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Best places to visit in Europe

Best places to visit in EUROPE – Travel, GO, See & Explore!

What are the must-see destinations and the best places to visit in Europe? Do such places exist at all? We have created 42 categories of the best European places to need to travel to. Ready to learn more about top to-go places in Europe? Let’s...

Most beautiful squares in Europe

Top 39 prettiest and most beautiful squares in Europe!

Whether is a market square in a city or a beautiful town square we have it on our list of the most beautiful squares in Europe to visit. From Trafalgar Square in London to Independence Squares in Kyiv and Minsk – there are many stunning...

Most beautiful churches in Europe

30 Most beautiful Cathedrals and Churches of Europe!

Europe’s best churches – from Basilicas in Italy to Medieval churches in England – most beautiful religious buildings in Europe! Europe is home to many beautiful sights and among these are some of the most graceful churches in the...