39
Power: Plugs C and F (220V 50Hz)
Emergency number: 112
Driving side: right
Language: Italian (also German in Northern Italy). English is widely spoken across the whole country
Visas requirements: US, Canada and Australia citizens can stay in Italy for up to 90 days

Interesting travel facts about Italy:

Busy, busy in summer…

Is Italy crowded in summer? YES! Summer in Italy is associated with hot weather, high prices, and big crowds. May-June and September-October are the best months to travel to Italy. You will get more for your bucks and spend less time queuing to the famous landmarks.

Ciao August!

Try to avoid travelling to Italy in August. Especially in the second half. This is a holiday time for Italians so many shops, restaurants etc will be closed at that time. You almost get a feeling that Italy shuts down in August. Plus it gets very hot so it’s not the best time to travel around the country.

Take your time Bella!

If you are German, very punctual or in general love Ordnung you should… go on holiday to another country 😉 Italians are all about not being on time. They do it in such a nice way, then you don’t even get angry because of that. But it can be frustrating if you are limited by time in Italy and things are delayed. So general advice: expect that things will not go exactly to your plan 😉 So, add a couple of hours to each day planned in Italy.

Motorways and parking are paid

Most motorways in Italy are paid so plan this in your budget if your goal is to drive a lot during your holiday. Also, Italian drivers are a bit “crazy” on the roads so take full insurance for your peace of mind!

Note that 99% of the time you will have to pay for a parking space in Italy. Look out for the machine where you can pay or for a parking person charging the fee. Always take a receipt and display it behind the windscreen, otherwise, you might expect a ticket!

Rent a car outside of cities

Don’t really on public transport outside of the main cities. Remember, Italians don’t rush 😉 so you can expect your bus not to be on time. Driving a car is fun anyway and you will for sure enjoy it in the Dolomites or Sardinia.

Mamma mia Pomodoro!

Oh yes, there are everywhere and almost in every dish you will have! Pizza or spaghetti? You haven’t tried the real one if you haven’t been to Italy!

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