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Christmas in Lanzarote

Is it worth spending Christmas holidays in Lanzarote Spain?

Wondering what’s the weather like at Christmas in Lanzarote Spain? Book a trip to Lanzarote in December and see yourself! If you want to spend a Christmas escaping the dark, dull days of winter, then look no further than the sunny Canary...

Things to do in Barcelona Spain

39 TOP Attractions & QUIRKY Things to do in Barcelona Spain!

Going on holiday to Barcelona Spain? But what is Barcelona actually known for? Learn about top things to do in Barcelona & all must-visit places! What do to in Barcelona? From Gaudí’s art in a park to Messi’s art on the pitch – there are so many...

As Catedrais Beach

As Catedrais Beach Spain: The Beach of the Holy Waters!

Cathedral beach Spain is one of the best-kept secrets in Spain! Learn when & how to get to Praia das Catedrais Beach to see this natural wonder As Catedrais beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Spain is known for having sunlit...