Say NO to Hyperinflation! Say YES to stable currency!

Say NO to Hyperinflation - Say YES to stable currency

Hey lucky you!

Yes, you are a VERY lucky person! 🙂

How do we know that? Well, if you have found our blog, it means you were looking for inspiration for your next holiday. Is that right?

So, are you planning a weekend trip to Europe? A beach holiday or simply a day trip out of London?

Whatever it is, even if you are looking for the best pubs near London, you are extremely lucky – you have the opportunity to spend your money on things to love.

And that’s great! That is how it should be in life, right?

Born in the UK vs. a less lucky person…

If you were born in the UK or made it home here as we did, chances are you have no idea about problems outside of Western Europe.

HUGE problems!

Imagine the below scenario:

You have a £500 budget you want to spend on holiday. Or, even better, it’s your monthly budget to buy food.

It doesn’t matter if that’s a lot of money or not – you worked hard for a month to have a decent budget to provide your basic needs – bread, milk, a pint of beer (or a few), and other things…

Now… you wake up one day, and your budget gets smaller by 15%…

Another week by another 20%…

And by the end of the month, your £500 is actually worth £200.

Not possible you think? You are WRONG! It’s called Hyperinflation!

What is Hyperinflation?

“Hyperinflation is very high and typically accelerating inflation. It quickly erodes the real value of the local currency, as the prices of all goods increase.” – Wikipedia.

Does hyperinflation affect people’s lives?

Of course!

Imagine going to the shop with an exact amount of money only to discover that a bread you wanted to buy for your kids is 20% more expensive vs. the previous day.

I don’t care! I live in the UK


It’s easy to be ignorant and pretend that things are just fine…

Let’s try something!

Close your eyes…

…close your eyes and imagine children who can’t go on holiday. They will never go to uni. They don’t even have proper food on a daily basis!

Imagine, that’s YOUR CHILD!

Do you still think it’s fair to ignore the fact that your destiny (your life) is simply affected by the place of your birth?


You should call yourself lucky that you were born here. That you have chances others don’t have. Only because you are from here…

Just think for a moment…

How would you feel if you were that kid who dreams about a hot meal every day…?

There is hope! There are heroes!

Luckily there are people out there, even in countries like Venezuela, who try to help affected communities.

I’m proud that I know someone who is a true hero to his local community – and a great inspiration for myself – a good friend from Venezuela called Francisco 🙂

Feel free to check out his Twitter to see all the amazing #charity work he does!

Still not convinced?

Yes, you are right. Hyperinflation might not affect you now, but are you sure that you will be just fine 50 years from today?

We already see that inflation is going up. We pay more every year and salaries don’t really follow…

Venezuela, Argentina and Lebanon are only a few countries affected by hyperinflation. Will the UK be ever on the list? We don’t know – let’s hope not!

Is there any solution to hyperinflation?

Funny enough there is a simple one:


Access to a stable currency should be your basic right! The right that countries like Venezuela don’t have!

A nurse, retired policeman or a granny who worked all her life in a shop – all ordinary people like you and me. All working hard only to discover that the system failed and didn’t protect their pension!

Yes, this could be also us in the future – if we don’t act TODAY!

If you are interested in learning about the current situation in Venezuela I highly recommend listing to a podcast with Francisco. Just listen and try to imagine if you would be able to survive similar challenges.

So, say NO to Hyperinflation and say YES to stable currency!

A stable currency is a human right – it’s YOUR RIGHT too!

Who can deliver the solution?

There is one project, which in our opinion will be very successful!

It’s already helping 1000s of people in Venezuela and soon will be known around the world! Do you want to learn more? Just follow the below links: